Why You Must Include Explainer Videos in Your Marketing Strategy

Every business needs a great marketing tool that helps it to become more visible to its users and impart information about its services to its customers in a simple and captivating manner. Explainer videos do just that for your business. In this digital world, video content is not an option for marketing anymore. Video marketing is the answer to your desire to succeed in your marketing efforts.

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Below are some reasons why these are the most effective ways to market your business and services successfully.

Visuals are more interesting

On average, visitors usually make up their minds about any business website or presentation within the first 10-20 seconds only. Within this short period of time, they classify the content as boring or interesting, and may not even bother to look further if there is no compelling reason to stay longer. These first few seconds can be made interesting for the users by including explainer videos. They are a great way of communicating ideas without getting your potential customer bored.

Videos give a unique touch

In this world of fast-changing interests, you cannot just rely on the conventional ideas of text and graphics to attract prospective customers. You need something that will make your business stand apart from others so that people are attracted to it.

These videos offer your business a unique method of explaining a service or product in a way that makes you stay ahead of your competitors, thus giving you a distinct advantage and offering information about your product in a unique way.

Psychology of human brain

According to psychologists, people remember only 20% of the information which they read and only 10% of what they hear. However, the human mind retains almost 50% of the information which is presented in audiovisual formats. If something is audiovisual it means that we can both see and hear it.

Studies related to internet usage habits show that users pay more attention to informational materials that are presented in an audiovisual form. In 2015, TIME magazines even mentioned how now we have a shorter attention span than a Goldfish. That is why Customized explainer videos help businesses get their messages across in this format via explainer videos.

Visual presentations are more persuasive

Visual presentations in video format are able to more clearly promote your business in less than a couple of minutes while keeping the viewers engaged at all times. Such videos allow viewers to acquire more information in less time. Explanatory videos also enhance perception as they involve both visual and audio communication that makes them more appealing and persuasive.

The popularity of visual formats has grown to a great extent over the last few years. It has firmly secured its position in the everyday habits of people and is currently an important part of business marketing strategies.

Small businesses with limited budgets can use online video tools to easily create short explainer videos themselves to help them in their marketing efforts. By combining creativity and a well-thought-out plan, your explainer video will help your business stand out from the rest with a unique, engaging, and enchanting way of sharing information. It will help you expand your customer base, boost sales, and ultimately profits.

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