American wind power 4% of national power grid

In 2013, American wind power reached a milestone by topping 4% of the country’s power grid for the first time, according to the American Wind Energy Association. It has delivered 30% of all new generating capacity for the past five years. Wind power now makes up more than one quarter of all power generation in South Dakota and Iowa.

In nine US states American wind power now represents over 12% of the grid, and five percent in 17 states.

In 2013, wind power generated 4.13% of the country’s total electricity. It is now the fifth biggest electricity source in the country, according to data published by the Energy Information Administration (EIA), part of the Department of Energy.

American wind power generates the equivalent demand of 15.5 homes, or the total combined households of Ohio, Nevada, Nebraska, Kansas, Georgia, Colorado and Arkansas.

American wind power more than tripled since 2008

Elizabeth Salerno, Vice President of Industry Data and Analysis for the American Wind Energy Association, said:

“Wind energy continues to make inroads as a major contributor to the U.S. power mix. The electricity generated by American wind power has more than tripled since 2008 not only due to significant growth in new wind projects but also technology innovation leading to more productive wind turbines.”

US wind power

(Source: American Wind Energy Association)

Thirteen percent of the US’ electricity currently comes from renewable energy sources.

Texas, which has the biggest electricity load of all states and the greatest installed wind capacity, also generated the most wind generated electricity – more than 35.9 million megawatt-hours; enough to supply 3.3 million households.

Wind energy represented 9.9% of electrical generation for Texas’ main grid ERCOT. With 7,000 MW of new capacity currently under construction in Texas, the figure is expected to soon rise to 10%.

Oklahoma, California, Iowa and Texas, the top states for installed wind capacity, all set records last year. Each state generated enough power to supply over 1 million households.

In 2014, wind energy began with a record 12,000 MW wind project capacity under construction.

Wind power by state

(Source: American Wind Energy Association)

During the last quarter of 2013, the US registered record growth in wind energy.

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Renewable energy is energy whose source is available forever, i.e., it never depletes.