Fun Ways to Promote Your Brand

Promoting your brand is essential if you want to be as successful as you can possibly be, but many of the traditional ways of marketing your business can be a bit… well boring.

If you want to do something a bit different from the usual content marketing and business card handing out that is so prominent in promotions, here are a few ideas to get you started, and hopefully get your brand noticed in a positive light too!

  1. Hand out custom pins

Custom pins are a fantastic promotional tool, not only because they are pretty cheap to manufacture, but you can make them as colorful and stylish as you like, and who doesn’t like a cool pin to put on their lapel?

Once you’ve handed them out, people will wear them and that means that anyone they interact with will see the pin and find out about your brand as a result too. Custom pins really are the marketing tool that keeps on giving.

  1. Throw a party

Whether you are launching your business for the first time or launching a new product, why not throw your very own launch party complete with music, cake, and goody bags? Sure, it’s not the cheapest marketing option out there, but it will look great on Instagram, and if you show all your guests a really great time, they certainly won’t forget your brand in a hurry.

  1. Do something for a charity

Whether it’s a dun run to raise money for the local football team’s new uniforms or a 24-hour danceathon to raise funds for the local dog shelter, anything you can do that shows your brand in a good light, while doing real good in the world is a great way to get lots of free publicity and generate a whole lot of free will from the local community and anyone who reads about your antics online.

  1. Guerilla marketing

From hosting as a flashmob in the middle of your local city to promote your new beauty brand to mowing your company logo into the local park (get permission obviously) anything you can do at grassroots to make a stir and get your brand talked about, photographed and shared online is going to have a major positive impact, and you can do it guerilla-style, which means you don’t have to pay very much for the privilege at all.

  1. Run a contest

Everyone likes to get something for free, so you’re sure to be on to a winner if you take the time to run your own contest where the prize is something special like a luxury vacation or a year’s supply of your product or whatever will appeal to your target audience the most. Just make sure entrants have to share your socials to enter and you’re good to go.

As you can see, promoting your brand does not have to be in the least bring, and the more fun you make it, the more people who will take an interest and hopefully become a customer not too far down the line.

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