Employment grew by 213,000 in the private sector in September in the US

There were 213,000 more jobs in the private sector in September in the United State than in August, says the ADP National Employment Report, which was published on Tuesday. The report measures the monthly changes in total non-farm employment on a seasonally-adjusted basis.

In September, the number of goods-producing jobs increased by 58,000, compared to a 42,000 gain in August.

There were 20,000 jobs added in the construction industry, which was less than August’s 23,000. Manufacturing added 35,000 jobs in September, the greatest gain since May 2010.

A total of 155,000 jobs were created in the services sector in September, compared to August’s 160,000. According to the report, there were 29,000 new jobs created in professional/business services, which was lower than August’s 37,000.

New Jobs USA September

(Data Source: ADP)

Trade/transportation/utilities posted a gain of 38,000 jobs, compared to 30,000 in August, while financial activities registered 5,000 new jobs, which was marginally down on the previous month.

President and CEO of ADP, Carlos Rodriguez, said:

“September’s jobs added number marks the sixth straight month of employment gains above 200,000. It’s a positive sign for the economy to see the 200,000-plus trend continue.”

ADP quoted Mark Zandi, chief economist at Moody’s Analytics, who said “Job gains remain strong and steady. The pace of job growth has been remarkably similar for the past several years. Especially encouraging most recently is the increasingly broad base nature of those gains. Nearly all industries and companies of all sizes are adding consistently to payrolls.”

Small- medium- and large-sized businesses

Small businesses, i.e. those employing up to 49 workers, created 88,000 new jobs in September, compared to 82,000 in August.

Medium-sized businesses, i.e. those employing between 50 and 499 workers,, however, saw a significant decline in job creation in September (48,000) versus August (72,000).

Large companies, i.e. those employing at least 500 people, created 77,000 new jobs, compared to 48,000 in August. Business with 500 to 999 workers added 5,000 jobs in September, which was marginally higher than August’s 4,000.