Essential Gear Before You Go Out Running

Essential gear for running - image of several people on a runIf there’s one single healthy exercise that you’ll find everyone in agreement about, it will be running. Many experts believe that the human body was built the way it is so that it could endure running for long distances.

The shape of our legs, hips, feet, spine, and even the ability to sweat are accommodated to help us run effectively. Aside from the benefits, the brain’s reward system ensures that running creates enough endorphins and dopamine to keep us happy and improve our mood. People who want to lose weight, stay healthy, and become healthy should always incorporate running into their daily routines.

It may be difficult at first if your body has been dormant for a while but once you get accustomed to it, you’ll actually start having fun. There is some essential gear that is required to ensure that you’re running safely and comfortably.

Running Shoes

If there is one single indispensable piece of gear that you need for running, it’s running shoes. These shoes may look fancy and pretty but their main purpose is to provide a certain degree of protection for your legs and feet. Since most of the surfaces we run on today are hard, our feet can’t handle the constant impact from the ground. Those with flat feet are even faced with a higher risk of injury if they don’t use the right footwear.

A quick glance at findmyfootwear can show you the best running shoes with arch support to help those with flat feet. One of the leading causes of injury in running is using improper shoes, especially ones not made for flat feet.

The first things you should be looking for when you’re shopping for running sneakers are comfort, flexibility, and durability. Running shoes should be bought from sports shops as you’ll be able to find a vast collection that you’ll definitely find something that suits you in.


The type of shirt will depend on the weather and your own personal preferences. Whether you choose sleeveless, light, or turtleneck shirts, the most recommended type of fabric to go with them is technical fabric.

Technical fabrics operate by pulling the moisture off your skin and transporting it outside so it could evaporate, leaving you fresh and dry. These materials are fabricated with comfort, lightness, and sensitivity in mind. You should try to avoid cotton as it absorbs moisture and sweat easily, in addition to being too hard on the skin when wet.

Shorts or Tights

If you’re going with shorts, look for materials that are light, breathable, flexible, and with a soft interior mesh lining. You’ll want to find shorts with at least a couple of pockets so you could place your belongings inside. The right type of tights is also great for running and it provides an extra layer of protection against weather or the chaffing of the skin.

Fabrics like nylon and Supplex are great at removing moisture from your body while keeping it protected from outside temperature, whether it’s hot or cold. As long as your leg attire is comfortable, protective, and lightweight, you should be ready.


Image of a watch, smartphone, and headphones - for the article on essential gear for running 2Besides a good view, headphones are the best thing that can make your running exercise exponentially more enjoyable than it already is. The simple fact that you’re listening to music while running can actually make you run for longer durations. You’ll want to look for headphones that can withstand the punishment of running. Make sure they are water-resistant so they could handle sweat, rain, and anything fluid that can be thrown at them.

While headphones that provide music at high quality are important, the ones made for running have to also provide a snug fit that can sit comfortably on your ear without falling every few seconds. You can even mix it up and listen to your favorite radio shows, podcasts, or audiobooks while running.

Sports Watch

Once you start running routinely, you’ll notice that you’ll want to set goals and see how you’re improving along the way. A sports watch is specifically made to keep track of all the progress you make while doing activities. Some watches come equipped with a heart rate monitor to help you stay alert before you get too tired from running, or if you have a medical condition. GPS-equipped sports watches can tell you how long you’ve been running for, how fast, and how many calories you’ve lost.

It’s very hard to resist running routinely every day once you start feeling that “runner high”. Your gear will not only make your runs more comfortable but also safer. Make sure to check out any extra or new gear once you have all the essentials.


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