Why The World Needs More Engineers

World needs more engineers image 44444You might have heard engineering students ranting on how difficult it is to pass their degree and advising aspiring engineers to avoid following this discipline. They fear missing out on employment opportunities and speculate that there aren’t enough jobs for them. But trust us, the world needs more engineers. Whether you are a mechanical engineer, a chemical engineer or an electrical engineer, all sub-disciplines are in search of competent people who can meet the increasing demand for labor. 

Engineers are the sole reason for the growth of human civilization, who took living comfortably to another level. Every niche within engineering has contributed to almost every aspect of our lives. With the rise in technological advancement, this demand and necessity of engineers are only increasing.

A few other reasons why engineers are needed are as follows:

Practicality Over Theory

They are not just theoretical thinkers, but also practical achievers. Engineering is one profession that designs, creates and comes up with mind-blowing ideas that can make a difference. Not only that, they put their ideas into action by creating prototypes and testing their concepts, which ensures them and others that the idea can be put into serious effect. They can also seamlessly help the creative minds who struggle to convert their ideas into a practical application. This is valid in almost all fields of engineering.

Solving Issues in Every Genus

Apart from the basic and popular subcategories within this field, engineers are increasingly solving minor and often unseen issues such as poverty, sustainability, and agriculture. With every industry needing specific attention to improve its performance, it is only specialized engineers who can solve these respective problems. Pointing out problems is one thing and putting in work to solve them is another. Engineers are a blessing who puts in the effort to work on solving them.

Diverse Sub-Disciplines

As mentioned above, there are a lot of subcategories studies within engineering for subjects that are becoming a cause of global concern. The increasing anxiety and need to combat climate change, the rise in social issues and incompatible living conditions have led to new fields of study. There is, of course, still a major need for traditional engineering positions as they form an important part of our civilization.

You can definitely learn more about them first, as they are the top engineering fields that guarantee a prominent job and are a major building block in society. They are all varied and provide you with the option of following your top interests. From machines to automobiles and science to production, there’s something for everyone.

Better Food and Health

Eating better, clean and hygienic food maintains your health and improves your immune system. It is important for you and your family to eat clean food and produce all the time. Engineering innovations have helped to increase crop growth per area, without the use of artificial fertilizers. All this falls under agricultural engineering wherein specific attention is given to more healthier produce, and increased water supply for every farmer.

Also, with the increasing population, it is important to produce more food supplies to meet demands. It is also impossible to imagine farming now without the engineering innovations of tractors, machines and other devices. 

And with clean eating comes better health. Certain engineering advancements have also resulted in better equipment to promote health and wellness. It is extremely important to keep your health intact in this changing climate. Sure, taking medicine and injecting formulas are worked out by pharmacists, but engineers provide them with the necessary equipment to invent and chemically mix these drugs for use.

This is just a mere example of how engineering stands out from other fields of work. All major equipment for surgery and hospitals are also provided by engineering inventions and machines that produce them, making it a prime requirement.

Rise in Computing

Every company or start-up require an engineer for computing or tasks involved with information technology. A lot of e-commerce websites and search engines have become avidly popular as more people are making use of technology and smartphones. Every company is now technology-driven with website and application developments. A few of them require tracking or more advanced functionalities. Be it a newly founded healthcare facility or a well-established transportation company, engineers play a major role behind the scenes of almost every industry.

World Needs engineers 4pplkThere is no way that the use of technology will see a decline. And with its rise, new engineering ideas and innovations will be required. It should be extremely clear now as to why you should consider engineering as your area of studies, keeping in mind the achievements and production you will put out towards the betterment of the world.


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