What is GSA OMS?

GSA contractors have access to several GSA and third-party tools to manage their contracts and process orders. We’re going to look at GSA OMS, GSA PO Portal, and Price Reporter OMS and explore their functionalities.

Manage GSA Advantage! Orders

1. GSA Order Management System (OMS) Vendor Portal

The GSA OMS Vendor Portal is used by smaller contractors with less than 100 monthly Global Supply Purchase Orders. Here you can view and manage GSA Global Supply POs, enter shipment information, generate backorders and substitute item requests, and enter order cancellations. OMS VP is cheap and easy to set up, however it offers limited functionality. All orders must be input manually. In addition, it does not facilitate direct communication between GSA vendors and government buyers.

2. GSA Purchase Order Portal

PO Portal is GSA’s proprietary portal for managing GSA Advantage! and GSA eBuy orders. Contractors can view and download orders, update federal customers directly on their GSA order status, and arrange daily email summaries of the previous day’s orders and notices for individual orders.

3. Price Reporter Order Management System

Price Reporter GSA OMS is an advanced and user-friendly cloud-based platform, based on the government’s EDI technology. It is suitable for larger GSA contractors processing 100+ POs per month. Unlike GSA’s OMS VP and PO Portal, our OMS consolidates all of the above services and supports GSA Advantage!, GSA eBuy, and GSA Global Supply orders on one platform.

What can Price Reporter OMS do for you?

  • Manage GSA Advantage! orders: handle all GSA EDI orders, Purchase Orders or Level 3 credit card orders from GSA Advantage!, eBuy, Global Supply, and major retailers like Amazon and Walmart
  • Automate routine ordering tasks: our system automatically assesses each order and finds the best vendor, the nearest dealer, and the most feasible delivery channel
  • Meet GSA’s compliance requirements: GSA vendors are obliged to use GSA Advantage! and eBuy. Our OMS simplifies the process so you can easily remain compliant
  • Background synchronization: our OMS synchronizes your accounting data from third-party software like QuickBooks. No more time-consuming importing and exporting!
  • Powerful analytics: Price Reporter OMS delivers simple yet efficient reports and analysis to help you optimize your inventory and discover new opportunities

Learn more about Price Reporter OMS here and get in touch for a consultation.

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