3 Graphic Design Trends For Branding Your Business

More businesses believe that graphic designs are effective ways to increase their reputation. Based on a 2018 survey conducted by Venngage,  69 percent of online marketers believe that incorporating visuals in their marketing strategies is essential for their business. Some also revealed that they may rely heavily on visuals for their marketing strategies for both 2019 and 2020. This may include online visuals and  traditional advertising materials like brochures and flyers.

graphic design trends image 4993992991While the effectivity of graphic designs is already proven by most businesses, keeping up with the latest trends in this industry is also essential to make it more compelling. Here are the current graphic design trends that you need to know if you are planning a new marketing strategy for this year.

Dawn Of The Heavy Bold Fonts

Over the years, graphic designers have come up with thousands of unique fonts with various themes. Because of this, picking the most popular for 2020 can be next to impossible. However, some predicted that heavy fonts will be this year’s favorite font for most businesses.

Since 2017, businesses have chosen this type of font to make their logos stand out. A logo is a graphic element that is used to promote and identify a business. If you are looking to create a logo with the current trend of heavy bold fonts you can visit Red Kite Design.

You may also use it in your business’ printed materials like flyers, banners, and billboards as well as digital presentations and email marketing templates to provide identity to your brand.

According to experts from clashgraphics.com, these materials can raise awareness for your brand. The trend in heavy bold fonts will continue especially since the other predicted trends in graphic design involves a muted color. If you combine these two elements, you will get an eye-catching design that can attract your target market.

Rise Of Muted Color Palettes

While the previous decades showed a lot of graphic designs using neon and bold colors, the beginning of the new decade will introduce more muted color palettes. This trend has already caught up with major brands like Apple, which released a new marketing campaign for their latest products.

They utilized a muted color palette and matched it with bold fonts with black, white, or complementary colors that pop up against the background. You can also predict that more businesses will imitate the theme of their latest muted marketing material.

Eye-Catching Abstracts And Dreamy Pictures

To make your brand unforgettable for your target market, you must incorporate custom icons and illustrations in your graphic designs posted in your social media campaigns or traditional marketing materials. This will allow you to have a unique representation of your products and services that no one can replicate. You may opt to use exaggerated, abstract images or dreamy illustrations to drive your message across.

This year, your mantra must be “The weirder, the better.” You can also match this with backgrounds using a muted color palette and use heavy fonts for your captions. This way, you can use all the latest design trends in the new marketing plot of your business.

These are the latest trends in graphic designs that you can expect to see in most marketing materials for 2020. These are easy to mix and match. You just need to determine what message you want to convey through your materials and ask your expert design team to come up with something that could drive your message across using these trends.