Why Holographic Vinyl is Suddenly so Popular

Vinyl has always been an incredibly important part of the creative design world. Its immense popularity is due to its versatility and the fact that almost anyone, from an amateur hobbyist to a pro designer, can use it.

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Of all types of adhesive-backed vinyl available in the market today, holographic vinyl seems to be the most popular. Are you wondering why? Read below to find out not only why it’s popular but also some of its applications.

Reasons Behind the Popularity

Some of the reasons why holographic vinyl seems to be causing a frenzy among designers include:

  • Its Unique Iridescent Glow

Even though the popularity of the holographic film is due to an array of factors, its unique iridescent glow is the main reason why it is so hyped nowadays. Unlike adhesive foil vinyl, which comes in 24 colors, the holographic film comes only in three color schemes.

However, each scheme appears to have a variety of colors that change with your lighting. This feature makes it incredibly versatile as it can be used on a diverse range of surfaces and still look good.

  • Durability

Thanks to advancements in manufacturing technology and materials, the holographic film is way more durable than it was a few years ago. Depending on the brand you purchase it from, a holographic film could last about five years. However, this largely depends on where you install it.

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Image adapted from https://www.hhsignsupply.com/
  • Easy to Use

Transferring images and designs from paper to the projects using other types of adhesive-backed vinyl is usually a hassle as you must use transfer paper. But as mentioned, the holographic film is more durable. Therefore, it has a much stiffer composition to it than regular vinyl. This fact means it holds its shape relatively well. Consequently, you don’t need to use transfer paper to move your designs from the backing to the project.

This feature makes it relatively easy to use, especially among beginners who are still having a difficult time transferring their designs from the paper backing onto the project’s surface. It is also ideal for use when you want to transfer designs with specific spacing or details quickly and easily without wrinkles or bubbles.


As a decorative material, the holographic film has a wide array of applications.  Some of these include:

  • In General Signage

Thanks to its ability to put up with harsh outdoor conditions, nowadays holographic film is used in general signage. For instance, a silver-colored finish will easily add the much-needed glitz and glamor to your birthday card invitations.

  • In Shelf-lining

In a bid to draw the shopper’s eyes to high-end jewelry, most jewelers are now replacing traditional signs and banners with silver and chrome holographic film. People are using it to line shelves with expensive merchandise.

  • In Retail Window Signs

Retail window signs must be displayed to attract customers from far away. Thanks to the iridescent glow, which changes colors depending on lighting, holographic vinyl is quickly becoming the go-to option among retailers when it comes to creating advertising signs.

  • In Motor Sports

If you thought that the popularity of the holographic films is limited to signage, then you are wrong. People are using the holographic film to create incredible motor graphics, and in some cases, door numbers for stock cars. The most popular patterns, in this case, include the chrome polish, fluorescent vinyl, and diamond plate, among many others.

Holographic vinyl is the secret to adding the much-needed dazzle to your creations. With the wide range of selection available today, the sky is the limit for you.


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