How to Convert Your Garage or Shed into An Airbnb

If you live in a popular tourist area and have space that you do not use, you could convert it into something that can make you a bit of extra cash on the side. Not only does turning your unused space into a living space add value to your property, you can also rent it out in the meantime. As Airbnb becomes more and more popular, so does the need for places to rent. If you have a space that could be used, check out these tips on how to convert your garage or shed into a suitable Airbnb investment property.

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Complete a Floor Plan

As you may not have that much space to work with in a garage or shed, devising a floor plan will make your life so much easier. Ensure you get the correct measurements so you can draft an inventory of anything you may want to put into this space. It needs to be big enough to house a bathroom, bedroom, living room and a kitchenette. You will also need some partitions of some sort to separate the bathroom from the rest of the room. If you are into DIY, check out this guide to putting up cheap temporary walls in your garage.

Making the Most of Your Space

There are easy ways to ensure that you have enough space for everything you would need in an Airbnb. Luckily, minimalistic spaces are all the rage right now, and less can be more. This means you do not need to put in a lot of furniture to make the room look appealing. Some easy ways to save space include having a pull-down bed, or a sofa bed, and having an extending dining table. Having a sofa bed can mean your bedroom and living room will combine as one, saving a lot of space. If you are planning a renovation of your home and garage, ensure you have all the temporary facilities you may need.

Installing Utilities

Your newly converted shed or garage will need plumbing, wiring and electricity. Using an electrician will mean that your new Airbnb space is wired correctly and all your fixtures including any lighting will be installed safely. Having water running to the space may be the costliest and is best done by a professional plumber as there may be certain council regulations that need to be met when doing so.

Avoid Carpets

Although it may seem homelier to have a carpet in your new conversion, this is something that should be avoided. As this is still an outdoor space, if carpets are exposed to damp, they will more than likely need to be replaced. When choosing flooring, chose one that doesn’t collect damp or moisture, and install waterproof materials underneath your slab. You can always add rugs to give it a personal touch.

When converting a space, it is recommended to waterproof your space and use furniture that is multipurpose. If you plan a floor space and do what you can yourself, you can save money when converting your garage or shed into an Airbnb.