iconTrade Review – Must Read (2022 Review)

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iconTrade Review: A Fully Flexible Online Investment Brokerage that Makes a Difference

iconTrade is one of the exciting digital brokers gaining attention amongst avid at-home investors. What this review aims to determine is how good the platform really is and whether or not it is a recommendable option.

Find out all the essentials right here to make a more informed decision before progressing to set up an account.

Review in a Nutshell

Overall, iconTrade impresses and performs. Its client base seems to be predominantly made up of investors with some previous experience with a particular interest in stocks and equities. Although there are varied markets available, this is where the platform excels.

On first impression, iconTrade is an attractive and easily accessible app that does a great job of bringing brokers and investors together through modern technology and smart software.

Feature Overview

Taking a closer look at the features and functions of iconTrade helps determine who it is best suited to and what users can expect. In this review, each important section is broken down and explored, including the top pro and cons for each one.

Tools and Controls

Something iconTrade is certainly not short on is investment tools. The controls are streamlined, intuitive, and very practical. Even the more advanced tools are fairly easy to get to grips with, but beginners may have a little trouble at first. Unfortunately, there is no live tutorial or something similar to guide users through for the first time. That said, once people get the hang of them, they are extremely efficient.

  • Pro: Flexible controls that tailor to each market
  • Con: No guided demonstration available on how to use them

Software Efficiency

iconTrade takes pride in its programming, and it shows. Every element of the software is designed to perfection and operates flawlessly. It makes things so much easier for an at-home investor.

  • Pro: Well-maintained software that out-performs the competition
  • Con: Some analytical elements are a little complicated

Safety and Privacy

There is not much information about the company’s history or practices, but the security policies seem to be up to scratch and compliant with industry standards. Transactions follow strict protection measures, and there is nothing to suggest that any user’s data is at risk.

  • Pro: Strict security measures for all transactions
  • Con: Limited company background information

Investment Options

Investors can choose from a range of markets, including FOREX, commodities, indices, and traditional stocks. The selection is impressive and has something for every portfolio.

  • Pro: Excellent variety of stocks, commodities, and other financial opportunities
  • Con: Cryptocurrency department is lacking

Customer Service

The customer service interactions are pleasant and productive. Response times were good, and the agents were knowledgeable. The best way to seek assistance is through the live 24/7 chat feature.

  • Pro: Fast and friendly responses from helpful agents

Mobile Compatibility

People these days are always on the go, and it helps to be able to take the market with them! With iconTrade, they can. The mobile app works well on any Android or Apple device with a recent software update and a stable internet connection.

  • Pro: App is compatible with most modern mobile devices
  • Con: Some functions are less efficient on the mobile version

Payment Methods

Deposits are payable via debit card, credit card, or bank transfer. A card is the easiest way to pay and has no minimum requirement. Bank transfers take longer and may carry a transaction fee depending on the bank. Bitcoin is also an accepted payment method and can be deposited via a digital wallet.

  • Pro: Flexible payment options
  • Con: Slow bank transfers

Pricing Structure

iconTrade is free to download and use and has no hidden costs along the way. The only charges come as a broker commission taken from some successful transactions and fund withdrawals from the platform.

  • Pro: No monthly account fees or registration cost

Final Thoughts

Anyone can use iconTrade to their advantage with a little patience and practice. The high-functioning software and excellent selection of investment tools are perfect for someone looking to develop their skills and diversify their portfolios. Find out more by becoming a member on the official iconTrade website.

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