Tips To Create Engaging Food Recipe Videos For Youtube And Blog

Making food videos is now an enormous piece of what A Sweet Pea Chef is about. If you haven’t begun making videos for your blog yet,  then this article for you. It will assist you in understanding rudiments of what is required to know before beginning making your food recipe videos. It will help you to make exciting and result-oriented content. 

How to make exciting food videos?

Figuring out how to create recipe videos is simpler than you might think. Here are the seven things you should know before making food videos. 

  1. Start Today

Truly, this couldn’t be all the more evident. The sooner you begin and get a few things out there, the sooner you’ll learn. You’ll figure out how making a video is similar to photography. It is genuinely not so terrifying. You’ll get familiar with your gauge, after that, you can begin to improve.

Do you have to purchase an entire bundle of equipment? Reconsider. Investigate your camera to see if you can record videos. If it is possible to take video, then that is incredible as you wont need other device. You can also utilize your mobile phone and begin making a video on Facebook or Instagram and edit them.

  1. Learn the Workings of Your DSLR Camera

On the off chance that you don’t know how to shoot under manual mode on a DSLR, start practicing it. Not exclusively will this offer you a superior photography; but it will assist you in dealing with your camera settings, environment and light changes when you’re shooting. You can roll out specific improvements in the photo; however, it won’t be close enough to get the high-quality video using the right settings. 

Frankly, even doing food photography for quite a long time, I didn’t wholly comprehend the settings of the camera. It wasn’t until I began making food recordings that I began figuring out how to physically alter my f-stop, ISO, and white balance on the camera. Up to that point, I depended intensely on the camera to settle on the choices. Figuring out how to utilize the camera under Manual mode is a great exercise. 

  1. Choosing Appropriate Software

Editing is that idea that alarms individuals the most before starting making creative videos. The best news is that it doesn’t need to be that confounded or unnerving — or even costly. Honestly, some astounding and advanced online video editors are available such as Video Creek. Yet there is cheaper or free software that you would be able to use, such as iMovie, Lightworks, and Cinelerra. Search for the software that will permit you for basic editing, for example, transferring your crude video documents, cutting, adding text, and joining different clips together and exporting.

  1. Find out the Data Storage Problem

One significant point to note concerning the video is the size of video recordings. While your regular high-res photograph will take around 1 MB space, an entire brief formula video will take around 70 MB space. It may not be a problem for you immediately, yet — over the long haul — the recordings will occupy the space and can be problematic for your PC to run properly. There are a few great choices for storing videos. Box, Google Drive and DropBox are on the storage systems based on cloud frameworks where you can transfer your data monthly. You can even buy an external hard disk for high storage purposes.

  1. Presentation and Food Styling 

Luckily, all time you’ve spent making your exceptional style and brand will be beneficial while making creative recordings. The food needs to resemble astounding and has intriguing creation, so people would like to watch. Lighting is significant for making a video of food since it’s not as simple to address your post effectively. It implies you’ll have the option to continue your lighting sets, food props, reflectors, and what else you utilize to make excellent and drawing in food photographs into your snappy videos. 

  1. Make Strategy

Entering into video making is hugely energizing and opens up an entirely different world to contact your present audience and many possible supporters worldwide. Before you begin, I urge you to ponder about your image and your motivation to utilize video to make the viewer’s best experience. Considering your content gives your devotees and how you could utilize video to improve the experience. 

For instance, at restaurants, we use formula recordings to show the audience that having well is simpler than you may suspect. To achieve this, we make simple, speedy, and approachable videos to resemble exactly how simple it is for somebody to give eating well a shot their own. We try not to confound headings or undesirable plans in our recordings, which would conflict with the brand made by us. Consider what message you’re attempting to get across in your recordings for your brand image and what your viewers will find engaging and exciting.

  1. Recapitulate and Research

When you make a plunge and begin making food videos, you’ll swiftly have a superior comprehension of where it can be done well. Is lighting not precisely even? Is it excessively solid and brutal? Did the advances not move as good as you’d like? Did the camera shake so much when you were cutting? Was the camera not precisely in the centre of certain parts?

When you have the last video, you’ll have the option to survey it, find how you can improve, and repeat so the next video can be far superior. Each video is an occasion to enhance the last one, much the same as with photography. You must learn from your previous mistakes and try not to repeat the same.


We hope that after these tips you start making food videos. Videos are the most appealing way to connect with your audience. Researchers believe that they are even more powerful than reading content, people like to watch videos instead. Many gadgets in the market can make your video shooting and editing journey exciting.

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