What makes a great chief financial officer (CFO)

Chief Financial Officer (CFO) is one of the vital and high positions one can hold with a company. A lot of finance professionals look to reach this position dir to the respect and earning potential that comes with this position. By supervising the financial transactions and activities of an organization, the CFO offers vital expertise in fiscal reporting, profit growth, and budgeting. And yes! They are well compensated for their role. 

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As you may expect, holding their position requires not only an exceptional work experience and educational background. You need some unique qualities that will ensure success in the execution of the job’s responsibilities. Below are some of the top qualities a Chief Financial Officer (CFO) must have; 

A Strategic Mindset

A huge bulk of a CFO’s responsibilities is strategic planning, for instance, Blueprint CFO offers a profitability roadmap through a series of interviews that explore every aspect of the company’s activities. Every CFO must be able to expertly plan and execute verifiable business goals, measure performance, and help with financial operations. This makes the CFO one of the major personnel who dictates the direction of a business. Absence of a strategic mind to evaluate, compare and plan business directions, a CFO will fail to increase productivity and drive business growth. 


One of the very attributes that make a CFO great is the ability to see into the near future. A CFO must have a visionary mind geared towards financial foresight which will lead to the growth of a company. As a CFO, it’s very critical to be able to predict market changes, and financial issues to guarantee a better standing for the company. 

A CFO must not only have clarity and vision but also need to have enough courage to follow such a vision confidently. With foresight, a CFO can effectively make competent decisions with meaningful positive impacts in the long term. 

An Intuitive Understanding of Business

One doesn’t get to become a CFO without having outstanding competence in finance and accounting. However, the role of a CFO greatly exceeds just signing off a financial statement and ensuring that the principles of account are followed accordingly. A great CFO but have profound knowledge and understanding of how the business works aside from its financial numbers. The more a CFO knows, the better it can draw knowledge and make smart and competent financial decisions to invest via cryptobnb.io. 

Excellent Communication

Effective communication is key to taking a business forward. The proficiency to communicate expressly must not elude a CFO that wants to be great. A CFO must be able to effectively communicate his/her ideas to stakeholders, external partners, and executives. 

A CFO must know how to convey complex financial information to both specialists and non-specialist in simple terms. Not just that, the communication must be timely, reaching the right person at the right time. Absent excellent written and oral communication skills, a CFO will not be able to convince management and stakeholders of his plans and visions for the company. 

Honesty and Integrity

The growth and eventual success of every business require collaborative work with many people who put their energy and skill into the business. The integrity and honesty of every personnel most especially the CFO must not be questioned. 

A lot of staff and personnel link to the CFO so their words have weight. To motivate personnel to work and stakeholders to trust your plan and strategy, they need to be certain of your integrity.  Honesty and integrity are invaluable to the success of your business as it guarantees transparency. 

A Talent Magnet

Becoming a great CFO requires you to have an eye for identifying and the ability to recruit talent. This is very essential for the growth and development of a company. One of the things that get you ahead as a CFO is your ability to add value to your company through talent recruitment. Therefore, identifying great and useful talent is a critical part of a CFO’s role. To this end, a CFO should always supervise your team’s approach during hiring processes. 


All of the qualities discussed above sure will make you a great chief financial officer. However, you don’t have to wait until you possess all of these qualities before you apply for the role of a CFO. You can always learn on the job as with more experience you get to naturally develop these qualities. Then, you can become a great CFO as you’ve always wanted. 

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