Why is No One Visiting?

No one visiting image 1You know that you’re the best at what you do, and you have an awesome company all set up and ready to do business. The only problem is that nobody knows you exist. How can you change that? What can you do as an entrepreneur to ensure that your business gets off the ground?

Your Website Needs Help

Users love something clean and easy to navigate through, and if your site doesn’t fit that description, you will lose them within the first 15 seconds. You have very little time to make an impact online to clients — which is why search engine optimization services are a fantastic way to garner traffic and more page views. Hiring one of these services will help your business “float” to the top of the Google search page, meaning better search results and more visitors.

You Need to Advertise More

If you don’t market your company, how is anybody going to know it exists? Sure, great work and quality products should speak for themselves, but the real world is not that simple. You need to let everyone know that yes, you are here, and yes, you are incredible.

  • Old-school methods are tried and true and still work today. Pass out flyers and take an ad out in the local newspaper to spread the word.
  • Look into Facebook ads. These can reach a wide audience and drill down on a specific demographic: Age, gender, interest, etc.
  • Look in your community and see how you can use local events to advertise. Set up a booth at the community celebration or sponsor a soccer team to familiarize your logo and your brand.

Online Features Besides your Website

The internet is called the World Wide Web for a reason: You are connected to the entire world. Use marketing tactics beyond your website to bring attention to your company. There are so many resources available for little to no money.

  • Set up a Yelp page. Positive reviews are the bread and butter of a small business, and customers who see lots of stars are more likely to make a purchase from you.
  • It’s hard to resist a good deal when you see one. Create an amazing Groupon deal to draw in more customers and get the buzz generated.

The lifeblood of a small business in its beginning stages is effective marketing to reach the widest audience possible. Be smart and use clever strategies to get your business off and running.

All the measures described in this article are online marketing strategies. We also use the terms digital marketing and Internet marketing with the same meaning.