Frightening alien like creature on Acapulco beach scares locals

A frightening alien like creature has washed up on Playa Bonfil (Bonfil Beach) in the Zona Diamante (Diamond Zone) of Acapulco, Mexico, scaring locals and triggering talk of an extraterrestrial invasion starting off under the sea, Armageddon, and other unlikely scenarios.

According to local media, zoologists are unable to explain what it is, saying they have never seen anything like it – not even anything vaguely similar.

The rotting corpse of the 4-metre (13-foot) long creature was washed up following the exceptionally strong currents that have been affecting parts of Mexico’s Pacific coast.

Alien like marine creature in Acapulco beachScientists say they do not know what this marine creature is. Some have suggested it could be a kind of squid, or a species of whale never seen before. (Image:

Creature cannot be removed yet

Noticieros Televisa, a nationwide TV new agency, said the strong tidal currents have made it impossible for the authorities to send people in to remove the marine creature from the beach. Despite careful inspections, nobody has been able to determine what species it is.

Scientists say that in its current state of decomposition, they will only be able to find out what it is after taking it to a laboratory.

According to Rosa Camacho, who coordinates the Fire Brigade and Civil Guard, the animal has not been dead for very long. Acapulco is in the tropics, dead organisms decompose rapidly in its humid and very hot climate.

Bonfil Beach AcapulcoBonfil Beach, Acapulco, where the bizarre marine creature was found, is on Mexico’s Pacific coast. It is exposed to sea currents, unlike Acapulco Bay. (Image: Google Maps)

Sra. Camacho said:

“We have no idea what type of animal this is, but I do know that it does not smell bad or have a fetid odour. It is four meters long and was found on Bonfil Beach.”

Many sensible and fanciful suggestions

Photos of the alien-like beach monster have been posted online and went viral, first across Mexico and then the whole world.

Suggestions from scientists on Facebook, Twitter and other social media websites have ranged from some type of giant squid, to a kind of whale that we never knew existed.

Lay people, especially UFO seekers and extraterrestrial enthusiasts, have offered several fanciful and downright hilarious suggestions.

One lady believes it could be bait, placed by aliens who are slowly invading our planet, hiding in the oceans. She said these ultra-intelligent extraterrestrials place these strange creatures on the beach to infect us with mind-control viruses.

Another reader said it could be a cosmic infection that will suddenly burst with floating spores which the whole world will inhale.

Video – Strange marine creature appears on Bonfil beach