Huge climate change marches in Australia and New Zealand

Huge climate change marches are taking place across New Zealand and Australia this weekend, urging governments to take a much tougher stance on climate change. Marchers gathered in large numbers at Albert Park in the centre of Auckland, one of New Zealand’s 35 marches. Over two thousand climate change marches – called the People’s Climate March – are expected to take place globally this weekend.

In Wellington, protesters gathered in Civic Square chanting “two, four, six, eight, save the earth it’s not too late.”

The New Zealand Herald quoted John Gibson (57), as saying:

“(I am) deeply concerned since 2010 for the world’s climate and ecosystem. It’s becoming evident to help protect the planet and ecosystem to reduce damage to the climate. We need serious action in reduction of carbon dioxide emissions. We need to be resilient against increased storminess and sea level rise.”

Climate change marchesThis was the view from the top at Parliament House as thousands of Melbournians stood up for climate justice. (Image:

Brisbane boasts 10,000 marchers

Thousands of people marched in Brisbane, Australia, in its central business district, despite the extremely hot, humid weather. A spokesperson for an indigenous youth climate network that helped organize the protest – Seed – claims that up to 10,000 people took part.

The Brisbanian marchers’ theme is the effect climate change is having and will have on Island nations and Islands across the globe.

As sea levels rise, island nations such as Kiribati have had to buy land in other countries to move their people to in case their land goes under water.

Brisbane’s rally started with an elder from the Pasifika tribe – Aunty Stella – urging people to change the way they look at the economy and climate change.

The Brisbane Times quoted Aunt Stella as saying:

“Where are human rights when it comes to humans displaced from their communities and cultures and forced to move to different locations, not on their choice. Our islander people’s rights and freedoms as members of human kind are so negatively impacted by the irresponsible actions of developed nations and those in an economic race to wealth create.”

Wellington climate marchThousands took part in the People’s Climate March in Wellington, New Zealand.

“Our survival as some of the most climatically fragile and vulnerable members of our global family, are dependant on a dramatic shift in the mindset. Because we stand to lose our homes, our identities, our ways of life, our cultures, our languages and our loved ones.”

“The loss of these can be attributed to the unsustainable model relating to an obsession with growth and wealth creation by developed and developing nations.”

Tens of thousands gather in Melbourne’s CBD

Tens of thousands of marchers have gathered in Melbourne’s CBD (central business district) ahead of the Paris 2015 United Nations Climate Change Conference (COP 21). Members of The Cat Empire performed for the protesters, which included Bill Shorten, Opposition Leader, and Greens Senator Richard Di Natale.

March organizers estimate the crowd included at least 60,000 people. The Age quoted organizer Victoria McKenzie-McHarg, who said:

“This absolutely is the largest climate change rally we have ever seen in Australian history.”

Rallies are planned in Canberra, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth and Hobart on Sunday.

Video – People’s Climate March Melbourne