3 Scenarios Where Insurance Isn’t Enough

We do a lot for insurance companies. We give them thousands of dollars a year because they can’t get by without it, and somehow, they’ve geared it so that we’re at huge risk without them. We put our lives on hold for them, choosing jobs based on whether our health insurance will be covered rather than simply taking a job on merit.

You’d think they’d be a bit more appreciative when we’re having a bad time. Yet, there comes a day when we need them, for the exact reason they’ve always told us we’ll need them one day. And they put a sign on the door saying ‘gone to get cigarettes, will fix it tomorrow’ and scuttle off into the night.

Unfortunately, there are situations where ‘having insurance’ isn’t always enough. Take the following three cases for example:

1. You’ve Been Involved in a Life-Changing Car Accident

Scenarios where you insurance is not enough - A life-changing road accident
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Say you live in Valparaiso, IN. Despite the proximity of Chicago, it’s a rural area, there are massive farm vehicles everywhere. Tractor-trailers carrying loads weighing tons are kinda fun to see — but what if one was to overturn or hit you on those small country roads? It could wreck your car or cause permanent injury to you or your loved ones.

Now, if a third party puts a dent in your door, you’d likely trust your insurance company to recover compensation. If a third party caused you injuries and loss that would severely impact the rest of your life? Would you trust your insurance company to get you the kind of compensation that would cover those difficulties?

There are provisions within the law to win damages that will cover the cost of such a tragedy. The ‘in-house team’ at your insurance company isn’t going to fight for those provisions, and the other party’s insurance firm is going to fight like hell against them.

This is when you need a lawyer to hold insurance firms to account and get the compensation you deserve. Learn more about how you could benefit from such representation.

Insurance firms may burst into flames if exposed to this image

2. Your Health Insurance Won’t Pay Out

Scenarios Where Insurance Is Not Enough - If your health insurer doesn't pay out - health insurance
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Health insurance companies will frequently refuse to pay for treatment on the basis that they interpret the contract differently. 1 in 7 claims gets denied by insurance companies. They’re the ones who wrote the contract, after all. Technically, they’re the authority on this.

Ah, the ‘Technically…’ excuse. Do you know who’s good with ‘technically’? A reputable lawyer. Find yourself someone who can eat jargon for breakfast and force the issue. Insurance firms don’t like confrontation.

3. Your Home Is Burgled

Burglar - Burglary - lawyer
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Burglaries can be some of the hardest incidents to negotiate with insurance companies. The trauma of your home security being compromised combined with the loss of deeply valued possessions makes it difficult to talk about the incident. Insurance companies won’t say it, but they know this. It makes it very easy for them to do the bare minimum.

By working with a good lawyer, you won’t be subject to endless phone calls rehashing the details. A good lawyer can take down everything they need to know in a couple of sessions and press the case for you, getting you the compensation you deserve.

In Summary

We know it sounds crazy, but anyone who claims to have your back while mandating that you pay them extortionate sums ‘just in case’ something happens may not be your staunchest defender when things go wrong. They’ve got other friends who aren’t being such a downer, after all.

Knowing a good lawyer who understands how to play hardball with insurance firms is in your interests. If you’re worried that you’re being taken advantage of, seek representation right away.

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