How Recruitment Technology helps you in Talent Acquisition

Talent acquisition is one of the most important tasks that need to be undertaken by any company or organization. A company is made up of its people and only when the right people are hired who share in the company’s vision and mission, will the company grow. It is an ongoing challenge for people working in human resources to find the perfect talent crucial for the success of the organization. In today’s world, especially in India, there are a large number of potential candidates who have college degrees and might fit the qualification criteria for the job, but only a few need to be carefully hand-picked. This becomes a daunting task for the human resource management team, especially the talent acquisition team, who have to go through all the applicants and sort through them. 

Sometimes the number of applicants can reach thousands, and for the sake of fairness, each candidate has to be properly judged on the merits of their resume. This can become an endlessly daunting task for the talent acquisition team as they sit through and sift through thousands of pages of documents as they try to determine which candidates should be moved to further rounds of interviews. 

The team needs to manually check the qualifications of each candidate, their experience, their interests, and their values based on the resume that they provide. This can take hours of employee time and effort, which could’ve been spent working on decision-making or strategy. This tedious and manual process of sorting through candidates wastes a significant amount of company time and money. This crucial process of talent acquisition can become a far more cost-effective and pleasant experience for the company and the HR team if automation is used as an aid. This type of automation comes under the category of recruitment technology. It includes tools such as ATS, or Applicant Tracking Software. ATS is a software application that can manage the entire recruitment and selection process for a company or organization. It helps speed up the process of candidate selection and management. 

Features of ATS

A good ATS can manage the entire pipeline required for the recruitment of candidates. Even before candidates send in their resumes, some ATS can automate the process of posting vacancies on job listing sites. After this is out of the way, it can start receiving resumes from interested applicants. At this point, the software can quickly, efficiently and accurately sort through the details presented on the resumes. This step would’ve taken countless hours to perform manually by the talent acquisition team, but using ATS saves valuable time. It analyzes and presents the details on the applicant’s resumes in a summarized or graphical format that can be easily looked at by the recruiters. 

They can read the summarized information and make decisions based on that to advance appropriate candidates to the next round of selection. The work of recruitment technology doesn’t stop there. It also has provisions to schedule interviews based on the availability of the candidate and the interviewer and send out invites for the same. There are various other sundry tasks that recruitment technology can perform such as taking online tests, sending training material, etc.

Role of ATS in Onboarding

A good Human Resource Management Software, or HRMS, goes beyond just the recruitment of a candidate. An HRMS suite like Zimyo greatly aids in the onboarding process as well by automating it. Onboarding is a crucial first step to assimilating a new employee into the workforce of an organization. Employee onboarding is an important part of the inductance process of a new recruit and its essential for the company to get it right. A smooth onboarding process ensures that the new recruit seamlessly fits into the organization, its culture, and work environment. It also makes it clear what their responsibilities are, who they report to, who their team members are. This greatly improves the flow of communication within the organization. 

Automation can help with this process every step of the way. It can send out a welcome email to the new employee detailing and re-iterating the specifics of his role, how their first day would go, the agenda, and details about their team members. It can set up the login credentials and ids required by the employee and train them how to use various internal tools and technologies used by the organization. The HRMS can also aid in the collection of documents from the employee.

The importance of recruiting good talent to the growth and development of a company can’t be overstated. It is a crucial but daunting task that has to be performed by the talent acquisition team of the organization. Using recruitment software and tools to aid and automate the process saves a significant amount of time and greatly improves efficiency and fairness. 

Author Bio-

Sagnik Bhattacharya is a marketing enthusiast who also occasionally likes cooking and video editing. He is currently working as a content writer at Zimyo- an HR and Payroll software company.

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