Brexit movement Vote Leave recruits millionaires across the political spectrum

Vote Leave is the name of the new cross-party Brexit (Britain exiting the EU) campaign. It has the financial backing of several millionaires who historically have financially contributed to the Conservative and Labour parties, as well as UKIP.

Vote Leave is backed by three main groups:

– Conservatives for Britain

– The Labour Leave Campaign

– Business for Britain.

Steve Baker MP, Co-Chairman of Conservatives for Britain, said:

“Conservatives for Britain supports the Prime Minister’s attempt to negotiate a fundamentally different relationship with the EU. But we also support the creation of a professional cross-party campaign that can fight the referendum if the EU does not give the PM fundamental change. Such a campaign cannot be built in a few weeks. Work must start now.”

Vote LeaveThis money could buy state-of-the-art hospitals, hundreds of new schools, pioneering health and scientific research. We could improve the railways, build new roads and expand regional airports.

“We have established a great relationship with people across the political spectrum and we will work together to build the campaign we need in the interests of Britain and Europe. I personally support the Vote Leave campaign. I will be voting to leave unless, at the very least, the Prime Minister secures the end of the supremacy of EU law.”

Vote Leave a ‘unifying force’

One of Vote Leave’s key backers said it represented a ‘unifying force’ for people who want to see the United Kingdom leave the European Union. The campaign has members of parliament from all the major political parties.

Vote Leave is competing with Leave EU (backed by UKIP) to become the official Brexit campaign in the referendum that Prime Minister David Cameron promised by the end of 2017.

Vote Leave members say the UK needs to get out of the EU to reclaim its sovereignty.

Kate Hoey, co-chair of the Labour Party’s ‘out’ group, said in a statement today:

“We must end the supremacy of EU law over UK law. I want to see a campaign which brings together those from all parts of the UK who want to take back control of our countries’ laws to the British Parliament.”

A new poll taken after David Cameron’s speech on Wednesday reported that unless the Prime Minister succeeds in negotiating a deal that ends the supremacy of EU law in Britain, fifty-three percent of Brits would vote to leave the trading bloc, while just 47% said they would opt to remain.

It has become evidently clear that unless Mr. Cameron gets fundamental reform, he will find it extremely difficult to persuade his citizens to back the ‘remain’ campaign. A significant proportion of his own party’s lawmakers are either completely anti-EU or sympathize with the movement.

Vote Leave’s three Treasurers

The three Treasurers of Vote Leave will be:

– John Mills, Chairman and founder of JML, and Labour’s largest private financial backer.

– Dr. Peter Cruddas, former Conservative Party Treasurer, and founder and CEO of CMC Markets.

– Stuart Wheeler, former UKIP Treasurer, major donor, and founder of IG Index.

Mr. Mills said:

“If we vote to leave the EU we will be able to trade freely with the EU and have friendly cooperation. The UK will regain legal control of things like trade, tax, economic regulation and energy. We will be able to vote for people who will be able to make our own trade deals and control our own public services. I would urge everyone to get behind the Vote Leave campaign and make the case for Britain outside the EU.”

Douglas Carswell MP (UKIP), said:

“I will vote to leave so that we can end the supremacy of EU law and the British public can take back control. That is the safer choice – safer for our democracy and our economy.”

Get out and renegotiate

Vote Leave believes the UK should leave the EU and then negotiate a new deal based on free trade and friendly cooperation. Britain must get out of a system where EU law stands supreme over national legislation.

The UK needs to stop sending £350 million each week to Brussels. That money would be better spent on domestic priorities such as the NHS (National Health Service), infrastructure, and science research.

According to Vote Leave, if Britain gets out of the EU:

“We regain our seats on international institutions like the World Trade Organization so we are a more influential force for free trade and international cooperation. A vote to ‘leave’ and a better, friendlier relationship with the EU is much safer than giving Brussels more power and money every year.”

Progressively more power to Brussels

According to Vote Leave, the European Commission is currently planning the next EU Treaty to sort out the euro’s problems. Since the 1950s, every single Treaty has given more power to Brussels. The aim of the new Treaty is for EU members to relinquish more power, including power over taxes.

Vote Leave says:

“Our complaints will be ignored. Our politicians will give in as usual. We have repeatedly given away control in the hope of ‘influence’. The loss of control was real. The hoped for influence was a mirage. The non-Eurozone countries are an out-voted minority inside an organization where the Eurozone has a built-in majority and is going in the wrong direction.”

During the weekend, the In Campaign announced that its Chairman will be the former Marks & Spencer boss Lord Stuart Rose. The In Campaign aims to persuade Brits to vote in favour of remaining within the EU.

Video – Vote Leave, Take Control

This ‘Vote Leave’ video explains how much being an EU member is costing British taxpayers, and why the country would be better of if it left the trading bloc.