Green is The New Black

It’s safe to say that, mostly in recent years, we’ve entered a new era of sustainability. Yes, the risks and current data on emissions and the greenhouse effect don’t look particularly promising. Nevertheless, we’re slowly getting rid of many harmful products. On top of that, companies and businesses around the world are working hard to find better and more environmentally conscious solutions – whether we’re talking about products or energy sources.


Yes, we should also think about what we’re eating. And we can really do a lot in that regard. What specifically? Well, we can start buying (or at least try to) locally sourced and organic products. Of course, it’s not always possible – it’s not that readily available for everyone, and the dedicated stores in cities typically jack up their prices by a lot. Nevertheless, we can definitely make some changes. Another piece of advice – plan and prep your meals. A very useful tool for your health and the health of our planet. This way, there’s less waste and unnecessary production. 

Next up – some small tweaks in our diets. Again, it’s all about balance, so we’re not talking about giving up meat completely – just adding some more plant-based meals to your everyday staples is enough.  There’s no need to go crazy. We do realize there’s been a lot of chatter surrounding specific diets and their alleged benefits or sometimes harmful effects. We’re not going to get into all that – we’ll leave it to professionals. Plant-based eating is commonly believed to have a lower carbon footprint when compared to meat-heavy diets. While we’re on the subject – we should always try to get our vegetable and fruit from local markets to support farmers and their businesses. The fact that the quality is just so much better than regular supermarket stuff doesn’t hurt either.

Green Travelling

Now, it’s time for everyone’s favourite – travelling. Who doesn’t love a good trip? Exactly. How do we go about visiting other countries while adhering to the rules of green living? There are a few simple things we could do. First of all – flying. Honestly, it’s a tough one. We don’t really have a good alternative, apart from, of course, not flying. If that’s not an option, then one thing we can do to at least alleviate some of the negative effects is to support verified carbon offset projects. Once we do reach our destination, let’s walk more or bike around the cities. That’s the green way.

Green Mentality

Don’t be green in being green. It’s time for us to embrace sustainability and start thinking, living and breathing green – it’s not that hard. All it takes is just a little consideration, a little bit of effort. We can do more and buy less. And when we do need to buy something new – let’s make environmentally conscious choices. A natural bath mat and a set of easy dry towels for your bathroom. Linen sheets for your bedroom. Great green products are out there waiting for you.

Let’s not waste time and try to change little things about our lives that can help our planet. We can be the change we want to see in the world – it’s all in our hands.

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