Fortress on Moon proof aliens exist claim UFO enthusiasts

A fortress has been spotted on the Moon, claims a group of alien enthusiasts, who posted a video on YouTube saying that at last we have undeniable, compelling proof that aliens exist. Many people have commented that there is absolutely nothing ‘compelling’ within the video footage, while others are celebrating a new beginning.

The video shows images captured by the Lunar Orbiter satellite, commonly referred to as the (LRO), a NASA robotic spacecraft that orbits the Moon. The LRO’s data is essential to planning future human and robotic lunar missions.

The narrator of the video (bottom of page), called Tyler, who works for SecureTeam10, starts off by saying that he wants to talk about some ‘structures’ on the Moon. He says the video contains some of the most legitimate and undeniable artificially-made objects on the Moon. He says he is not kidding!

An alien fortress or just Moon rockWhat do you think? Would you say this is compelling, undeniable proof that aliens have a secret fortress on the Moon? (Image: YouTube video)

Object different from their surroundings

He describes two objects on the Moon’s surface which are completely different from anything else nearby and are clearly, he claims, not natural.

For anybody to suggest that the structures form part of a glitch, he points out that the satellite orbiting the moon, the one that took these pictures, is mapping the Moon and does not have glitches.

Tyler says:

“We have this massive rectangular structure … tube-shaped, cigar-shaped … then we have a second object, which is a little bit more abstract, but nonetheless, alien to its surroundings … it does not blend in at all.”

“It is also rectangular in shape, and has some other objects protruding from it. We have these two small objects coming from the bottom of it, sticking out like pegs.”

second objectThis second, smaller object has what Tyler describe as ‘pegs’ sticking out of the bottom of it. (Image: YouTube video)

He then takes us to a third object, which is much smaller, but by no means the least interesting of the three – an L-shaped structure which, like the others, is casting a long shadow.

Glitches do not cast shadows

Returning to whether one might think they are glitches, he points out that glitches do not cast massive shadows.

Tyler adds:

“If you’re still not convinced, this same little formation of structures was also captured during the Apollo 16 mission.”

He then shows us the video footage from that Apollo 16 mission.

What do the viewers say?

Mattias S was clearly not at all convinced, and wrote:

“Nice rocks! Once again you have proved to me how little of the research (from sientists around the globe) about the Moon you have read or listen to…”

Elizabeth Maldonado was clearly excited, and wrote:

“The Second object looks like it has a cross on top of it curious.” (Is she suggesting that the aliens have their own churches?)

Dimension extensions obviously let his imagination run wild, as you can see from his/her comment:

“Everyone beware of the false flag alien invasion. They have it all set up. If you go outside during the daytime and focus on 1 area of the sky, you will see little nanobots flying around. They should start it anytime now.”

My Verdict: I watched the video three times, and tried as hard as I could to see things from Tyler’s point of view. However, I was not convinced at all. The ‘structures’ could simply be unusually-shaped Moon rocks.

Another case of pareidolia?

What do you think – an alien structure on the Moon, Tyler and his colleagues like horsing around, or another case of pareidolia?

What is pareidolia? Do you remember when you were a child and looked up at the clouds and told your parents, siblings or a friend that their shapes reminded you of things – perhaps a witch with a long chin, a bunny rabbit, or some kind of animal?

Hillary ClintonUS presidential hopeful Hillary Clinton says she will declassify all UFO- and alien-related documents if she wins the elections in November 2016. (Image: Adapted from

That is pareidolia – when things or sounds remind us of something or somebody that is not really there. We know that that cloud in the sky is not really a bunny rabbit or a witch.

In some cases, people really believe that what they have seen is real, as may occur when a person claims he or she saw the face of Jesus Christ on a piece of burnt toast.

The online dictionary Merriam-Webster describes pareidolia as:

“The tendency to perceive a specific, often meaningful, image in a random or ambiguous visual pattern. The human brain is optimized to recognize faces, which could also explain why we are so good at picking out meaningful shapes in random patterns.”

Over the past couple of years, the number of reported UFO sightings and alien encounters has increased dramatically. UFO enthusiasts will claim this is because the truth is out there and the authorities are no longer able to keep it a secret.

Most psychologists will associate the phenomenon with a recent increase in the number of science-fiction movies and TV series to hit our screens.

If you want the US government to release all UFO-related documents, perhaps you should consider voting for Hilary Clinton. She has pledge to release them all if she wins the US presidential elections in November – that is, as long as national security is not undermined.

Video – Alien base complex on the Moon?

SecureTeam10 shows us photographs of what it claims is an alien base on the Moon.