Gratomic to launch graphene ultra-fuel-efficient tires

Gratomic tire with graphene
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Gratomic plans to launch its new Graphene Ultra Fuel Efficient Tires (GUET) toward the end of summer 2019. Gratomic Inc., a Canadian company, focuses on mine-to-market commercialization of graphite products. It creates graphene-based components for several mass market products.

Tire (UK: tyre) manufacturers worldwide are seeking to launch ultra fuel efficient products using graphene-enhanced tread pattern designs. Designs include, for example, blocks, streamlined ribs, and lugs.

According to a Gratomic press release:

“Gratomic has evolved its strategic planning. Initially, the company forecast it would produce its first batch of Hyper High-Performance Tires in 2018.”

“However, initial tire trial compound testing and strong market pull trends dictate that the company vary its planning where Gratomic will now target mass market sales demand via Graphene Ultra Fuel Efficient Tires (GUET).”

For industry to adopt graphene in a big way, we need a cost-effective and efficient way to make it available in large quantities.

Industry has found it challenging to identify an environmentally friendly, large-scale production method to separate graphene from graphite.

Gratomic produces high-purity graphene

In many recent studies, researchers’ graphene that is derived from mined graphite is, in fact, nano graphite. In other words ‘fake graphene,’ says Gratomic.

Gratomic says that it produces graphenes of high purity from its Namibian graphite mine. It has been able to achieve this thanks to a unique collaboration agreement with Perpetuus Carbon Technologies.

Perpetuus is an “advanced material manufacturer primarily focused on surface engineered carbon structures such as graphene and carbon nanotubes. Perpetuus has developed and is commercializing a process for producing industrial scale, cost effective, surface engineered Advanced Materials, commencing with graphene.”

Graphene image - Gratomic
According to Gratomic: “Graphene is an advanced material which at the industrial scale can greatly enhance functionalization from the largest structure to nanoscale electronics. Graphene incorporation enables stronger, lighter smaller & faster versions of predecessors.” (Image:

GUET demonstrates better handling and longer life

Sheldon Inwentash, Co-CEO of Gratomic, said:

“Purely from a demand perspective, we have been pulled into a market which represents a very large opportunity for Gratomic. Simply put, our customers want what we have; high-quality graphene. Not only are Hybrid Graphene enhanced tires fuel efficient, but they can also demonstrate better handling and longer life.”

“The GUET tire market represents a very large vertical for Gratomic which the Company will be vigorously pursuing in 2019, and beyond.”

Ian Walters, a Director and Founder of Perpetuus Carbon Technologies Limited, stated:

“Perpetuus’ investigative analysis and characterization have concluded that the Graphenes derived from the Gratomic mine are highly friable, more so than any other graphite tested for purpose by the Perpetuus Labs.”

“The liberated graphenes when functionalized have demonstrated excellent processability. Initial application in a host of end uses has demonstrated excellent suitability for a range of products.”

“Most noteworthy are the excellent results generated when the Hybrid Graphenes are included in elastomers for tire construction. Perpetuus looks forward to working with Gratomic to launch probably the first range of Graphene-enabled ultra fuel-efficient tires.”

What is graphene?

Graphene is the lightest, thinnest, and strongest material in the world. It is approximately two hundred times stronger than our strongest steel.

Graphene is also the world’s best conductor of heat and electricity. It consists of a single layer of pure carbons arranged in a hexagonal lattice pattern.

Scientists say that it is so incredibly thin that they consider it to be a 2D material.

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