10 Best Apps to Trace Mobile Number In The World

What makes a cell phone number tracker great? Is it the features, usability, or an affordable price? The best phone number trackers are a combination of all three.

Finding a great mobile number tracker can take some doing. The market is full of such apps and services, and all of them claim to be the best. It can get a little confusing.

To make your search easier, we’ve scoured the market for the most reliable, economical, and powerful mobile number trackers around. You can track any US or non-US numbers with them.

1. Spyic- An Easy Way to Trace Mobile Number Location

If you want to know how to track a phone number, Spyic is the best choice. The app is special because it’s easy to use and offers worthwhile features – like a GPS tracker, a SIM tracker, and geofence support.

Best apps to trace mobile number in the world - Spyic

Spyic also has a solid reputation. The app is a crowd favorite and offers more privacy than most other apps out there.

What devices can Spyic track? All the latest Android and iOS devices. You can control the app from any web browser remotely.

Spyic offers three location tracking features

Let’s take a closer look at Spyic’s location-tracking features, starting with the GPS tracker:

  • Spyic offers real-time tracking: The app can track the phone’s movements in real-time. The locations the phone was last in are pinned on a virtual map.
  • The app keeps track of the location history: You can see the phone’s location history via the location log. Some details you get are addresses, neighborhoods, timestamps, and geographical coordinates.
  • It integrates Google Maps: Spyic integrates Google Maps. You can click on the link and open up any location in a Google Map extension. You can then make use of Google 3D Street View and other Google-exclusive features.

SPYic - 93489389383

The SIM tracker offers a way to keep tabs on a cell phone number:

  • Track mobile phone numbers: The app keeps track of the SIM card and the phone number. You can sign up to get a notification if the user changes the SIM card.
  • Find SIM card details: The app can track the IMEI number, network operator information, and other important details.

The geofence feature is useful if you want to keep an eye on a particular location:

  • Keep an eye on places: A geofence is a marked perimeter on a map. You can make this perimeter around any address and receive notifications when the phone crosses the boundary.
  • Track long-term: You can automatically track entry and exit times over days or weeks with a geofence.
Using it is a walk in the park  

Spyic was quick to install, from our testing. It took us about 10 minutes, all told. You just need to sign up for an account on the official site and then follow the setup instructions you get by email.

If you wish to track an Android phone, you must install Spyic physically on the device. The app can optionally be hidden afterward. For iOS devices, Spyic is a discrete web-based app. You link it to the iCloud account used on the target device.

Spyic works without rooting or jailbreak. It has a web-based interface that’s pretty user-friendly, so you won’t need any special technical skills. The app is priced reasonably, costing about as much as a cup of coffee to use for a month.

There’s a free live demo you can check out on the official website to see if you like the app.

2. Minspy-How to Trace Mobile Number Current Location Online

Minspy ranks high on the list because the app offers precise location tracking and it’s reliable. The app has an optional hidden feature, meaning you can track mobile phones without the user being aware. The user interface is intuitive and web-based.

Best apps to trace mobile number in the world - Minspy

Minspy can track any phone or tablet in real-time. There’s also a network-based location tracker feature, which tracks a phone based on its network location. The app offers other features besides phone tracking, including a social media viewer and messages reader.

3. Spyier-How to Track Phone Number Location

Spyier is a well-known parental control solution. If you’re a parent struggling to keep an eye on your kids, this app might come in handy. The app offers a selection of powerful phone monitoring features, including a useful location tracker.

Spyer - mobile phone number tracker - 349839839839

You can track your child or any other phone user via a virtual map. You receive real-time location updates, which you can access from your web browser. The other notable features include an installed apps checker and a web history tracker.

4. Cocospy-How to Trace Phone Number Location

Cocospy is usually used by people looking to keep an eye on their partner in secret when they are out and about. The app can keep tabs on Android and iOS devices remotely. It has an excellent stealth mod and is very hard to detect.

Cocospy for phone - 333333

The location tracker can keep tabs on someone’s phone in secret. It gives you an overview of their movements and also phone activity. If a partner is straying, it’s possible to find out by taking a look at all this data.

5. Spyine-How to Trace Mobile Number Location

Spyine is suitable for non-technical people, as the app requires no rooting or jailbreak. You’ll be able to set up the app quickly with little trouble with the help of any smartphone or PC. Spyine has a browser-based interface, which is easy to access.

Best apps to trace mobile number in the world - SPyine

With Spyine, you can follow the phone’s movements in real-time. The phone number’s location can be tracked with the help of the SIM card monitoring feature. You can monitor anyone’s phone or tablet remotely with little trouble.

6. Clickfree-Phone Number Tracker

ClickFree is a trusted tool and comes with a powerful phone number tracker. You’ll be able to trace a mobile number’s current location online with this app. You just need to set up the app to work with the target device first.

ClickFree mobile tracker 40030

Once you have ClickFree up and running, the app automatically tracks the user’s phone or tablet. You can keep an eye on the phone remotely. The app comes with a nifty keylogger feature that keeps tabs on their messages and other activity.

7. Neatspy-How to Track Phone Number

Neatspy is an advanced phone tracking app. The app is best-known for its message reader, social media viewer, and browser history tracking features. However, you’ll find that Neatspy also comes with a dependable phone number tracking option.

Neatspy - 4993

The app is capable of tracking any phone or tablet from anywhere, provided you get the app up and running first. You can track any US and non-US-based numbers with the SIM card tracking feature.

8. Spokeo-Mobile Number Tracker

Is it possible to track a phone number just by typing it into some software? Spokeo allows you to do so, but only if it’s a US-based number. Spokeo is a reverse phone lookup service and people search engine, not a phone app.

With Spokeo, you can find the general location of a US-based number. If you order a background report, they provide details about the phone owner. The service can’t track the phone number in real-time, though, nor does it offer a precise location.

9. Zosearch-Phone Number Tracker

ZoSearch is another phone lookup service. You can use it to track any US-based phone number. The site generates a phone number report in less than 5 minutes, with details on the phone’s owner, including their registered location.

The best part about ZoSearch is that the site offers phone tracking for free. You won’t rack up steep charges if you use the service extensively. Still, it’s not a phone app like the other entries on our list, so it doesn’t offer real-time location tracking.

10. Intelius-Mobile Location Tracker

Intelius is one of the most well-known “people finder” engines on the planet. It can be used to trace a mobile number online. The biggest advantage of using Intelius is that it processes your requests very quickly and delivers accurate results.

The service gives you access to billions of personal records, so you can trace any mobile number online. But if you want additional details or want to run unlimited searches, you have to pay a monthly subscription fee.


All 10 of these best cell phone number trackers are effective. They’ll allow you to track any phone in minutes. If you want real-time tracking and location history, we suggest you stick to the first few entries on the list. For mobile phone tracing, the people search engines should suffice.

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