What Mining Hosting Service is the Best?

In 2022, cryptocurrency mining is becoming more and more popular, so there are a lot of questions about this topic. One of them arises as a rule for experienced miners or beginners, but who are interested in the future. And it is a question that concerns the hosting, namely what is the best or is included at the top of the list. 

To be honest, this issue is quite difficult to analyze, because there are so many nuances and criteria that can both help and confuse us. However, we will still try not only to understand this question in detail but also to weigh the pros and cons. In addition, we will carry out a detailed analysis of some hosting and even determine whether it is the best, or maybe it is worth avoiding at all.

Analysis of Basic Criteria

As it was said before, we first need to identify the basic criteria by which we will be guided. However, in this very important issue, it is not necessary to be as specific as possible. We must first define it in general terms, and that is what we will do.


What is this price? Is it for electricity, equipment or what? As you may have already guessed, we will pay a little attention to the price of electricity. We cannot name specific figures, because they are different for each region. Therefore, when choosing a hosting service, first of all, you should pay attention to this parameter and compare it. For example, in the U.S. hosting, it is about $90-95 for 1 kilowatt. In the CIS countries, it is already several orders of magnitude lower.


Another important criteria is roughly to say the supervision of the process. In other words, how the technical support staff copes with their tasks, that is, control the process. In addition, there are opportunities to install online monitoring, which will allow at any time to see how the mining is going and if there are any problems with the equipment.


Well, of course, one of the major, if not the most significant part of good hosting for mining is quality service. You don’t want to be constantly thinking and worrying about how your hardware is doing, do you? That’s why it’s better to choose a hosting that will provide you with a team of experts. They will help make sure that the devices work smoothly and keep them safe. Some hosting companies, can even monitor the mining process 24 hours a day and check that everything goes right.


Another parameter to check is the quality cooling of the equipment. After all, if it is not cooled, the speed of cryptocurrency mining will decrease dramatically. And as a result, the device will wear out faster, which we don’t need. Some services have adopted such a great trick as the location in cold regions. This is a very effective move because when it is -15 degrees Celsius outside, it will affect the equipment.


And the last but not the least parameter is, of course, reputation. You need to try to collect all the information about the hosting. Who owns it, what they were doing before, as well as other information that might tell about the reliability of the company. Because, to find the first one you see, and then a week later to find that your equipment was taken away, is not very nice.

Is There a Candidate?

So, we have looked at the parameters, we have figured out what we need to choose from, and now we can find a service for a detailed analysis. And after comparing all the criteria, and especially the last one, a mining hosting named Minery was chosen. Let’s review it very carefully. We won’t feel sorry for this company and will go through each aspect we’re interested in and get the right answer.

Let’s start with reliability, as it is important that our equipment does not burn out or just break down at one point. If we talk in more detail about security and failure prevention systems, these are:

  • automatic error detection;
  • a centralized management system;
  • proactive resource utilization analysis;
  • trained and certified operating personnel.

In addition, we get an uninterrupted power supply and any grid capacity you want. Plus, reliably calibrated cooling and ventilation systems automatically maintain an optimal microclimate in the containers. So, you don’t have to worry about overheating. By the way, as for cooling – the hosting is located in Russian Siberia, and you know this is not a warm place, this will play into our hands.

Monitoring and Support

We remember that support and monitoring are also very important to us, we go to be aware of all things, right? 

This hosting offers us the following:

  • communication via email, messenger, phone;
  • active monitoring to detect performance degradation;
  • a team for solving operational problems that work around the clock.

And this is not all the services they offer in this area, but we decided to take the most necessary for us.

Now we have to run through the most important thing – the practical benefits. 

With 55 megawatts of power and powered by cheap and legal electricity in the Russian Federation, it is the largest complex with unprecedentedly favorable conditions for mining. Oddly enough, the price issue in most cases falls away, as the price of electricity will not be high.

Now let’s pay attention to the service, whether or not this will work for us. We are provided with the following:

  • Full package: equipment, hosting, and electricity
  • The devices are purchased directly from the manufacturers
  • Prices include installation, setup, and maintenance
  • The repair shop is right on-site and fully staffed with certified technicians.

As for the reputation of this mining hosting site, it speaks for itself. It has been working without faults for more than a year and satisfies its customers quite well. No negative feedback was found either.


Let’s summarize what it means to be the best hosting. Before choosing a service, be sure to learn more about its pricing, monitoring, quality of service, and cooling systems. The more information you know, the more confident you will be in your choice.

As we have already noticed, the analyzed hosting fully meets all the criteria and is perfect for mining. Therefore, we can say with confidence that it may even be the best solution for today.

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