Over half of Britons want another EU referendum

Over half of all Britons want another EU referendum. This time, the electorate would have to consider three options:

Remain, i.e., stay in the European Union.

– Prime Minister Theresa May’s Deal.

– A No-Deal Brexit, i.e., a hard Brexit.

According to a new Sky Data poll, fifty-three percent of Britons are in favour of holding another EU referendum. Thirty-six percent are against the idea.

Another EU referendum - Image 1
Most Britons would like to hold another EU referendum. (Data Source: Sky News)

On 23rd June 2016, there was a referendum in the United Kingdom. The electorate had to decide whether to remain in the European Union (EU) or leave.

The Leavers won by a small margin – 51.9% vs. 48.1%. In other words, Britons narrowly voted for Brexit. BREXIT = BRitain EXITing the EU.

Another EU referendum – public opinion

According to Sky News, these figures – 53% vs. 36% – have remained the same since Mrs. May first published the Brexit draft deal about one month ago.

Surprisingly, fifty-one percent of poll respondents agree with Mrs. May’s argument that having another referendum would undermine faith with the British people. Forty-two percent disagree, i.e., they say it would not break faith. Seven percent are unsure.

Ninety percent of Brexiteers agree that holding another referendum is wrong. Twenty-two percent of respondents who support a new EU referendum also believe that it would break faith with the British public. However, they still believe there should be one.

Twenty-eight percent of respondents who support May’s deal also support another referendum. Among the ‘no-deal Brexit’ supporters, only 19% would back another referendum.

Eighty percent of Remainers said they would support another EU referendum. Remainers are people who want the UK to stay in the EU.

UK split down the middle

The UK has been split down the middle for decades regarding EU membership. Approximately half the population wants to stay while the other half wants to leave.

Most young people are Remainers while the majority of older adults are Brexiteers.