When to Contact A Pool Cleaning Service


Swimming pools, whether in heavy use or not, eventually manifests signs of wear that they need maintenance or Tustin pool cleaning service. No matter how careful you have been, they will inevitably appear after a certain while. This isn’t just true for older swimming pools, but also newer structures as well. If you want to keep it in tip-top shape, you should know how to interpret these signs. What are they? After how long they appear? And what do they represent? Here we have answered all these aforesaid questions in detail. So, let’s get into it.

Signs That Say Your Pool Needs Cleaning

1) Filter Malfunction

Needless to say, the filtration system plays a monumental role in keeping the water sparkling clean. Without a proper functioning filter, the water will get dirty in a blink of an eye.

Over time, the filtration efficiency of the system reduces as a result of system clogging and wear out filter papers or mesh screens. Hence, the filter needs cleaning after every six months, and sooner if the pressures increase the threshold value often.

How Do You Know If the Filter Needs Cleaning Or Replacement?

Some signs may appear when filter capacity decreases. Here are some:

  • The normal operating pressure increases by eight PSI (pounds per square inch).
  • Dirt comes back into the water, especially when you have just vacuumed.
  • Leaking drain assembly, flange assembly, air bleeder, tank, bulkheads, and pipes.
  • It is not getting rid of the debris properly.
  • Slow filtration speed.

After noticing these signs, seek out help from Tustin pool cleaning services to make short of your work and get it over with. If your system is getting clogged often, then it means you have to replace the whole thing. Consult the professionals to make an educated decision.

2) Algae growth

Wind, insects, rain, and other external phenomena introduce algae spores into your pool, which blooms uncontrollably in the optimum conditions — sunlight, warm weather, still water, and high carbon and nitrate concentration. Also, when the filters and other Tustin pool cleaning equipment are not working properly, it contributes to algae growth.

Since it isn’t possible to keep the spores away, all you can do is halt the growth by creating a hostile environment for these plants. How can you do that? Simply, by maintaining high-enough chlorine levels, so that algae fail to spread. Also, the filters need to be working at least 12 hours a day to create a continuous gyration.

It isn’t harmful to swimming, but they may feel disgusted in swimming alongside a slimy green substance. Whereas it may destroy the pool equipment such as filters, vacuums, pipes, and automatic skimmers by clogging the system.

When it gets out of hand, there is nothing you alone can do to reverse the effects. Here, you must have to consult with a professional Tustin pool cleaning service for green water treatment. The elimination process involves the introduction of chemicals like chlorine to not only terminate the plant’s growth but also kill the existing algae colonies.

3) Unclean Water

It is time to call the Tustin pool cleaning professionals if you are having trouble cleaning the water. Sometimes you treat the water daily, yet it still seems cloudy and dirty.

Usually, this problem is related to obstructed pipework if the filters are working properly. In this case, no matter how often you treat the water, you won’t get the results you deserve. Here, the Tustin pool cleaning experts can pinpoint the problem and eliminate the fault. As mentioned earlier, it is also directly related to pool pump and filtration, so don’t forget to get them checked.

4) Ice cold water

Pool heaters aren’t the most durable equipment in the whole system, and they may malfunction often. And the most prominent sign of it would be freezing water. Most of the time they stop working because of an inner blockage that impedes the normal air circulation. Or, there could be a problem with the heating controls or the heating element itself.

This issue is something out of your league and you cannot handle it yourself. You should therefore call a reliable Tustin pool cleaning or maintenance service to handle this matter.

5) Peeling Plaster

One of the obvious signs that your pool is screaming for help is the emergence of calcium flakes in the water. You may mistake it for bird feces, so keep your eyes open. It usually happens for two reasons — firstly, when the pH level drops below a certain level and secondly when the pool has been exposed to direct sunlight for long. As a result, the surface peels off and dissolves, making not only the water dirty but also uncomfortable to step on the flooring. It is also one of the primary reasons behind the leakage.

To nip the problem in the bud, look for cracks, signs of wear, and bluish-green stains over the floors and walls. Also, the dissolving calcium surface may feel rough to step on. If not attended to in time, the surface cracks may turn into a structural crack, especially when the water starts seeping into it.

Hire the Tustin pool cleaning service to get rid of the calcium flakes from water and eliminate the stains. Next, you would need to resurface the whole structure or only the affected area, depending on the damage.

6) Unbearable Irritation on Skin and Eyes

An unbalanced pH level can unleash devastation on your pool equipment. For instance, when it is lower than the neutral level, the acidic water destroys the filters, pipes, and other electronics. The same goes for a high pH level, which can also give rise to cloudiness in water. Not only that, but very high or low pH is harmful to human skin. That is why sometimes when you bathe in acidic or basic water, your skin becomes flaky and itchy. Also, if the water gets in your eyes it can cause persistent redness and pain. Call the experts to balance the chemicals and the pH to make the water safe to swim.

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