Are air fryers the way forward?

With inflation, the cost-of-living increase, petrol increases and wages not meeting these increases there are a number of changes we can make to our lifestyles. The average oven in the UK would cost around 59p to run for an hour, now when you think of the 20 minutes it takes for an oven to warm up that leaves you with 40 minutes remaining in which to cook your food. An average meal such as a lasagne would take at least 40 minutes.

Air Fryers - image with benefits
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What if one of the people in your household has a food intolerance and you have discovered after taking a Uk food intolerance test that you need to make an entirely different meal for this member of your family?

Now, what if the children eat an hour before you because dad doesn’t get home from work until 7pm? That means running the oven twice a night adding up to £1.18 every day! Let’s not forget the roast chicken dinner on a Sunday!! That’s at least £1.77, thus our oven is costing us around £8.88 a week just to cook our evening meal. That’s without the kettle, washing machine, dishwasher, television, computer and lights we all use on a regular basis! This is why many households have made the decision to switch to an air fryer.

What is an air fryer?

An air fryer is comparable to an oven because it bakes and roasts exactly as an oven does. However, the difference lies in the way it works; the heating elements are located only on the top and are complemented by a sizable, intense fan. This means that there is no need for a warm-up time of 20 minutes, they warm up quickly, generally within 3 minutes and therefore food cooks quicker and more evenly.

Why switch to an air fryer?

Experts indicate that an air fryer will only cost 6p a meal! That is a massive saving compared to the running costs of an oven! That is a difference of 53p a meal!! A well-known supermarket often drums into us that ‘every little help’s and I think this is evident to see here! Although an air fryer may set you back about £100 in the first instance it is quite clearly going to help us through this cost-of-living crisis in the long run.

What other benefits does an air fryer offer?

Whilst finances are of primary concern to the majority of us these days, our health and lifestyles are equally important, and an air fryer ticks many of the boxes here too! An air fryer uses a lot less oil to cook your food and it cooks vegetables quickly and easily, therefore bringing health benefits to the table.

Furthermore, you can cook several different things all at the same time. For those of us on clean-up duty, the idea of cooking everything in one place, and then being able to pop this one tray into the dishwasher is a game changer. We have recently purchased our air fryer and I have used it every night this week to cook healthy and nutritious foods. I can confirm that I will not be going back to my oven any time soon!