Use these three things to help your business run more efficiently

Everybody is looking forward to life getting back to normal, and no more so than in the business sector, where life and work have been turned upside down. Thoughts of a large workload and deadlines seem like a distant memory, but all too soon, they will be back, and everyone in the office will be rushed off their feet and expected to give 110%.

Here are some ideas that will help you when this does happen – you may need a little help with the day-to-day running of the office regardless of whether you are a lone worker or have a team around you.

Use production and scheduling charts

Gantt Chart - help your business run more efficiently
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Getting your workload organized and using production and scheduling charts such as Gantt charts or similar software can be a straightforward way to help keep your business on track. You will be able to see at a glance which projects are in progress and at what stage they are all at, and therefore if they are going to be delivered on time for the customer.

Even if you are a lone worker, this is still a convenient tool to keep track of the projects in hand and what is coming up – it’s a kind of electronic to-do list, for want of a better phrase. If you have a team working around you, it is beneficial as you and the other team members can see everything that is going on.

You will also be able to see if a project will require more workers to get it completed in the required time, and if you update employees’ holidays and sick time into it, you will be able to see where things are slowing down and be able to compensate accordingly.

Hiring a virtual receptionist

Virtual Assistant - VAs can drive business growth
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This can help give your business correctly cover customer inquiries. If you are a lone worker or your team is often on-site and not at their desks, having a first class and affordable virtual receptionist is a must-have.

It means that you and your team can get on with earning money without having to stop every five minutes to answer the telephone, as all calls will be redirected to the virtual receptionist, who will update you at a later, more convenient time.

Project Management Office

Project Management - 349939339
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A project management office is staffed by a group of designated people either within the company or outsourced externally whose role it is to project manage jobs from start to finish. They will be able to work with the scheduling and keeping customers informed of progress, and manage the workloads within the project.

A few final thoughts

So to recap, help organize your workers’ schedules by using Gantt charts or a similar type of chart. It will help you see at a glance which stage your projects are at and what work is outstanding. It will also give you an idea if the project is on track and how long it will take to complete.

Next, hiring a virtual receptionist could free up your time or employees’ time. Having telephone calls directed to a virtual receptionist could give your business a more professional feel, which could push it above your competitors. Lastly, setting up your own project management office, whether it be internal or external to your business, to help your business run more efficiently in the future, is a good idea.

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