All You Need To Know About Vaping, E-Cigarettes & E-Liquids

Smoking tobacco or vaping e-cigarettes?

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To begin with, you are maybe a traditional smoker and you love it so much. You may have heard of vaping and wondered if that is the best option for you. What if you were about to change and go for vaping? Or maybe you desire to try to stop your smoking habit. In fact, smoking can be harmful to your body and you might have serious health problems.

On the road to smoke e-cigarettes

You have probably heard about this new trend all around vaping, e-liquids & e-cigarettes. Let’s have a quick view about this current topic, which has become increasingly popular over the last years.

Let’s talk about vaping

If you choose this type of device, it is a way of smoking. Basically, vaping consists of inhaling a vapour created by an electronic cigarette or other vaping devices. Many vaping devices looked like a real cigarette and it is composed of cartridges filled with a liquid that usually contains nicotine flavourings and chemicals. The liquid is heated to a low temperature, outcoming in a vapour that you inhale.

But what is the difference between smoking?

Smoking and vaping are quite different but how?

  1. On the one hand, smoking delivers nicotine by burning tobacco and it produces smoke. Then smoking contains many toxic chemicals and it is more dangerous because a smoker inhales high heat.
  2. On the other hand, vaping can deliver nicotine by heating a liquid in a much less harmful way and it only produces vapours contrary to traditional tobacco.

Now let’s have a look at the advantages of smoking e-cigarettes.

The benefits of vaping: why choosing vaping instead of smoking?

Here below we’ve listed the 10 top facts you should know about vaping

1. Vaping is less harmful than tobacco for your health

Generally vaping is considered to be safer than smoking because there is no combustion in vaping and no smoke. And it might be the best way to gently transition yourself and your body away from traditional tobacco cigarettes and their risks for your health.

2. Accessibility and availability

If you want to vape it is quite easy to have one because nowadays it is possible to find good vapour products everywhere through Eshops selling E-liquids and E-cigarettes with very accessible prices. You’ve also the possibility to head to local vape shops, convenience stores, or even at gas stations. But vape products will be the most affordable on the Internet through endless E-shops.

3. No noxious odours

Another advantage of vaping is that your body won’t smell smoke everywhere that is to say on you; your house, your clothes and the most striking good point is that you won’t smell smoke anymore. Besides when you finish your cigarette your fingers and mouth both smell like an ashtray.  It is true that vaping has got an aroma but it is not the same as the smoke of the cigarette, it is not like burning tobacco of course. Then vaping allows you to talk to anyone without unpleasant odours. Because the smell of tobacco smoke is very strong and tends to linger; as a consequence, it can be a problem not only for you but above all for the others since they don’t smoke. The last important fact about vaping is that it is barely noticeable!

4. Control of your nicotine

Another benefit of vaping is that you have the entire control over your nicotine dosage meaning that you can choose exactly how much nicotine you consume or it is possible to use no nicotine at all if you prefer. Most vapers tend to begin with high nicotine levels in order to gradually diminish to lower strengths or even eliminate nicotine totally. With traditional cigarettes, you don’t know how much nicotine is inside your cigarette and you cannot control the amount of nicotine.

5. The choice of your flavour

What is the most important when you vape? It is obviously the taste of your vape. Basically, there are so many choices that you don’t know which one to choose. The solution is that there is every flavour for every palate. You might find some popular flavours like fruit such as apple, banana, grape, peach and so on; desserts or even beverages. But of course, if you don’t like what is available you have the possibility to make your own vape juice.

6. Everybody can have it: a must have!

No experience is required for vaping. Even if you are a beginner, you can have a go and discover the good aspects of vaping. In a word, vaping is convenient to use.

7. Affordability

When you switch to vaping from tobacco products, you should see a clear difference in the amount of money you are spending on a regular basis. Tobacco products can be very expensive and the prices can be sometimes very high depending on the region you live of course. Moreover, tobacco products are taxed heavily so why not switching or starting vaping? Indeed, vaping is the far most cost-effective way to smoke. As far as vaping is concerned you will have to buy vape pens and other accessories and these products last a long time as long as you buy quality products and you take care of them.

8. Vaping is socially accepted

When you go to a party or a meeting you will always meet people who are smokers. So because of its increasing popularity, vaping has become socially acceptable in most places since you’re not annoying surrounding people as you’d do with classic tobacco. Vaping unlike smoking isn’t putting your relatives at risk.

9. Safe for the planet

As you probably know it the cigarette smoke is harming the environment and our planet. This is without talking about the risks of wildfire incidents that are caused by discarded cigarette butts. Therefore, vaping remains very environment-friendly and healthier than smoking.

10. No traces of vaping

Let’s point out that vaping has no smoke, ash or any remnants. So you are free from worrying about the bad smells; tobacco breath and ashes. We can consider vaping as far safer since the flavour associated with vaping is more pleasant in comparison to tobacco smell.

Eventually, the smoking habit can be very hard to quit but keep in mind that it can deteriorate your health. Vaping might be an alternative if you want to stop smoking since it has many advantages for you but also for the people who are closed to you.

In short, vaper is safer, you spend less money, you can choose your flavour and above all you are not putting people at risk when you are vaping.

So are you ready for the transition?

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