Countries That Will Pay For You For The Visit

There’s no doubt that Covid-19 really did a number on travel industry worldwide. With the pandemic being nowhere near to letting us live our lives as we’re used to, there are still some cool things to come out of it. Quite a few countries that suffered economically from the virus will actually offer to pay you for visiting them once the pandemic is over!

Tourist destinations across the globe have hot deals ranging from simplified visa application to free accommodation, cheap flights and attractions.


Nothing seems more exciting than busking under the soft Italian sun, while sipping on a glass of chilled Pinot Grigio. If we heard that the country that invented the best comfort food is paying for us to go there we’d never believe those words. But that was some time ago.

Sicilian department of tourism is trying to attract more visitors by offering to cover some of their travel expenses. According to them, for every three days of your stay you get a free extra day with a great deal of free tickets to museums and tours on top of that. Besides, it’s likely that you will only have to pay half the price for the plane ticket. Although, it does go for a selection of destinations, so check with your travel agent whether you will be eligible for reimbursement.

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You will be surprised to hear that even the UK is about to get really generous with their budget.

Brits may be given extra money to improve the travelling industry around the country. The head of Visit Britain claims that a number of marketing campaigns and special offers will also take place to revive tourism in the UK.

While the offer only stands for the UK residents, it still seems like a bargain, considering how starved we all are for any travel action.

But don’t you worry, Britain has allocated a budget for foreign travellers that particularly wish to travel to the UK cheap after COVID is over. Information is subject to change, so frequently check UK government websites for any updates.

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Not only Mexico is becoming much cheaper to travel to in general, it has a number of deals for potential tourists as well.

If you decide on an eight-day stay in Cancun, you only need to pay for 4 nights. This offer is a part of “Come to Cancun x2” project and seems like something we wouldn’t pass on. Just like Italy, Mexico also has an asserted budget to cover the cost of your plane tickets, when you are travelling with a friend.

A quick updated reminder of what documents you need for a Mexican visa in 2021:

  • A valid Passport (or an ID of some sort)
  • Proof of flight tickets
  • Hotel or accomodation bookings
  • If you’re travelling further, then any document required for further destination
  • Medical certificate
  • Vaccine/PCR test or consent to quarantine 3-5 days upon arrival


An award for one of the most unusual offers goes to Cyprus. Country full of historical heritage will give free care to anyone tested positive for COVID-19!

Government will cover tourist’s treatment in full. If they are accompanied by anyone, then the accommodation and food expenses for them are also taken care of by the Cyprus’ travel department.

The global pandemic has really made us all believe we will be stuck in the bubble of our homes till the end of time. But thankfully, this won’t be the case: the list of countries wishing to welcome new eager tourists with better conditions is growing with each moment. When did we ever get a chance to help worldwide economy by exploring the corners of the world?

Stay safe and healthy, but remember to feed your wanderlust.

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