Car tuning with Liquid Rubber

The desire to improve the appearance of your car is inherent in every responsible and caring owner. If the goal is to paint the body, it is worth recognizing that this event is complex and costly. But there is an alternative – liquid rubber for a car. This material has unique properties – it lasts a long time, is easy to use.

Liquid rubber is

The formula of liquid rubber based on a combination of polymeric materials and bitumen has been developed, which allows counting on a number of special characteristics of the material:

  • high properties of elasticity and strength;
  • the ability to firmly and reliably adhere to different materials – glass, plastic, metal and others;
  • excellent adhesion, which makes it possible to successfully use liquid rubber in cases with an inclined surface and complex parts;
  • there are no sags and drips during painting due to a uniform seamless coating of the material.

Today, liquid rubber is produced by many brands from the USA and Russia. Companies are considered leaders in this niche of goods:

  • Plasti Dip;
  • Dip Team;
  • Carlas.

The products of the American brand Plasti Dip are especially respected by car owners, but it should be noted that this is an expensive class of liquid rubber. If you plan to paint only certain parts of the car, you can buy a material that is cheaper in cost.

Benefits of Liquid Rubber

The main advantage of liquid rubber is the ability to protect the surface of the car body from minor damage. The material does not destroy the paint layer underneath. If the rubber is damaged, the base paint will not be scratched.

You can cope with the application of material to the car body or to its individual areas on your own. The procedure does not take much time, you can compare it in speed with pasting a body with vinyl film.

Removing the obsolete rubber layer is easy enough. You do not need to have special tools and devices on hand. In case of a desire to change the tuning of the car, difficulties will not arise even for those people who are faced with the task for the first time.

And one more significant plus – you do not have to repaint a car part during local or urgent repairs. If desired, you can cover only certain areas with the material. Some motorcyclists decorate personal bobber motorcycle and other types of racing aids with liquid rubber, applying it only to the rims, giving them a special uniqueness. The surface is pleasant to the touch and looks beautiful. In addition, they can count on protecting the part from damage. When washing a vehicle, you do not have to worry about the safety of the material or the impossibility of thorough car care.

Disadvantages of liquid rubber

Unfortunately, the service life of the material in case of careless operation of the car can be reduced to 1 year or less. If tuning was carried out using a branded product, the coating can last even 3 years, but by the end of the term, noticeable defects in the form of scuffs and scratches cannot be avoided. In case of severe damage, the strength of the material is not enough to withstand the impact and not collapse.

When refueling a car, you need to be careful so that chemical products do not get on the rubber. Otherwise, the quality of the coating will become unusable earlier than expected.

Liquid rubber consumption

If you plan to paint an ordinary car, you need to have 5-7 liters of liquid rubber at your disposal, in the case of large SUVs of popular german car brands, the consumption will increase to 12 liters.

Apply 3 layers of material to each part. One can contains about 400 grams of the product. You also need to additionally use a spray gun and a drug concentrate in a canister. It is impossible to name the exact consumption, because, depending on the manufacturer, this figure may vary.

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