An Employer Guide: How To Prepare For A Virtual Career Fair?

First things first, let’s see what a virtual career fair is. A Virtual career fair is a job fair that enables employers to connect with skilled and talented candidates (students or those who have completed their degrees). In contrast to traditional job fairs, organizations can save a lot of time and money for themselves and their applicants because a virtual career fair conducted online can be completed within just a few hours.

If you are a brand looking forward to getting the most out of your virtual career fair, instead of a mere CV collection campaign, the event should look more like an orientation for the employees joining in the near future. By the end of this read, you will surely figure out what factors many of the most sought-after brands consider for the provision of a top-notch virtual career fair.

Let us dive into how as an employer, you can prepare yourself for a virtual career fair. These tips will certainly help you with the success of your virtual career fair like never before.

Virtual Career Fair Tips for Employers and Recruiters

First, we will look at a checklist or we can say a set of tips that employers should consider for a virtual career fair. The list comprises of the following components.

  1. Make it Official

    Create a dedicated landing page on your website. This gives your attendees details about your virtual career fare like date & time. The landing page must also include a registration form so that you get an estimated number of attendees.

  2. Positive First Impression

A firm and strong first impression is a must to attract more and more candidates towards the opportunity provided by your organization. The campaign should be well-organized with everything including audio quality, video quality, presentation of ideas to be matchless.

  1. A Good Profile

The recruiters are not only meant to dig up the best talent for themselves but are also supposed to prepare a good profile of their organizations. Your profile must be based on truth and should carry an element of interest to attract the candidate. For an idea, an optimal profile contains:

  • Who you are?
  • What do you do?
  • A brief history of your organization.
  • Perks for employees (quick growth, flexible, competitive pay etc.)
  • Your workplace norms
  • What exactly are you looking for?
  1. Do Make Sure to Test the Virtual Booth

The virtual event platform has different zones such as a Lobby, Stage, as well as an Expo zone in which organizations can create virtual booths to showcase their company and must be tested before the virtual career fair in order to make sure that everything about the platform is fine and working properly.

  1. Marketing Campaign

Marketing plays a key role in the success of a virtual career fair for any organization and is undoubtedly the most effective way to attract the greatest number of candidates. Those employers that are active on social media platforms turn out to be a sight of attraction for most candidates in these modern times.

  1. A Compelling Advertisement

The advertisement for open positions should be compelling enough to make it difficult for the candidate to ignore. Your offer should directly hit the interest points of the candidate in order to make sure that the candidate shows up at your virtual career fair.

  1. Determine your Needs

The most important part of this checklist is the identification of your needs as an employer. These virtual career events are vast events so employers should emphasize the big points of their needs. The better you know what you need, the easier it will be for you to be able to recruit someone that matches your requirements.

  1. Make it a Memorable Event

Use gamification to engage with your audience & gratify them with company merch or gift cards. Brainstorm ideas that will create a long-term impact in the attendees’ minds & make your career fair an event to remember.

  1. Use Informative Content Formats

When you want to present your organization as a winner in your industry, make sure to include multiple content formats and help desks at the virtual event. Prepare material (videos, text) in a way that the candidate finds out everything about the workplace culture and the departments of the workplace. The material included should be of the highest quality and no stone should be left unturned in this domain. Slides, blogs, infographics etc. should be used to grasp the attention of the candidate and to make them more eager about the environment they will become a part of.

  1. Work with the best virtual events platform providers

To be able to organize a remarkable virtual career fair, you must partner up with those who out does everyone in their industries. Same is the case with the virtual events platform providers. You need to collaborate with a provider with proven expertise and someone who comprehends your requirements carefully and designs the most suitable solution based on them. Every candidate would want to see the visual appearance of the working environment they’re signing up for, they will have to play this at their expo booth.

  1. Webinars

Webinars are a tool used by various organizations to improve their engagement rate and dispersion of information. Most of the B2B marketers make use of webinars in order to help themselves generate strong leads and hence you should also be conducting webinars to reach the maximum audience with a better engagement. Make your most experienced and expert members share their experience of working in your company and how it has been the best opportunity for them to work here. Invite guest speakers to carry out awareness programs and let a firm image of the organization get created.

  1. Story Telling

Everybody loves to hear inspirational stories. Prepare a strong narrative about your brand, vision and current situation of the organization and present it in front your audience. Include testimonials from your clients and employees to maximize the chances of success for your narrative.


Virtual Career Fairs are indeed better as an alternative to traditional career fairs. As online recruitment programs allow people from various locations across the globe to get a chance to avail the opportunity sitting in their own places. It means as an employer, you connect to a much wider audience than you would do in a traditional fair, thus you get to promote your organization on the largest scale. Also, in contrast to financial and human resources involved in a traditional career, a virtual career fair allows you to carry out the thorough event with much-reduced cost and minimal effort.

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