5 reasons why your blog is not growing

Why is your blog not growing? This is a huge question for everybody who has started their blog recently. We all know that blogging is not everybody’s cup of tea. In the beginning, you might have assumed that it’s a child’s play. But with the passage of time, you realize that it requires tons of passion and persistence. An endless number of people enter the field of blogging every year, but very few are able to sustain.

5 reasons why your blog is not growing
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Blogging has become more of a statement/fashion these days. People assume it to be all fun and games until they give it a trial. The cold reality is that it ain’t easy at all, and it is not meant for everyone either.

Another reality check here is that majority of people who start this journey, thinking that their blog will be successful within a few weeks or months, end up failing.

I am not discouraging you here; not at all. What blogging really demands is persistence, dedication, and a lot of motivation because it might take months before you actually start earning through it. It can even take a year. It all depends on you.

But why is it that people who are motivated in the beginning, run short of it halfway? Why don’t all the people who start their journey, fail? How are some people able to succeed through it?

Well, there are a lot of mistakes that new bloggers make, which leads them towards failure. Assumptions of it being an easy way out to earn money and misconceptions that you can become a millionaire through it, within no time, are somehow the essence of failing. It requires a lot of attention, just like your girlfriend does!

5 reasons why your blog is not growing

If you are passionate about blogging and want it to flourish, then here is a little guide. We have put together 5 reasons why your blog is not growing.

You are Blogging without an Objective

This is the most common reason why blogs fail these days. Blogging without an objective is like running without knowing where to go.

For instance, if you decide to make a blog about lifestyle like one of favorite one, Life Falcon, then your blog must have everything related to that. You aren’t supposed to bring in makeup tutorials. You must have an objective.

The solution to it is to decide your niche before you begin. After that, you need to stay focused and write every piece of article related to the niche that you have chosen so that you can attract the right audience.

Believing that Blogging is Easy

A moment of silence for all those who decide to start their blog because they think it is an easy way to start earning tons of money.

Sorry to pop that imagination balloon of yours. If you think so, your blogging car will be out of fuel really soon.

If you think that spending around 28hours every week on your blog, is an easier way out, then you are wrong. It might “seem” easy for you. But once you are in it, you will realize that it demands a lot of hustle.

Blogging demands extreme and constant quality, which eventually gets tiring for a lot of people. Moreover, new bloggers are expected to come up with something better and innovative.

The best way to stay out of this problem is to decide the time you will dedicate to your blog. The more time and effort you are willing to put in the blog; the faster you will reach your aim.

Choosing a Niche for the Blog Depending on the Money you get through it

Blogging is tiring. You have to create content daily and you have to pay a lot of attention to it. You also need to create something different, controversial, and inspiring for your audience. That requires a lot of brainstorming. Thus, it is best to pick a niche that you are passionate about. Or you will soon run out of interest.

For instance, if you suck at fitness, then you know that you have to steer clear of this niche. Go with what you feel good about. It will become more comfortable for you.

Not Owning a Domain

Many people start blogging on free platforms without understanding that it isn’t a professional method. Owning a proper domain is crucial.

Blogging without a proper domain is identical to roaming around aimlessly, giving up all the energy that you have. Free platform blog portrays you as an unprofessional blogger, which hinders your growth massively. Owning a domain gives you an identity and that is what you require, in order to grow.

Aiming to be a Millionaire in a Month

This is the root of the dilemma that doesn’t let your blog grow. I admit some blogs earn 50000$ per month. But do you have any idea about the dedication and amount of time they had to invest in it?

Almost three constant years of motivation and dedication!

You might not be aiming at something high as this amount, but it does need the same amount of attention, and you need to understand that you won’t earn dozens of $$ within a few weeks. Be patient.


Blogging has become a trend these days, which is why many people join the industry but walk out of it as fast as possible. If it isn’t your cup of tea, you are not obligated to join it.

If you are passionate about it, invest your time, money, and efforts into it. Consistency is a crucial element to make your blog prominent because thousands of people create content daily. If you want yours to get noticed; you have to be persistent.

Blogging demands time and attention. Without that, you aren’t gaining success! If you are willing to make it a substantial part-time hustle, then go for it and avoid making the above-mentioned mistakes.


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