What Makes a Good Family Law Attorney?

Family law attorneys handle a broad range of cases, from child custody arrangements to establishing estates and wills. But with so many law firms to choose from, it can be difficult to determine which practice and lawyer will best satisfy your needs. 

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Understanding which qualities make up a reputable and reliable family law attorney is the first step toward narrowing down the pool of potential candidates and determining who to work with. The following guide outlines a few of these factors to consider to streamline your search. 

5 Factors to Consider When Seeking a Family Law Attorney

1. Experience

Issues handled by these kinds of lawyers are often highly sensitive and personal. As such, when you enlist the services of an attorney, you want to do so with peace of mind that they have the expertise and experience needed to successfully manage your case. A lawyer with years of hands-on experience will have the best understanding of local, state, and federal laws, which will help mitigate mistakes when filing and presenting your case. 

An attorney with a long history of the practice is also likely to have seen multiple cases like yours, which will give them an advantage. This will allow them to easily predict the kind of obstacles you might face and better prepare to handle them. 

2. Track Record

While experience is important, it won’t mean much if a potential lawyer can point to their successes over the years. You’ll want to look for an attorney who has a high percentage of wins or satisfactory reviews, specifically in regard to cases like yours. This will further prove their capabilities in handling your case and advocating most effectively on your behalf. 

3. Demeanor

Throughout the duration of your legal proceedings, you’ll be working closely with your attorney, whether it’s putting together paperwork or having a consultation to discuss the status of your case. As such, you want to ensure that the lawyer you work with has a personality and approach you enjoy.

They should be patient, understanding, and empathetic. They should also be willing to answer any questions you have, and to answer them in a way that is easy for you to understand. 

You also want to ensure they’re tenacious, intelligent, and driven. These traits will be valuable when the time comes to advocate for your needs. 

4. Accessibility

If you’re like most people, you’re probably very new to the world of family law. As such, it’s to be expected that you’ll have a lot of questions throughout the process. A good attorney is one who makes themselves available to answer all your inquiries quickly and accurately. They should also be accessible should you need to schedule an additional meeting or consultation to go over developments in your case. 

5. Focus

It might seem as though the wider spread a person’s knowledge is, the better equipped they are to handle any situation they encounter. But when it comes to legal cases, it’s actually better to have expertise in a few, select areas. Opting for an attorney that solely focuses on family law will ensure they have the most insight possible. Because they aren’t weighed down with the need to remember various laws, ordinances, and regulations across a broad range of legal avenues, they can focus their efforts on perfecting their craft regarding cases pertaining to divorce, parental rights, establishment of paternity, guardianship, and the like

Finding a qualified, reliable, and experienced family law attorney is the first step toward achieving your legal goals. It is essential to hire a reputable family law expert such as PJF to obtain the best possible outcome in your case. While it might seem like an intimidating process to hire a lawyer, all you need to do is be thorough, and you’re sure to find the right candidate.

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