How to Stay Focused Working in the Coworking Space

Concentration is very important in business in order to gain success. It might be a challenging task in a busy work environment. Many things run through a busy office. From the meetings to conversations and even eating snacks. All these are small issues when compared with one of your colleagues walking up to ask you about your job. Well, this is easier because it is not compulsory to be with your coworkers always. You can be up and working and at the same time, prevent your coworkers from reaching you always.

    Do you think it is impossible for you to pay a non-worker for doing nothing? Statistics have proven that 89% of employees have agreed that they do nothing or little at work. By implication, this means about 2% of them waste at least 5 hours of their day. Do not be surprised by what the person is doing at work.

What most employees do at work:

  1.    A worker was found to be taking care of  her pet which she managed into work.
  2.    A worker that was found asleep claimed to be praying.
  3.    A worker was reading a book from the internet.
  4.   A worker was found shaving in the restroom having spent more than 45 minutes of  her working hours there.
  5.    Another worker was found making her bare feet warm using the bathroom hand dryer.
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While working in Canada, I tried to improve my productivity in the office space Vancouver. That experience helped me a lot and also taught me to be productive and focused in any situation.  

    These are the few examples of the many workers who claim to be working but are not. There are ways you can keep your game on in an office space and remain focused on your work. These include:

  1.    Use headphones: It is a visible way to inform one  another that you are busy with something except a request from someone to remove them. You can even choose to make them loud to shut the world out.
  2.    Observe or practice quiet hours: As an employee, you can be a fanatic and make it compulsory for every other employee to observe the same. Prevent crunchy chips or any snacks then.
  3.   Improve your environment: It can work to improve alertness. This is called office updates. You can paint the walls or get scented candles. These renovations can be done overnight so that your employees come the next day and are full of surprises.
  4.    Privacy accessories can be employed: You can get a privacy accessory like a computer hoodie. Definitely, no one will talk to you once they have seen this on you.
  5.  Organize your desk always: Ensure your desk is kept clean and well-arranged always especially after work for each day.  Then you will be able to know who has been playing around with your stuffs and what you might need to do to avoid that.
  6.   Have a to-do list: It will make you a better person at accomplishing tasks than having no plan at all and just living the day. Although, people will come to you for help on various issues, nevertheless, what makes you feel in charge is your to-do list. It does not only portray you as a busy person, but it also makes them reconsider before coming to meet you next time. They will only come when it is very important and not just for irrelevances.
  7.    Take coffee: One thing about drinking coffee is that it makes one focus and helps to keep concentration or alertness. Of course, there are times you should not take coffee at all as it is not hygienic enough. Moments like these are two hours after you just woke up or before an important meeting or an empty stomach. Your body’s adrenaline is still expected to be active two hours after waking up; taking coffee around that time can impede this cycle. Before an important meeting, It might not be too cool also because it will be unorganized of you to be jittery or taking an excuse to pee while the meeting is on. After 1 pm, coffee might not be advised too; considering that it might not make you sleep at night which will  affect work for the next day.


Coworking can be beneficial if well-managed. It can cause more harm than good in the long run and  also if not well-taken of. Hence, there is a need to be smart about how things are done in the office in order to achieve great success.