All That You Wanted To Know About WordPress Themes, Plugins, And Security

Flexibility and versatility of WordPress that provides endless possibilities of customizing websites are the top reasons for the extensive popularity of the CMS. Add to this the ease of creating websites in minutes by anyone even without any knowledge about web design and code, which are the other reasons for the attractiveness.  The functionalities of WordPress support the creation of SEO friendly websites to launch marketing campaigns from the moment the site makes its appearance on the web.

WordPress themes are like templates that facilitate faster creation of websites by anyone even without any technical skill about web development, and it takes just a few minutes to create websites.  WordPress themes provide all-round opportunities to create websites in the way you want and impart the necessary functionalities provided you choose the theme correctly.  WordPress themes offer vast opportunities to exercise much more control over the visual presentation of your content and other data on the website and even influence the behavior or certain elements when interacting with visitors.

Looking inside a WordPress theme

WordPress themes consist of an array of files that work in unison for creating a graphical interface together with a core design for the website. How a website displays depends a lot on the theme that has the power to modify the manner of the display without making any changes to the underlying software. Themes not only include image files but also customized template files, custom pages, style sheets as well as necessary code files.

To choose WordPress themes, you must log on to the official site for WordPress Themes, the WordPress Theme Directory. With thousands of themes listed in the directory, there is always something for you to ensure a secure and pleasant experience. You must evaluate the theme to understand how it fits into your scheme of things and matches your needs for which you can see the demo for the theme by using the Preview feature on the info page of the theme.

WordPress themes come with installation instructions, especially those that require more steps than the typical theme installation, and by following the instructions, you can successfully install the theme.

Create powerful websites with plugins

Besides the basic functionalities of the themes, the real power of WordPress comes from the plugins that help to enhance the functionalities many more times. You can use the plugins of your choice to perform tasks that enhance the capabilities of the website many more times. Many WordPress websites have built-in features that make the websites SEO friendly and ready to use for marketing right from the time of its creation. But plugins add more muscles to it, especially in enhancing its capabilities for implementing advanced SEO techniques. Plugins give endless opportunities to boost your creativity and break new grounds that become the launchpad for a successful marketing campaign.

There is always a plugin available to support your activities, but how much you can benefit from it depends on the right choice. It is not enough to identify the right plugins but perhaps more important to understand how it will be helpful for your cause and how you can put it to best use.

Updating many plugins on many websites can bee a heavy process. If you want to manage multiple websites from a single place, you should consider getting the best WordPress management tools to be more effective.

Customization opportunities are endless

WordPress websites can accommodate all kinds of creative needs of website creators due to the numerous opportunities for customization that it offers. After choosing a WordPress theme that provides the basic infrastructure for creating websites, you can customize the features in the way you want to match it with your needs. By choosing a suitable WordPress plugin, you can achieve the desired level of customization that enhances the performance of the website. Whatever marketing strategy you create and in whichever way you wish to implement it by using your website, WordPress plugins can help to realize your goals to the fullest.

The power of WordPress emanates from the plugins, and companies like Web design Dubai can create highly functional websites that add actual value to businesses. But this does not mean that you can keep installing plugins with the hope of doing better and better. Too many plugins can be detrimental for website performance, and you must use only a few, three, or four plugins, to ensure satisfactory performance. The principle of optimization applies to the selection of plugins too.

Let us now understand how plugins can help to enhance website performance.

Make the titles of posts and pages friendlier to search engines

According to the default setting of WordPress, when your website appears in the search engine result page (SERP), it displays only the name of the page or title post. The display does not seem to be much relevant and expressive as searchers might not be able to make out what the page or post is all about. To make the title more relevant and expressive, you can choose a suitable plugin that allows adding the website name to the title. By looking at the website name placed alongside the page or post title, users can better under its relevance to the search query or what they are looking for, and it increases the chances of clicking on the link. The website gains higher visibility as the title acquires an added dimension that becomes visible at the top of the browser, both in search results and social media.

Enhance the relevance of the website title

By using the power of plugins, you can make the title of the website more relevant by changing the tagline and website name already set by default in the general settings. To make the title more relevant, you may like to insert some chosen keywords in the title, and some plugins allow you to make the necessary change. This step boosts your search engine optimization efforts significantly.  By enabling the insertion of keywords in the title, website owners gain more mileage in optimization as it enhances the visibility of websites, which goes a long way to boost the marketing efforts. By inserting keywords, the title becomes more expressive, and it is easy to understand its relevance with the searcher’s intention of searching. The change, though minor, has a high impact on search engines as well as users and benefits website owners too.

SEO friendly content creation becomes easy

Creating high-quality content means that it carries valuable information for users who find it useful, and at the same time, it meets the SEO objectives very well. All this becomes very easy for WordPress websites because the plugins can support your cause to the fullest. Plugins will guide you in ascertaining the level of SEO friendliness of content by pointing out the shortcomings to make improvements for making it friendlier to SEO. Plugins, when chosen correctly, will have the ability to evaluate content based on the selected keywords by highlighting how it performs so that you can make the necessary improvements. Plugins allow website owners to hone their skills in content creation as they can learn from the mistakes just as they would do while training on the job.

Safety and security of WordPress websites

With so many advantages, it is no wonder that WordPress is the top choice for creating sites, but its popularity and fame comes at a cost. Despite having ample security features, WordPress websites are prone to security issues, as evident from the increase in the number of these websites being targeted by hackers and cybercriminals. You must be very cautious to keep your WordPress website secure and safe by following these tips.

Pay for secure WordPress hosting

The biggest vulnerability could arise from the hosting service, and you must invest in a hosting company that has proper security measures in place. Besides 24×7 security monitoring, they must include support for the latest version of SQL, Apache, and PHP as well as a firewall. They must also undertake regular malware scans and daily backups. Some hosting companies also take measures to prevent DDoS attacks.

Use a Backup plugin

In addition to ensuring that the hosting service has backup arrangements, you must also arrange for backing up your website by using some plugin. The plugin should help to create a regular backup schedule for the website, and you must store the backup files offsite. This will protect your backup data from getting infected.

Use strong passwords

The passwords that you use for the website, as well as your hosting account, must be strong and secure. Typically, passwords should be of at least 8 characters comprising of upper case and lower case letters, special characters, and numeric to make it stronger.   To generate and store secure passwords, you can use a password manager.

Shun the admin username

Admin is the default username in WordPress, and it can become an easy target of hackers for launching brute force attacks. Make sure to use a different username to reduce the vulnerability of the website. Creating a new user’s name is easy, and you must change the default name as soon as possible.

How well you keep your site secured is in your hands by keeping your WordPress website always updated.

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