How To Connect Mobile Device To Smart TV

Connecting your mobile device to smart Tv can get challenging if you are doing it for the first time. In this guide, we aim to help you with this guide on how to connect mobile devices to smart Tv.

Since everyone would be having different brands of TVs which would have different functions.  Hence we decided to include a standard method that would help every user to connect their mobile device to the Smart Tv easily.

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First, turn on your Smart Tv and you will see the home interface. As you scroll down you will see multiple options. Scroll to Mirror Cast and click on it. Once you click on “Ok” you will have to connect the Tv to the Wifi.

Ensure that your mobile device is connected to the same wifi so that you can connect the mobile to the tv. Moreover, download the app screen mirror which is available on Android and Ios devices.

Click on Start when you load the app on your phone. Turn on the wireless display and you will be able to see your smart tv on your mobile device. Click on your tv to connect to it and once this process is completed the mobile device is connected to your Tv.

Now you will be able to cast any video from your mobile device to your smart tv seamlessly. In case you want to watch movies, hear music, and play games without disturbing people around you, it would be ideal to connect your Bluetooth headphones.

You can opt for surround sound Bluetooth headphones to provide the best hearing experience.

Once you connect these headphones, you can enjoy multimedia in private with a better surround sound experience. Additionally, if you want the video or games to be played on full screen on your Tv you may have to rotate the device for the best viewing experience.

There are headphones that offer active noise cancellation and block background noise to provide the best hearing experience.

Active noise cancellation headphones provide a better hearing experience in general since it allows you to focus on the music and eliminates background disturbances.

The movie and sound effects are much easier to hear which improves the overall viewing experience. After you have finished watching your videos, you can disconnect the device simply by turning off the wireless display which makes the whole process easy for anyone to follow.

There are multiple apps however we found this app to be the best in terms of connectivity and performance. Moreover, there was no lag or delay while casting videos from mobile to the Smart Tv which is an added benefit. Once the devices are paired, you may not have to manually pair the devices going forward which makes it easy to connect.

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