‘Kids born today will never drive,’ says Robot Valley champion


Already home to Silicon Valley, could California be about to spawn Robot Valley – a new global tech region dedicated to automation? A champion for the cause – in the shape of a professor in San Diego – certainly hopes so, as he anticipates the future of robots in our lives.

Hired in July to run University of California (UC) San Diego’s new Contextual Robotics Institute, Danish-born Professor Henrik Christensen says in a recent interview with the San Diego Union-Tribune:

“My own prediction is that kids born today will never get to drive a car.”

Waymo self-driving minivanWaymo’s self-driving Chrysler Pacifica Hybrid minivans are due to appear on public roads in the United States in 2017. Image: Waymo

Christensen says he and his colleagues see advancing robotics and automation pushing two trends. One trend will be the return of manufacturing jobs to the United States – primarily from Southeast Asia.

The other trend is the displacement of workers as jobs become automated. Christensen predicts there will be fully automated, driverless transportation in the U.S. by 2020 – displacing human truck drivers and taxi drivers.

His ambition is to build a research institute that will rank among the world’s top five. “Why not see if we can make San Diego ‘Robot Valley’,” he said when he took up his new appointment.

In October 2016, over 200 engineers and social scientists met at the university to discuss some of the challenges that robotics and automation can tackle. The event also featured talks by world leaders on the potential for robotics to benefit society.

Conducting drone swarms and roving robots

Prominent among the themes discussed at the pre-nascent Robot Valley event was the problem of controlling “swarms” of drones – unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs) – and robots.

At present, we need a group of people to control one complex UAV. The challenge is how to invert the ratio so one human can control a swarm of UAVs or roving autonomous robots.

“Human-robot interactions should resemble the relationship between an orchestra conductor and musicians,” notes Christensen, “Individual players need to be smart enough to take cues from the conductor and play on their own.”

Companion robots

Christensen also predicts – as populations in many developed countries get older – that a wave of companion robots will enter the market as health care and home companions.

For example, half of Japan’s population is over 50 years old. “We need to help the elderly stay in their homes,” he notes, “And robots can help us get there.”

The ideal home care robot should work as a walker and a wheelchair, says Christensen. It should have arms, be able to fetch medication, and perhaps even prepare meals.

For these applications, the challenge for roboticists is how to make the robots easy to control – so anyone can use them – and also appealing.

Researchers are beginning to discover companion robots should not look exactly like humans – people find that creepy. It should be obvious they are robots – for instance, they can look human, but they would have to move like a machine.

Robotics Roadmap – pushing for safe integration

Autonomous vehicles, eldercare, and manufacturing are key themes of the new U.S. Robotics Roadmap released at the end of October 2016.

In the new edition of the Roadmap, Christensen and 150 other researchers from the U.S. call for better policy frameworks to ensure these new technologies integrate safely into everyday life.

“We also want to make sure that research solves real life problems and gets deployed,” says Christensen, “We need to make sure that we are making an impact on people’s lives.”

Another meeting at UC San Diego – this time bringing together top scientists from around the world – is planned for February to discuss the toughest challenges of robotics and automation. A key theme will be how to make driverless cars safe as they become more widespread.

The call cannot come too soon – the future is closer than we might think. Waymo  – formerly the Google self-driving car project  – are already planning to put some of their new self-driving minivan fleet on public roads in 2017.

The Robot Valley champion predicts, “With autonomous, driverless cars, we can put twice as many vehicles on the road as we have today, and do it without improving the infrastructure.”

Automation is the technique, system or method of controlling or operating a process by highly automatic means, usually with sophisticated devices equipped with artificial intelligence.

Video – proactive firefighting drone demonstration

The following video shows a demonstration of a proactive firefighting drone that featured at UC San Diego’s Contextual Robotics Institute 2016 Forum.

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  1. StarvetheBeast says

    LOL techno-fascists are delusional – just another libtarded boondoggle that will waste a lot of money and get people hurt and killed.

    1. JTP says

      Over 30,000 people are killed every year in auto accidents in the US. I think machines, while not perfect could do a better job.

      1. StarvetheBeast says

        GTFO, I’ll stick with my Toyota 4×4 – let’s see a robot handle crossing a creek.

        1. JTP says

          What does crossing a creek have to do with 30,000 Americans who are killed on ROADS every year due to auto accidents. Is that amount of death acceptable to you?

          1. Azazel says

            Adults do not want a baby sitter. Life has risk that is what makes it enjoyable. You scared i know a safe space you can hide. You go live like a coward in a padded cell then you can feel safe all you want. Men will live their own destiny and enjoy the risk.

          2. JTP says

            Of course there is risk in life but why do things that we know are bad. It is the same reason the government banned lead in paint. Or are you also pro-lead paint? Ah freedom. That will show the government.

          3. freddy fudd says

            A lot more people die each year from heart disease. Are you going to mandate everyones diet? Where does it stop with you freedom haters?

          4. Luckylucylou says

            What about the driverless car that rear-ended another car recently? These cars are on the road NOW & they are NOT safe. Yet your argument is for SAFETY?????

          5. JTP says

            No technology will be full proof. As I said 30,000 Americans died in auto accidents last year. Machines will never drive intoxicated, distracted, or sleep deprived. If that 30,000 number is acceptable to you, shame on you.

          6. David Mowers says

            Do you care about the 2.5 million Iraqis killed in the last Gulf War?

          7. JTP says

            What a random comment. Both wars started by GOP Bushes though.

          8. David Mowers says

            12 Vietnamese died during the French, American and Chinese wars of aggression.

            Anybody care about those people?

          9. clb45para says

            If it saves just one life……….

      2. ohreeally says

        Yes machines could kill 50,000 people. I think that, with a bit more research, that figure is achievable.

    2. MostlyRight says

      Small minded. Why don’t you still just ride a horse? They crossed creeks better than Model T’s.

      I’m a conservative, Republican/Libertarian politically. I can’t wait for my father with Parkinson’s to be able to order up a ride and get more mobile. Technology has already helped him with get back much of what he has lost.

      1. pc25 says

        to be able to order up a ride and get more mobile

        It’s called UBER.

        1. MostlyRight says

          Which will also be driverless in a few years.

  2. American Icon says

    Really? I predict you’re wrong. I predict that this is a fad that will never become a national realization or will morph into something else. I also predict that a whooooole lot of money will be wasted on it. Want another prediction? Robotics could have a very significant negative impact on life as we know it. Never wish for things you’ll regret came true.

    1. JTP says

      The money being poured into these ventures are nearly all private money. It is companies not the government creating these technologies.

      1. American Icon says

        Waste is waste.

        1. JTP says

          So something that you don’t understand is a waste. I’m glad I am not taking stock tips from you. You probably said the same thing about smart phones and iPods.

          1. American Icon says

            It took the donkey in you to come out a lot longer than I thought it would. What’s next? Going to call me a bigot, racist or some other liberal buzz word? LOL. Yeah, when I grow up I want to be as smart as you. Pfft! Now run along, you’ve strayed from the herd. Otherwise I’m going to block you.

            Naw…I blocked you anyway. Thanks for posting…by donkey block list is growing daily.

          2. JTP says

            Thanks for sparring me from more of your idiotic postings!

          3. Azazel says

            Hardly a challenge to understand the government imposed controls this technology will usher in.

          4. barney59 says

            So hows your investment in Solyndra doing, genius?

      2. Azazel says

        bs musk is completely propped up by tax payer money.

        1. pc25 says

          something very few people know.

      3. David Johnson says

        Some of these companies are getting very large subsidies.
        That is to say tax payer money.l.

  3. John (magnum) says


    Bull hockey !

    As long as there are cars available, people will be driving !!

    1. JTP says

      How is having technology making human’s lives better and safer a partisan position?

      1. Azazel says

        Simple, it is the left that dictates to everyone what they think is intelligent although just opinion, then demand everyone must do it or else your racist, technophobic, anti environment, hate gays, women. All the while living the very things they claim everyone else is.

        1. JTP says

          No one is talking about banning regular cars. There is nothing wrong with the government stepping in occasionally banning things that are not safe. Do you really want to use lead paint? Or is that more freedom trampling. The right to be poisoned by lead paint must be in the constitution to you.

          1. Jay Talber says

            Oh for crips sake, lead paint? New material, libtard.

          2. JTP says

            Lead in paint never killed anyone. Just made kids retarded. 30,000 Americans die every year from auto accidents. The government has every right to step in and try and make things safer. With your logic there would be no seat belts or air bags in cars.

          3. JJTX says

            Government only makes everything more expensive.

          4. JTP says

            When things are only done with a company’s bottom line as the concern of course it adds expense. But it prevents toxic products from continuing to be sold even when the dangers of said product are known but it saves the company a few bucks.

          5. Agent 99 says

            Technology and government are double-edged swords. Worship them at your own risk.

          6. INFW says

            Same with Hellywood.

          7. Eatie Gourmet says

            Have you ever figured anything out on your own, or do you always shill the government’s stance on things? Do you cross the street when there is no traffic, or do you wait at the corner when there is Not a Car in Sight for the idiot-light to “tell you” that it is “safe to cross”? A member of the Sesame Street generation, raised on that liberal theology? Thought so…

          8. Marcus Porcius says

            Lead paint was only a problem if you ATE it. Simple solution: teach your idiot kids not to eat paint.

          9. Thomas Jefferson says

            Information is the only thing needed…my guess is you are not that worried about the foods you put in your body- agreater danger by far

          10. ponchoholic says

            for example?

          11. I am surviving Obama says

            You know what I call those kids who ate paint which contained lead? Liberals.

          12. 2CENTS says

            Actually it’s called culling

          13. glaw says

            Now see, thats how you end a comment.

          14. Kimona says

            so thats what happened to liberals, ate that paint and passed it on, lol

          15. Bearbait says

            Sorry JTP, Kimona just straighted me out. You must be decended from the lead paint eaters. BTW, I NEVER use a seatbelt and I’m quite wary of airbags…lol…didn’t Honda have to recall about a jillion Takatas because they were killing people? Learn to think for yourself.

          16. mickey bitsko says

            They killed 2 or 3 people. They save thousands.

            There are no guarantees in life, but you can play the odds.

          17. Marcus Porcius says

            The problem is, YOU can’t play the odds. Other people are MAKING you play the odds.

          18. Gramsonfire says

            The “safer” the cars, the less attentive the driver! Before seat belts and ABS brakes, drivers didn’t tailgate nearly as much as they do now. What they need to do is disable texting while the engine is running.

          19. Barry Howell says

            People will always find another distraction to make them less able to drive a car. You can’t outlaw “stupid”.

          20. Eatie Gourmet says

            You are correct! A study by the insurance industry trade group I read a few years ago showed that the more “safety features” are installed – from bike helmets to airbags — the more people seem to think they are “protected” and pay less attention to taking care of _Themselves_. Nah, give me the old-fashioned way of just paying attention; and I don’t use no stinkin’ bike helmet either! Teach skills and self-reliance, not dependence on some stupid government mandate!

          21. Tommy Tomhan says

            We do not want to give up the freedom of driving and enjoying life without having every move watched and controlled. Sure things like lead are gone because of health issues and that is OK for government to control but the problem is that government can and does go too far when they get more and more power. Anyone that cannot see what harm power can do is blind to what a horrible world this is for many in countries under iron rule. We were founded on freedom, read the Constitution.

          22. Agent 99 says

            Agreed. I like driving my slightly older car because it does NOT have a computer in it hooked up to a satellite somewhere. I like my anonymity, and I like not being monitored. I’ll assume the “risks” for my own safety, thank you very much.

          23. Tommy Tomhan says

            Yep and I will not get car insurance that wants me to hook up a device so they know everything I do. Big brother is bigger than ever now. Technology is good in many ways but privacy is an important part of being free.

          24. INFW says

            Agree 100%. If they go against our constitution and insurance mandates that we get hooked up….I will not get insurance. I quess that is what “We The People” will need to do in masses to protest.

          25. Eatie Gourmet says

            I don’t do “devices”. I don’t even like “cruise control”. When they came out with ABS (anti-lock brake system) on cars, I considered it an insult to my intelligence; I already know how to drive, and brake. Teach people skills, don’t dumb-down everything!

          26. jimjamer says

            And do you know why I love my 94 Jimmy? Because I do not have to step on the brake to shift into gear.

          27. Tommy Tomhan says

            I do not care for the braking systems now either. I feel like I can control braking better than the computer and when the system takes over I feel helpless to stop the car properly.

          28. mickey bitsko says

            My 2016 isn’t “hooked up to a satellite somewhere” either. The government is talking about that, but it hasn’t happened yet. Services like OnStar only work if you get in a wreck or press a button.

            Yes, the government IS trying to require real time tracking of all vehicles. It’s the bureaucrat’s wet dream. But nobody is tracking us yet, to that degree.

            Besides, your cell phone already serves that purpose.

          29. Marcus Porcius says

            Hate to tell you, but OnStar works whenever they want it to, not just when you want it to.

            Look it up.

          30. Larry Garman says

            Are YOU sure of that? Do you think they are going
            to tell us WHEN and how they are going to snoop
            on us? ? They could have been doing it for dec
            ades already.

            Just like you cellphone, they can hear & record,
            even if it is turned OFF. Do you have tape over
            your cell cam, or computer cam? ?

            Then too THIS post is being monitored also, any
            thing that cracks the atmosphere is recorded. As
            the old saying goes, “you can run, but you can’t
            hide.” Cheers. (sr)

          31. opinionated_too says

            I still use a flip phone and I rarely take it with me.

          32. Larry Garman says

            Even shut off flip or no flip they can still HEAR you. The batteries
            must be removed for you phone to really be “shut off.” Sad but true.

          33. opinionated_too says

            They can’t hear me if I’m out somewhere and my phone’s in or on my desk. Maybe, I can disable my security system and just let them listen in?

          34. Thomas Jefferson says

            TV, refrigerators, ovens, washers and dryers

          35. Deplorable S E Delenda says

            I can turn the phone off and I do.

          36. Thomas Jefferson says

            That doesn’t matter-you must remove the battery and use an old flip phone

          37. Deplorable S E Delenda says

            I do and I don’t use the waze app

          38. John D says

            Unfortunately, even when turned off, your phone can be tracked. You have to remove the battery.

          39. Deplorable S E Delenda says

            I do, and on occasion, I leave it home in favor of my flip phone.

          40. chris says

            100% spot on. New cars transmit data with or without owners knowledge or permission.

          41. Steven Foster says

            I hate to break this to you but on star is always monitoring. If you have a fairly new car it can even tell you the air pressure in your tires. If you don’t pay they don’t send you the data or provide the services. But it’s always monitoring

          42. jb80538 says

            On Start is like big brother watching everything you do. I won’t buy a car with it! Verizon has a new product that will do the same thing. They tried to sell it to me when I got a new phone. Don’t need it, don’t want it!

          43. Steven Foster says

            With a lot of cars it comes with the car. And the module is a PITA to even find, let alone remove

          44. chris says

            Buy a new car and it has some type of monitoring.

          45. glaw says

            Look at Google maps, they already know where all the vehicles are because of phones and reroute navigation based on that.

          46. chris says

            If you have a model 2016 car in the U.S., your car can track you with GPS. It may not display this info but your car saves this info and it is transmitted to the manufacture. This is common knowledge in the industry. A Ford executive accidentally revealed this during a car presentation at a a car show when he stated they know how fast people drive.

          47. Donnie Drasko says

            You don’t have anonymity, License plate readers are everywhere.

          48. Agent 99 says

            You know what I meant. But thanks for your input.

          49. Thomas Jefferson says

            The government was not needed to ban lead or anything- just education, the people will make the right choices

          50. chris says

            The EPA and local government did a fine job in Flint when they were aware of the high lead.

          51. Tommy Tomhan says

            Well who am I to disagree with the 3rd president of the US and author of the Declaration of Independence. I do believe most people would make the right decisions but businesses out to make a buck can not be trusted to make safe choices for others.

          52. Mikeras says

            Yep, you sound like someone who needs someone to take care of you from the cradle to the grave. You don’t deserve the freedom you currently have.

          53. Gramsonfire says

            More like election to resurrection!

          54. XMagma1 says

            I just hope i don’t live to see the day that they relinquish the liberties they hate so much.

          55. konc2 says

            Lead paint made kids retarded years ago? Now I see where the democrats got their base.

          56. Will Dennis says

            Id love to watch you burn to death.

          57. Eatie Gourmet says

            That was petty unnecessary.

          58. shandy1 says

            Wow! A bit over the top Will.

          59. Will Dennis says

            Ok I’d rather watch him tarred and feathered and then die of gain green. Fighting for liberty isn’t pretty buddy.

          60. shandy1 says

            I think I would rather be burnt to death than tarred/ feathered and then die slowly from infection.

          61. Will Dennis says

            Id prefer a bullet to the head.

          62. JTP says

            Wow how very Christian of you.

          63. Will Dennis says

            Would it be better if I poured boiling tar on him and then covered his melting skin with feathers? Tree of liberty buddy….

          64. JTP says

            So you want to kill people you disagree with. Go f u c k yourself you human paraquat.

          65. Will Dennis says

            Voting only delays Tyranny. Freedom is earned through war.

          66. mickey bitsko says

            The Fed as NO RIGHTS AT ALL that aren’t granted to it by the People via their Constitution.

            Try reading the thing. You might be surprised.

          67. dieter says

            because, idiot, the minute the FedGov has control over that robot car of yours it will go only where and when the FedGov says…but you’re a fanboy of being controlled, so you’ll like it

          68. fourscoreandseven says

            Only when the stupid little butt heads ATE the paint chips! And, most normal children do NOT eat paint! Yes, a particular demographic was prone to “eating paint chips” but that is what happens when a child is “born stupid.”

            You are a true Leftist who will NEVER see the world as it is. You NEVER see the wrong the government has done. You ALWAYS believe the government is correct. You have NO respect, awe, or admiration for the individual. Your “group think” is over developed.

          69. Mike says

            Sounds like a way to a slave society. If you automate everthing, then there will be no jobs, no money for food, housing. Total dependence on a dictatorship government. When you have to depend on the government for everything, you are a slave and you March to the drum of the dictaor. No, I do not want your immigrants or robots. Take that to China or other places.

          70. JHolman1991 says

            That’s the overall plan. The whole thing is right in front of people yet we ignore it.

          71. cktheman says

            The government has no such constitutional right to make anything “safer”

          72. Thomas Jefferson says

            Wrong, why couldn’t seatbelts just have been an option? It would have become reality anyway, same as motorcycle helmets. I ride and choose to wear a helmet even though my state does not mandate. Unless injury or death to someone else is probable: no dictates

          73. glaw says

            The new crop of kids is retarted, is lead back in paint again?

          74. ponchoholic says

            i pay for the roads with my taxes i pay for my own health care,my own life insurance the car i drive the insurance for the car,the gas for it all after wage taxes why is it any skin off the governments ass if i buckle up or not?they need 2 terms then go home and live under the laws they helped pass

          75. Megillah Guerrilla says

            Do you really believe that the government is the source of good? Did you ever reflect that seat belt legislation does not exist because someone in the government cares about you, but because you are an indentured slave whose body and property belongs to and can be seized by the government? Your seatbelt is mandatory because they own your life and do not allow you to jeopardize the money you provide to maintain them in power.

          76. JTP says

            I think you have watched the Matrix too many times.

          77. dave says

            @JTP, you far leftists need to study the CONSTITUTION ! The purpose of our Gov is to PROTECT our RIGHTS !!!! NOT to protect us from OURSELVES ! The Gov doesn’t even have the authority to keep us safe. Not really. The Gov ONLY has the task of, again, protecting our RIGHTS !! It’s the peoples responsibility to keep OURSELVES safe ! You mention thirty thousand auto accident deaths a year. That’s probably about right. Well, THOUSANDS of people probably die each year in accidents around their own homes ! Like falling off their roof while working on their sattelite dish, or cleaning their gutters, or slipping on the wet floor in their bathroom and cracking their head on the toilet, etc. Tragic accidents happen, THAT’S life ! The Gov cannot protect us everything. And it isn’t their job to.

          78. les says

            The government doesn’t accomplish this, the free market does. Most children who die in hot cars die because they are in a mandated car seat which must be in the back seat (out of sight, out of mind) because mandated air bags were killing short people in front seats. I have a car with all the Delphi Safety features and I love it, but I have no right to force my preferences onto other citizens and force them to pay for something they don’t want. Remember the “V chip” mandated for everyone but used by few and then made obsolete. Given a choice between freedom and safety, I’ll opt for and even fight for freedom.

          79. IMPCALGI says

            NO, “they” don’t have any such “right”. Only to someone like you, who is apparently frightened of the incredibly complex activity called “driving a car like real grownup”, do “they” have this “right”. “30,000 deaths” sounds superdy duperdy SHOCKING… until you do simple grade school math, and realize that a stat like in a nation of 300,000,000 people means you have a less than ONE IN TEN THOUSAND chance of dying this way. Less than 1 in 10,000…and for this, libtards like you say the government has the “right” to force us into cars that WE don’t actually control.

            You wanna be treated like a wayward child? Fine: get yer bony a$$ up to yer room,and wait til your father gets home. No dessert for you young man! And no allowance either, buster…cause you’re grounded!

          80. JJTX says

            Yes, I dont eat paint. And it’s more durable on automotive surfaces.

          81. JTP says

            You must not breath either since dust that comes from lead paint surprisingly contains lead!

          82. Bearbait says

            BS… If lead is that concentrated in the air all you gotta do open a window once in a while. The liberals have scared you to death with all of their overkill on these subjects.

          83. konc2 says

            OMG, there has not been lead in paint in decades, you have a better chance of dying by being killed by one of Obama’s illegal terrorists he is letting into the country in droves.

          84. chris says

            That’s why car paint sucks.

          85. mickey bitsko says

            How did we survive?

          86. Eatie Gourmet says

            Lead paint went extinct in the US 40 years ago. Let It Go!!

          87. John D says

            He can’t let it go. It’s all he has.

          88. Kimona says

            I would love to use really heavy lead paint, stop the cops from seeing into my home with their xray peeping tom hardware they have and protect me from 24/7 radiation bombardment from all sorts of sources which is one of the leading reasons for cancer along with all the things thats in our food supply

          89. Agent 99 says

            Who knows, maybe there’s a silver lining to having a layer of lead paint hidden deep under newer layers in your pre-1978 house…

          90. mickey bitsko says

            Good luck shutting off cosmic rays.

          91. Eatie Gourmet says

            Try lead sheets. Lead paint is ineffective in this case. (Think x-ray baffle sheets for a start…)

          92. Bearbait says

            I was raised in a house with both lead paint and asbestos. Yes, there is something wrong with the government “stepping in” to tell me what to do. I have a brain, I know what’s safe and what’s not. You read too much lefty propaganda. I am quite old and have never spent the night in a hospital, healty as a horse, as are my siblings. Asbestos must be inhaled and lead paint must be eaten. Their mere presence is not going to harm you at all.

          93. JTP says

            Well that would explain your lack of rational thought.

          94. america is freedom says

            Nope. What we’re wondering is what YOU inhaled, ingested or ‘caught’ to explain YOUR lack of rational thought.

          95. Eatie Gourmet says

            What explains yours?

          96. 2CENTS says

            I’ve read over 100 comments. You seem to be up against a sea of Stupids. Or maybe…. You just dont get it or see the big picture. Or maybe you don’t see the infringement creep. Or maybe your steady safe check and bennies keeps you comfortable and numb to reality. But whatever it is, man, it’s the big picture. Open your eyes.

          97. Christoph Resmerowski says

            Your brain is blitz-blank, completely clean….fully washed, congrats.

          98. John D says

            Speaking of rational thought, when are you going to use some?. So far you have spewed liberal ideology.

          99. shandy1 says

            You probably had mercury thermometers also. We need to send over a hazmat team right away! Lions and tigers and bears, Oh my!

          100. chris says

            My dad told me he and his friends would purchase mercury through the mail when he was in school. He used to carry a vile of it in his pocket and play with the liquid ball in his hand while in class. He is still alive.

          101. shandy1 says

            I ate the lead weights my mom had in the hem of all of her curtains. I bought mercury at the local craft store and we used to smear it all over our bodies just to turn them grey – hands, arms, stomachs and chests. We did every science experiment you can imagine with mercury. Fun stuff.

          102. Mikeras says

            Good Grief! Who did lead paint kill? If you really wanted to stop something that takes lives, do away with alcohol. Today’s libs desire to have us live in a sterile environment where there are no sharp edges, no dangerous intersections, and no fattening foods. That is NOT freedom. That epitomizes elitist aristocratic pseudo-intellectuals.

          103. JTP says

            Hmm since you seem to think lead is so safe why dont you go suck on some old paint chips. I never said lead killed anyone. It just inhibits neuronal function – causes retardation in young children. Hmm that would explain your inability to exhibit any coherent reasoning ability. Go get tested for Pb immediately!

          104. Agent 99 says

            Ok, you need to get off the lead thing. You’re beating a dead horse and a red herring.

          105. Eatie Gourmet says

            “It just inhibits neuronal function – causes retardation”
            So does smoking marijuana, Genius.

          106. John D says

            I am sick of your crap. You’re blocked.

          107. JTP says

            Thanks for sparring me from seeing more of your retarded posts.

          108. rlwieneke says

            JTP, YES the insurance companies are saying they will increase the price of insurance for cars that have steering wheels, gas and brake pedals so high you won’t be able to afford it with he sole purpose of FORCING you to buy a car that drives itself and has no controls: steering wheel, gas and break pedals. The reasoning behind this is they predict self driving cars will have fewer accidents than cars controlled by a human driver.

          109. jillthelass says

            Like the Tesla that killed its “driver” because it could not recognize a semi crossing the road. We are many years from SAFE autonomous vehicles.

          110. Thomas Jefferson says

            We shouldn’t be mandated to have car insurance or health insurance

          111. Thomas Jefferson says

            Then new companies will pop up

          112. Will Dennis says

            You’re just a coward. Our founding fathers envinsioned patriots using their arms against cowards like you.

          113. INFW says

            Same jargon they touted about no one wants to “ban guns” they acclimate people gradually so you become accustomed to it S….L…..O….W…L…Y. Why so you think they have the BLINDING lights on the headlights and tail lights of cars? Blinding. Their claim will be that it is SAFER to be in a driverless (rental) car.

          114. mickey bitsko says

            I don’t think you understand the problem, JTP. Once the government is allowed to invent its own authority to do ANYTHING, however worthy the cause, the floodgates are open.

            There is nothing wrong with the government protecting us from lead paint as long as We the People grant it the authority to do so by Constitutional Amendment.

            Legitimate government derive their power from the governed. Have you noticed that the Constitution is never amended anymore? It doesn’t need to be. We’ve ceded the power to an organization that was supposed to be subordinate to us.

            Read the 10th Amendment of the Bill of Rights and tell me that the Constitution means anything today.

          115. Daniel Morgan says

            Grew up with lead paint and asbestos. When we were kids we thought mercury was neat to push around with our fingers. Didnt have bike helmets or knee pads or car kid safety seats. Put on heavy coats and shot each other with BB guns. Swam in canals dowstream from cattle feedlots. It was fun to be a kid then.

          116. Marcus Porcius says

            We even lived in houses where people smoked and rode around in the back of pickup trucks too.

          117. Susan says

            You really are a govt. stooge. Did you ever check out the cartel that destroyed our environment with the government’s help? Check out the 100 year old light bulb documentary. Yes….the govt. has done more to intentionally poison the populations with their “caring”. I remember the MTBE forced into our gas in CA that ended up putting dangerous toxins into the water, the air and soil…..oh, but govt. knows everything! No. The govt. is controlled by special interest cartels who force their poisons on the masses–whether flouride in the water (Harvard study says it lower 10 pts. of IQ in children), BUT Oh, govt. is so “wise”. LOL. Govt. destroyed the education system—that is why you remain a stooge. The schools pump out brain-dead mush- minds—can’t even understand John Locke or Adam Smith, if they spent 10 years trying after being in those artificial indoctrination hell-holes.

          118. Barry Howell says

            The GOVERNMENT has no business telling ANYONE what is “safe”. That’s NOT up to the government to decide. Each individual person is responsible for their own safety, NOT the government. Each individual is responsible for their own PROTECTION… NOT the government.

          119. 2CENTS says

            JTP . I agree but. It’s OK for a taxi or a bus. But stay away from my personal car freedom and privilege to drive. Attention and resources should be focused on a many other more imperative matters.

          120. RametinDallas says

            A hundred millions souls are dead from malaria because the government banned DDT. They banned it because some pelican eggs had too-thin shells. Nice trade-off: save the pelicans at the expense of millions of lives. That’s one law the government can’t break: the law of unintended consequences.

          121. chris says

            It was misused and over sprayed which resulted in the impact on nature. It is bad stuff if over sprayed.

          122. opinionated_too says

            Don’t chew on the woodwork or your fenders.

          123. Dian_Cecht 🔱 says

            You mean just like the ability to ban whatever you deem as unsafe? Or is that freedom trampling? The right to regulate and ban ad nauseum must be in the Constitution to you, right next to abortion and queer marriage.

          124. MyOwnMan says

            ‘There is nothing wrong with the government stepping in occasionally banning things that are not safe.’

            Not safe to their dominion over us, that is.

          125. Gus Seals says

            Occasionally to a liberal is every five seconds.

          126. Thomas Jefferson says

            It’s ok for governments to disseminate information, but it should stop there. We get to make an informed decision after that period-or you become a slave. Think, Americans find out lead in paint is bad, many stop buying lead based paint, the market corrects and lead paint becomes obsolete. That us how it should work: STOP WITH THE DICTATES. The perfect example is global warming BS and the billions if not trillions wasted thus far.

          127. Nina says

            You want to go to Denmark? Nobody want this crap.

          128. Jim Mahoney says

            Ah yes, the old “no one is talking about banning regular cars” argument. Imagine it is a few years from now, and conventional vehicles are sharing the road with a growing number of driver less cars. Things appear to be going well, but there are still instances of traffic jams and accidents. Some government bureaucrat will then propose that driver less cars are more efficient and can communicate and coordinate with other driver less cars. So obviously vehicle travel will be more efficient and safer if we eliminate human drivers, for our own good, of course. Still don’t think it could happen? Have you noticed that we are now forced to buy crappy CFL bulbs since the government banned incandescent lights?

          129. John D says

            What a moron. Get your pointed head out of Obama’s butt. The EPA is causing irreparable harm to our country and economy with their over reaching regulations. For every worthwhile regulation, they trot out 100 that are pure crap.

          130. jb80538 says

            Stop buying crap from China and you won’t have lead paint.

          131. chris says

            Flashback: Thomas the train wood train figures have lead paint….. remember that.

          132. jb80538 says

            Fisher Price…Made in China

          133. dave says

            @JTP, Your 2nd sentence invalidates your 1st sentence. Mentioning the Gov banning things that “aren’t” safe, SUGGESTS that regular cars are not safe. And, if you don’t believe the Elitists WANT to get us out of our present vehicles, and into cars the Elite can control, you a VERY naive !!

          134. Kriilin Namek says

            Ah, but the first time an inattentive human makes a mistake behind the wheel after the implementatin of driverless cars, suddenly cars with humans behind the wheel will suddenly be “unsafe”. It’s all about control and consolidation of wealth by the elites who hold everyday folks in disdain.

          135. les says

            People used lead paint for a long time, before we developed a breed of humans stupid enough to feed it to their children as potato chips. We should have banned bad parents rather than led paint.

          136. IMPCALGI says

            There is no such thing as “the government”. Its not some abstract entity existing somewhere “out there”… its people. More specifically, its a bunch of tax fattened vampires who want to spent our money so they can control our lives. You wanna be controlled? Knock yourself out. You can GTFO my life though

        2. cosmicwxdude says

          Perfectly worded retort.

          1. Klaus says

            I have a better idea. Deport this Danish mad scientist back to his country of origin and let him ruin his own country. These globalist freaks have to go back. They don’t belong here.

        3. XMagma1 says

          As you probably would agree… I personally could care less what they think or say and find their incessant need to label anyone who is an independent, critical thinker, in all the ways you mentioned, and countless more. I am not nearly as concerned as I was prior to Trump getting elected as it demonstrated that their are multiple millions fed up with their liberal PC idiocy.

          1. Tom Renk says

            AAH! Politics just got in my driverless, licenseless ,insuranceless cars. Next we’ll get voteless election and opinion less news.

        4. Everett Walker says

          No problem.We just create a stealth App that prompts Adam Link to beat the cr*p out of liberrhoids.

        5. glaw says

          You don’t have stupid liberals at the end of your post. Your motives are now suspect. Post may be invalid.

        6. chester says

          You didn’t answer the question. What is partisan about wanting to save 30,000 lives a year? That has nothing to do with any of the other issues you mentioned or “left vs right.” It’s just life vs death and facts vs fiction. Are you saying you’re “pro-death?”

          1. les says

            Chester, I posted this above: I want a self driving car, and other progress but will offer an answer
            to your question. Based on previous experience people who say their
            motive is safety or a clean environment often have a different agenda –
            power. They use the power of government to exert control replacing other
            peoples’ freedom with their, often flawed, judgment. Most of this type
            of person are not nearly as smart as they think they are. As an
            example, I offer the waste of public funds as 60′ hi-rise housing
            projects, built to replace the 30’s low-rise projects, were demolished
            in the 90’s to make room for low-rise housing because each generation of
            socialists thinks they are smarter than the last.

          2. IMPCALGI says

            This has no more to do with “saving lives” than the war on poverty was about helping the poor. Its all about prying more money out of our pockets and taking away more control over our lives. If you feel that you’re too inept to drive “all by yourself”, then by all means get in the back seat with the rest of the children. As an actual grownup, I am going to keep on driving MY car.

      2. Luckylucylou says

        Not so much a partisan position as an un-fun position, and an unrealistic one. Maybe that does make it partisan since the left is better at dreaming it than making it workable.

      3. barney59 says

        Libtards love tskingvaway personal freedom, as in “they know what’s best for you BS”

        1. Fyodor Dostoevsky says

          When they come for the 2nd, is when the war came……

      4. David Mowers says

        Well according to a recent Harvard study 98% of all new credit issued goes to the top 5% of earners so software must be making our financial markets less risky?

        Just ignore 2008…

        1. Chainsaw McGuirk says

          The top 5% didn’t default on their home loans in 2008….low income Democrat base voters did.

          1. David Mowers says

            Did the top 5% get their investments bailed out by taxpayers?

            Did the lower half of Americans create, sell, short against, profit from, lie about and push derivatives?

            How many Latinos in Southern California are responsible for fraudulent credit ratings created by credit rating companies to sell bogus insurance agreements on worthless bonds?

          2. Laminectomies abound says

            Most they illegally bought homes on illegal reporting income and took out home equity loans and immediately defaulted to BS name and left house to rot. Those bad deals were packaged with good deals as per Feds to soften blow. Didn’t work. Been 7 years here comes another round of losers.

          3. David Mowers says


            Banks offered those loans. Banks, and they were indemnified, “legally,” by Congress with retroactive amendments.

          4. Laminectomies abound says

            Lying about income = illegally. Arrest both if proven . Simple concept.

          5. David Mowers says

            Offering fraudulent insurance contracts on worthless bond = ILLEGAL.

          6. ubik says

            Yeah, sure. What do you think about the Holy Roman Empire? Seriously, look into it’s history, along with the Hapsburgs, Romanovs. The answer is there. Study hard and the Truth will be revealed.

          7. David Mowers says

            No they bought bogus bonds with bogus insurance attached that failed to pay and taxpayers got stuck covering their losses.

            I work so that someone else who doesn’t have to can enjoy having a no-loss socialist bail out.

        2. Red Byrd says

          what?? why would someone smart enough to earn in the top 5% have any use for credit? except for a few high ticket items like a home or car, anyone with a medium income or above should LOSE all credit and quit giving their money to the lenders.

          1. Zachary Reed says

            You don’t understand how our world works very well do you Red Byrd? Go educate yourself. They use the credit because they are in a position to actually not be harmed by it if they’re careful. They make the most money, therefore they probably spend the most, credit is easier than carrying cash. I won’t go into how biased and corrupt that system is, but you just don’t seem to understand it.

          2. David Mowers says

            Mark Zuckerberg took a variable rate subprime loan at 1.25% on his mansion. If the Fed never raises rates he never pays interest and if they do he can simply pay the mortgage off since he already HAS the money. In the interim he doe not tie up his capital leaving it available to him.

            You build wealth by using other peoples money. By risking other peoples wealth.

      5. Chainsaw McGuirk says

        Who says it’s better and safer? Which unelected, faceless bureaucrat in a cubicle in DC???

        1. JTP says

          The same ones who decided lead in paint was a bad decision. Or are you against banning lead as well?

          1. JJTX says

            Like Banning DDT saved the chillen?

            Shut up. Millions are dead because government ‘stepped-in’.

          2. JTP says

            Do you like seeing birds in the morning. The bald eagle is the symbol of America for goodness sake. It would be extinct if we were still using DDT. You must hate America!

          3. I am surviving Obama says

            That’s a crock. Egg shells were getting thin. Birds were starting to become immune to DDT. Conversely millions of people died of malaria in the world due to the banning of DDT.

          4. JTP says

            Is this really even a serious comment? I suppose that their numbers bouncing back after DDT was banned was just coincidence then?

          5. bvikay says

            How many millions of “human beings” died because of banning DDT? I prefer human lives over eagles.

          6. Bearbait says

            Well, bvikay, you shouldn’t prefer humans over eagles. Look at what human over breeding has produced…scared little whiners like JTP. Do you think we would have survived as a species if we had depended on his (or her) type to lead us?

          7. JTP says

            You know there is a drug that prevents malaria – tetracycline which is pennies a day. Why cant we have both. Oh thats right you only care about lives when they are in the womb not after they are born.

          8. bvikay says

            The government wind farms will take care of killing all the eagles. Not to mention other unintended consequences.

          9. Kimona says

            tup Obama allows thousands a year Bald Eagles to be killed by liberals wet dream wind mills water power from waves much safer for all

          10. JTP says

            Eagle populations have gone up every year since the 80s so please spare me.

          11. Mikeras says

            Would the eagle population increase have anything to do with relocation programs? Hmmm. I respect the eagle, however, when it kills my goat, I ought be able to kill it.

          12. america is freedom says


          13. Kimona says

            I’m not sure I believe the research. When liberals have an agenda they lie, cheat steal, look at the man made global warming hoax.

          14. JTP says

            Hmm so anything that doesn’t fit your world view must be made up. Great way of going through life. Any idiot could see eagles (our national symbol) and other birds were going the way of the dodo.

          15. konc2 says

            Haven’t heard any comments from you about all the bald eagles president shuck and jive is killing with his windmill farms along with hundreds of thousands of other birds.

          16. Mikeras says

            You are an absolute idiot. You need to get your news from somewhere other than the government indoctrination centers formerly know as schools, MSNBC, and PBS.

          17. JTP says

            I should stick to breitbart and drudge right? They are the only “truth” that is out there .

          18. Agent 99 says

            Drudge is an aggregate providing links to all ranges and types of news, Breitbart is doing what news USED to do by acting as the watch dog keeping government on its toes, like Woodward and Bernstein.

          19. JTP says

            Wow. I thought you seemed like a reasonable person. I guess I wrong.

          20. Agent 99 says

            Why do you have a problem with those? Be specific. (And it’s funny you attacked me and my sensibilities instead of arguing specifically why you personally do not like Drudge or Breitbart.)

          21. konc2 says

            Hey, one of your guests just called, said you are out of Kool-aid at your “Clinton won the popular vote” pity party, better get back to it.

          22. ScottyDeplorable says

            DDT scare is and was a scam

            Look into it and you will find Sanger was a lying POS


            The absence of DDT is responsible for the death of millions of human beings.

          23. Eatie Gourmet says

            Have you ever checked out Drudge, or have you just heard about from your cohort?

          24. america is freedom says

            THe EPA just got the government to ALLOW bald eagles to get DECIMATED using wind turbines.

            Explain that away you hypocrite.

          25. konc2 says

            Have you lived under power lines your whole life, your hysterical incoherent rambling about lead in paint, that by the way, has been banned for decades only indicates to most of us here that you aren’t taking your meds.

          26. Eatie Gourmet says

            I am against “banning” lead. It has many vital uses. You are rather clueless overall, aren’t you? You hear the propaganda and push it forward as truth. I think that is known as “useful idiot”… Google it.

      6. JamesinNM says

        Define better and safer. Let’s neuter everyone and make it way better and safer; end humanity and its evil.

        1. Bearbait says

          Just a minute James in NM, I think maybe I’m in favor of your suggestion. Everytime I watch “Life After People” (TV show) I take a deep cleansing breath…ahhhhh….finally…peace on earth.

      7. Tootrue4you says

        “If you like your plan you can keep your plan…”

        1. Jay Talber says

          And if you like your doctor……..

      8. JJTX says

        Because democrats want to force it to be so. vs freedom.

        1. JTP says

          Freedom to kill 30,000 Americans a year! Yippe!

          1. JJTX says

            Doctors kill 10 times that.

            Ban doctors now?

          2. JTP says

            Doctors that make mistakes over and over again are banned from practicing medicine when the GOVERNMENT pulls their license. Thanks for making my point for me.

          3. JJTX says

            Absolutely false.

          4. John (magnum) says

            Don’t engage the leftist loon.

          5. JTP says

            Thanks dad. Maybe mind your own business.

          6. John (magnum) says

            POS idiot alert !

          7. JTP says

            Love the in depth responses.

          8. KM says

            JTP all you have is non-sequitir and ad hominem. Tiresome.

          9. america is freedom says

            You are getting treated for the syphilis, right? Every leftie seems to have to have an STD as a rite of passage. the chattering masses for big government appear to share this affliction…and why not? An STD is so good for medicating and zombifying.

          10. JTP says

            WTF is this post even about? Well we know you dont have to worry about getting tested for any STDs because you actually have to get laid to get one.

          11. Bearbait says

            You’re absolutely right, John. I’m quitting. JTP, come back and talk to us again when you grow up.

          12. JTP says

            So I guess no doctor every lost his license for messing up. Stick to that story.

          13. KM says

            Classic lefty. Use a non-sequitir, then “direct” the conversation to be what they say it must be.

          14. JTP says

            What that I said is not right. I said governments pull the licenses of doctors who repeatedly make mistakes and kill people. He said “Absolutely false.”

          15. JJTX says

            ^^^^^^^^ retard

          16. JJTX says

            dumb as rocks

          17. KM says

            You worship government, don’t you?

          18. JTP says

            Government is necessary. Otherwise we would have total anarchy.

          19. Bearbait says

            HONEST LEADERS ARE NECESSARY, corrupt government is not!

          20. Agent 99 says

            Let me help you out here.

            The consistent way to regard “left versus right” is to measure the amount of control a group or government has over its people. On a spectrum, 100% control appears on the far left (socialists, communists, collectivists, authoritarians, fascists, etc.) and 0% control (NO government) appears on the far right (= anarchy, chaos).

            Here in the United States with our Constitutional REPUBLIC, we ideally reside slightly right of center in that “sweet spot” where we have just rules and organization to allow maximum freedom of movement, speech, commerce, etc.

            Here’s a handy map:

            100% control, LEFT 0% control, RIGHT

            *control-freaks who don’t value liberty
            ***people who do value liberty and civilized living

          21. Mikeras says

            Government’s purpose is to protect us from outside interference so that we can develop ourselves to our greatest capacity, then to provide local laws to keep people from killing and robbing, then to get out of the way!

          22. america is freedom says

            Government that ignores the people, who the founders designated AS true government, is anarchy.

            sorry your globalist wet dream popped, Job Torpedoing Parasite

          23. JTP says

            1. We do not live in a democracy. It is a republic.
            2. The founders feared the people which is why they installed many protections against the “will of the people” like the electoral college and legislature election of senators.
            3. Learn history and know what you are talking about before you go running your mouth.

          24. Bearbait says

            KM, I believe what he have is a troll by the toe. JTP, tell us what you know about malpractice insurance….1,2,3,…go…..

          25. america is freedom says

            Doctors that do NOT make mistakes become unavailable because of GOVERNMENT medicine. We are left with second hand, heartless, hippocratic oath ignoring junk doctors.

            thanks for making MY point for me JTP – Just Too Partisan is what that stands for right?

          26. Kimona says

            True as does legal medicine, the side effects are horrible now

          27. Bearbait says

            Ban hospitals?

          28. KM says

            Freedom to allow drowning in the oceans and lakes of the world. Freedom to allow choking to death. Freedom to allow trip and fall deaths. Freedom to allow lighning to strike people. Freedom to allow train derailment deaths. Freedom to allow terroists to blow people up. Freedom to allow black activists to kill police. Yippe!

            Ban all those, or at least focus on fixing them, JTP, then we can talk…

          29. Bearbait says

            Well said, KM! JTP, I hate to be the one that breaks this to you…we are ALL going to DIE..YOU ARE GOING TO DIE, GEEZ, live and have a little fun while you’re here. I swear, Liberals are the most WHINY, MOROSE people on earth.

          30. JTP says

            All of those types of deaths you listed combined are not anywhere close to the amount of death human error auto accidents cause. Why worry about the 12 lighting deaths in 2015 versus 30,000 auto accidents? Con math for you.

          31. BigDaddyJim says

            JTP, government does not really care if you live or die. Regulations are made to control people. So a few here and there make sense and make you believe, wow they really do care about me. Suddenly you feel a warm and fuzzy that the government is going to protect you from everything from cradle to grave and you go along with every little thing they want which ends up striping you of any freedom whatsoever. By the time you wake up about this, if you ever do, you have no freedom or liberty left.

          32. JTP says

            So what, we should trust Corporate Inc to not put our lives at risk so they can save a few bucks with inferior or toxic products. That will happen. Obviously there needs to be a balance.

          33. Agent 99 says

            Yes, there needs to be a balance, and no one is arguing that. What people are arguing is that the pendulum has swung too far to the left (ie, too much government control), and that results in the suffocation of personal freedom/autonomy and responsibility, stifling of true innovation and economic freedom, etc.

          34. Agent 99 says

            I have to ask you this: do you own a gun?

      9. Bearbait says

        A person that can’t drive a car can’t control the car. It’s a dependance on technology thing vs. an independence thing. I have no asperations to have a car I CAN’T CONTROL.

      10. Agent 99 says

        Technology doesn’t always makes people’s lives better or safer.

        1. JTP says

          Would a self driving car every be too drunk to drive? Would it ever be too tired? Would it ever be distracted checking a text?

          1. Agent 99 says

            Hold on. Before we get into a tedious online tennis match, let me ask you this: are you in favor of completely autonomous cars, or driver-assist cars.

            By the way, you cannot argue the fact that technology does NOT always make our lives better or safer.

          2. JTP says

            I wholeheartedly support driver assist. I think completely autonomous is not there yet but will probably be by the end of the decade.

          3. Agent 99 says

            I’m for ‘driver assist’ for drivers who desire and need it, and I think we agree there. But where we disagree is “completely autonomous” –that isn’t going to happen. People are sick of being mandated to. Personally, I will NOT pay for or own a vehicle that I cannot control. Sorry.

            Like it or not, this IS going to manifest as a political issue. Lives, lifestyles, freedom, culture, and money are at stake.

      11. Dunnyveg says

        Yes, comrade. Anybody smart enough to be a liberal understands that democracy isn’t what the people actually want, but what liberals think the people should want. Of course, anybody smart enough to be a liberal also understands that freedom is slavery, ignorance is strength, and war is peace.

        You liberals need to regain your own sanity before you start living our lives for us.

      12. Dura_Ace says

        simple..how many cars are currently on the road? Hunf=dreds of millions..
        libtards are full of horse crapola…if they remove the progressive plank from their eye, they might understand a GREEN economy will occur when its competitive, and NOT BEFORE.

        1. JTP says

          Who is talking about green cars. We are talking about autonomous vehicles. Please try to read before posting. Keep up.

      13. parum imperium says

        I was giving a presentation the other day, and my windows laptop went blue screen in front of the entire group. If that was my car at 80 mph, would that still be considered safe??

      14. NoMalaria says

        I guess it depends upon what the “partisan” government decrees as better and safer at the time they are in control. For example:

        1. Low flush toilets that do not rid the bowl of the feces.
        2. Expensive CFL bulbs that do not nearly have the operating life claimed.
        3. Variable gear transmissions in cars (“to improve gas mileage”) that are sensor dense and fail constantly. (See what it costs to replace a transmission controller)
        4. Solar power that cost $2.50 a kilowatt over operating life span.
        5. Wind turbines that produce expensive unreliable electricity that chop up migrating birds, eagles and falcons.
        6. Constant surveillance of everyone, everywhere and soon to be at all times. Particularly when riding in an “automated” car.
        7. Etc, etc, etc.

      15. Joe Blow says

        You a commie or something? Why it, ah, let’s see, it helps, err, crap, I don’t know. 😄

        1. JTP says

          What is this post suppose to be? It is just a word salad that doesn’t go anywhere.

          1. Joe Blow says

            A fun answer to your question about technology above. Thought the emoticon was obvious.

      16. Barry Howell says

        Because libtards try to control EVERY aspect of human life, as THEY see “appropriate” and “true”. Liberals ALWAYS try to predict the future as THEY see it, because they view themselves as the smartest people in the world.

      17. Ajt says

        Because the hidden flip side of the technology in question is it removes peoples freedom of movement. Largely through the actions of Government or Technocratic Elites. Driverless cars only go where they are ALLOWED to go. Your Freedom of movement can be cut off, restricted or redirected at the click of a button. It is adding another level of dependency to peoples lives. It’s the core piece needed in order to forcefully enable the massive engineered urban planning projects that many of the far left technocrats have envisioned for years. The super dense urban housing to “minimize carbon emissions and environmental footprint”. It’s an attempt to get people to buy into Soviet Style Life planning by offering them a shiny new techno gadget and telling them they need it! It’s safer!

      18. dieter says

        you also want a machine to breath for you so you can be “free” to “live better and safer”?

      19. KenFedUpWithPC says

        Liberals are always Partisan. They CLAIM to be Bipartisan because it begins with Bi…Something they are used to..

      20. Deplorable S E Delenda says

        Driving represents independence, distinction and mobility. The left likes people to be dependent, fungible and immobile, because that increases the power of the state.

        1. XMagma1 says

          True! Hence their constant attempts to push people into cities.

          1. Deplorable S E Delenda says

            Just the version of the the vassal state and serfs, the reservation and the internment camp.

      21. FNLehner says

        Leftists prefer mass transportation and technology that controls people, including outlawing things on the grounds of safety, except for recreational drugs. Leftists have already started talking about eventually making manual driving prohibited.

      22. 2CENTS says

        JTP. poor silly simple person. I’ll let you know if I’m ready to have my privilege to manually drive taken away from me. Suck a lemon.

      23. RametinDallas says

        Every ride will be monitored, tracked, and recorded. A big-government wet dream.

      24. Vlad TheSkewerer says

        Well, how is “you step into a self driving public transpo and your face is recognized, your position and trip are logged, your vital signs are scanned, mood and state of mind noted, your phone is cloned and any card with a chip scanned and it all feeds into a digital mosaic that generates billions of dollars for somebody but not you” making your life better or safer? Ya know, since all that info can be hacked, and it happens every time you use the service

      25. Gus Seals says

        How is making stupid liberal statements doing it,

      26. Art Granda says

        Technology has never made lives better, or safer. All we’ve done is offload tasks we are too lazy to do onto a computer. Now that smart phones do so much humankind has started to forget how to do those very basic things themselves, like reading maps. Now our phones instruct us when to turn so who needs to process a map of a large city allowing us to learn where to turn on our own? Google IQ(tm) has supplanted real knowledge in our modern world. How many times do you reGoogle the same terms because you’ve forgotten the last time you Googled it? Siri, Cortana, Echo … answer my infinite questions little devices, so I don’t have to lift a finger to investigate.

        Why does a licensed driver need a “Lane Departure Warning” device? Part of being a driver is knowing when you have departed your lane. Sounds like another driver who should have his/her license revoked immediatly.

      27. John D says

        Technology has the ability to cause great damage as well as great good. Look at the cell phones that allow a corrupt government to track your every move..

      28. Daniel McCarthy says

        JTP…who are you to tell me that this will make human’s lives better. Your statement ignores the facts (like most leftists). Driving is one of humanities great pleasures. You are an idiot.

      29. Ren Dudas says

        Agenda, agenda, agenda. May I suggest ” storm glouds gathering” on youtube

      30. les says

        I want a self driving car, and other progress but will offer an answer to your question. Based on previous experience people who say their motive is safety or a clean environment often have a different agenda – power. They use the power of government to exert control replacing other peoples’ freedom with their, often flawed, judgment. Most of this type of person are not nearly as smart as they think they are. As an example, I offer the waste of public funds as 60′ hi-rise housing projects, built to replace the 30’s low-rise projects, were demolished in the 90’s to make room for low-rise housing because each generation of socialists thinks they are smarter than the last.

      31. NotMarySue says

        How is all of this robotic technology going to help humans evolve? There’s not much thinking involved when you don’t need to do anything for yourself.

    2. netboyrick says

      Anyone still buying into the false Left/Right, Liberal/Conservative paradigm needs to wake the eff up. In case you missed it, that false fight was set up by the true enemy to keep us separated while they conquered us from within. Bush and Obama both dissolved the Constitution and erected/fortified the surveillance State. Republicans and Democrats work for the same boss, that little tiny elite Oligarchy of wealthy families that have more money than God.

      BTW, technology can actually be the vehicle to defeat these creeps and restore sanity to planet Earth. Free mankind from menial labor, debt slavery and bring equality to the social structure. But hey, you keep playing your silly little Republican good, Democrat bad game and we’ll all continue to lose our freedoms and our dignity.

      1. america is freedom says

        “In case you missed it, that false fight was set up by the true enemy to
        keep us separated while they conquered us from within. Bush and Obama
        both dissolved the Constitution and erected/fortified the surveillance
        State. Republicans and Democrats work for the same boss, that little
        tiny elite Oligarchy of wealthy families that have more money than God.” – agree with that. Not quite sure of your second point and so withholding judgment.

    3. Freeway says

      How is this theory liberal?

      1. AmericanMan2012 says

        Liberal thinkers are those who see anything is possible, but lacks the discernment to see reality and it’s overall limitations.

        Examples of liberal dreamers Delusion.
        Completely stop using fossil fuel , but haven’t found a long enough extension cord for airplanes.

        Improve education and preparing children for the work force by teaching them to measure things with spoons.
        Develop electric cars to free the world of using fossil fuel, by plugging into the grid which makes electric using fossil fuel.

    4. INFW says

      No actually their plan (NWO) is Agenda 21/sustainable development. Insurance Companies will rate your driving (score) with that little plug in thingy that is on the market now. If you have a tendency to speed your score goes up. If you travel many miles….score goes up. Insurance will be WAY too costly for us deplorable proletariates to have automobiles. Only the wealthy will have air conditioning and cars. Hence, carbon credits. The average Joe can’t afford them.

    5. XMagma1 says

      I will keep my 70’s era muscle cars

      1. Art Granda says

        Same here, while the world moves forward with their devices and toys, I’m moving back to a time of analog … where we did more than just exist, we lived.

      2. So Cal Guest says

        And worthless classics right. Lol. I hear you. The human race isn’t ready and won’t be in my life time. They want self driving… they’lol need to take to the air. The roads are ours.

      3. Whiskey7Actual says

        I will keep my Cummings diesel thank you very much!

        1. Maindrian Pace says


          1. Whiskey7Actual says

            Damn auto correct

      4. Defiant Rebel ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ says

        I’ll keep my 20 year old Toyota pickup with 450,000 miles on it. I do all my own maintenance on it (except tire replacements), it gets good enough mileage to be worth keeping, and I can carry whatever I need with it. As another plus, it is a magnet for city liberals’ disdain.

        1. Mike0oSS says

          I got a ’95 SAAB 93 my son picked up for $500.00 last winter. I watched him burn the clutch up trying to figure out how to shift it. After 3 months in the driveway I commandeered the thing and took it as my own. $5500.00 alter I got it running like new, next comes the body work in the spring. The mechanics at the foreign car shop here in town give it another 200,000 miles if I keep it in good maintenance, it’s got 190,000 now. doesn’t leak anything and doesn’t burn any oil. I never owned a European car before. This thing is more fun to drive than any set of wheels I’ve ever owned.

          1. Defiant Rebel ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ says

            That’s before the GM days ruined SAAB, so that life estimate is very likely. Take care of it and enjoy!

          2. Mike0oSS says

            It’s parked for the winter. A new heater core is $2500.00 used and there aren’t many left. I was told to just let it sit in the garage till the Spring. That’s not a problem, I got something else to drive for the Winter.

        2. Deplorable Flyboy says

          I have a 1999 Nissan Frontier “Desert Runner” pickup with 245K on the clock. The only thing I’ve ever had to replace on it besides tires and batteries was the starter and alternator. I bought it used in 2003 with 35K on the clock for $7,900. I could advertise to sell it today for $5,000 and people would be lined up to buy it. You can’t find these older vehicles anymore which some refer to as “beaters” thanks to Ozero’s Cash For Clunkers bullsh*t. All CFC did was make used vehicles more expensive.

          1. Defiant Rebel ✓ᴰᴱᴾᴸᴼᴿᴬᴮᴸᴱ says

            Another good choice. You make me want to check on my starter and alternator, as they are still original… and probably on borrowed time now.

      5. Mike0oSS says

        MECUM classic car shows on TV!! They are some cool shows to watch!!

    6. acronymous says

      How is this “liberal”? Conservatives normally welcome labor-saving inventions. Trucking gets done without needing truck drivers, shipping costs fall, accident rates fall, business booms. Maybe. At least it could work out that way. But we will need to figure out a way to find some other place in society for displaced truck drivers.

    7. kittylu says

      As long as we have horses, no one will drive a car

      1. Art Granda says

        With billions of cars on the world’s roads who would ride a horse ever again? Well lots of people do, daily. I’ve had a dishwasher for ages yet still wash dishes by hand, as many people do.

        Articles like this constitute “fake news”. Hell its not even news at all, its the opinion of one dude, probably 25 all knowing, all seeing, years old too.

        1. glaw says

          You forgot to put stoopid liberals at the end of post.

        2. Cur Traut says

          He is a Danish professor brought to San Diego to start the AI – Robotic center for the USA. A pointy head.

      2. John D says

        Another idiot trying to be cute. Moron.

        1. les says

          Why so nasty? Happy New Years!

      3. Daniel McCarthy says

        What a stupid and self defeating comment kittylu. First, people still ride horses by the tens of thousands, so your premise defeats the headline. Second, your analogy fails because the facts are significantly different with the two situations.

        1. glaw says

          Horses were the transportation of the masses, I think that’s what he’s getting at. He’s making a prediction as if the year is 1887… dumb liberals!

          1. Erik de Vries says

            Feet. Feet were transportation for the masses, at least in urban centres. In the country, people didn’t go to town all that much. Once a month or so. Horses cost a lot of money, were expensive to keep in the city.

        2. les says

          Please flip on your Humor switch. It seems to be in the off position. It is a concept we call a “joke”.

      4. Charlie Crash says

        We may need the horses, when the Apocalypse comes!

    8. Everett Walker says

      Yes it is and not a new one. Communitarian Priest King, Amatai Etzioni in his 1968 book, The Active Society, prescribed a zero growth economy with subjects living in dormitory housing attached to their jobs. Automobiles would be needed only for vacations and would be checked out of the collective under strict control. Consumerism would be a thing of the past and men would occupy themselves with bonding with their children, exploring their “man-ness in encounter groups and ….basket weaving(!). The back cover of one of his books shows him strolling in a garden with Communitarian Al Gore.

      1. G.B. America says

        Of course the globalists want us in self driving cars. They’ll know where we are at all times and can shut down the vehicle at their whim. People are not moving to these cars.

        1. Everett Walker says

          Goes over about as well as that Weapon Shops of Issur thing they’ve been goobering about for years.

    9. So Cal Guest says

      I hear you. I want to go 4×4’ing. Seems kinda hard in a self driving car. I also enjoy a classic mustang. Try telling me that I can’t anymore and we will see a revolution. You and I know that the only reason this is being pushed is that greedy Silicon Valley CEO’s want to displace people’s jobs so they make all the money. News to Silicon Valley… over our dead American bodies. Your money won’t change 340 million people’s desires. Again, liberal elite trying to tell us what we can and can’t do.

      1. chris says

        They will keep importing over a million poor people into the country per year and eventually your vote will not count. The poor will get free rides on self driving cars and you will end up paying for it. CA is the model for this.

    10. rhadagastt says

      Agreed. The underlying assumption in this article is that people will all completely opt out of driving 100%. This goes entirely contrary to human nature– especially if those humans are Americans. Americans value their autonomy very strongly. I wouldn’t mind having a car that can take over the wheel when I’m driving long distance, but I still will always reserve the right to take back over. People will always want to take the wheel when it suits them.

      1. stephen rollins says

        Yep. Welcome again my friends to the show that never ends – brought to you by the cashless society of 1950.

      2. Cur Traut says

        Not opt out, but REQUIRED by the government. They (Dems) want to be able to keep you from going where they don’t want you to go. Or stop everyone immediately, in an area if an Amber Alert goes out.

        1. Zipp1 says

          There is something to be said for owning a carbureted, points ignition (no computer) vehicle. No On-Star, LoJack or any other tracking bs. If government evolves into something that deems it necessary to take my old vehicles, they will have to do so forcefully.

    11. Bob Matulis says

      Exactly! Don’t these people realize that people still ride horses?

      1. chester says

        Yes. As a hobby on their own land. There is no investment in “horse infrastructure.” There are no “horse lanes” on highways. It’s a niche thing. Which is exactly what non autonomous vehicles will become. There will be tracks where you can drive. People will become old school car hobbiests. But the infrastructure and world will go the way of self driving cars. Can’t wait to meet here in two decades and see who’s right.

        1. NotMarySue says

          Why? Who wants this except trucking companies and cab companies? Regular people outside of large cities with mass transportation and who mostly walk everywhere don’t…

        2. Bob Matulis says

          Great points Chester. My guess is it people for the foreseeable future will be allowed to drive but their insurance premiums will be so high the number of drivers will continue to drop. the larger the Gap over time between the quality of autonomous driving vs. Self-driving the larger the premium you have to pay in insurance.

          I think it’ll take beyond our lifetimes before manual drivers are relegated to tracks. Like you say who knows and will find out in about 20 years. Happy New Year’s!

    12. appleforaface says

      Even clueless idiots get their say.

      1. John (magnum) says

        Yup, and you just did !

    13. Leo Borges says

      No. Tons of green laws have been creating. The government will propose complementary laws to prohibit people from driving “vintage” and “old” polluting cars. Also, people would not be able to drive on a street where most cars are auto-driving.

  4. John Cook says

    Yea I am 45 and the Jetsons told me I would be in a flying car by now….

    1. JTP says

      These cars are already on the road right now. This is not science fiction.

      1. Luckylucylou says

        A very small percentage point & many reports of problems. It is in its infancy. It may or may not make it to childhood. The teen years would be a nightmare & the adulthood is no great shakes either. You are looking at more than 15 years to put all drivers off the road. I’ll be the little old lady from Catalina.

      2. Red Byrd says

        sure are, running red light cameras, crashing into telephone poles and other cars. all this while doing as programmed by going as slow and in line as possible.

      3. ohreeally says

        Right now, driverless cars require a driver behind the wheel — and always will.

  5. fniper says

    It ain’t gonna happen. Not in the red states.

    1. JTP says

      Stay in the dark ages.

      1. Azazel says

        Accept slavery moron jtp. You enjoy government dictating where, when, and how you go places. pathetic slave lapdog puppet.

        1. barney59 says

          Liberals are always going to be lemmings..

          1. linda karpiscak says

            Please don’t “dis” lemmings. They didn’t choose to run off that cliff on their own. The Disney film crew were supposed to get footage of lemmings doing what lemmings do. The problem was, they weren’t doing anything that would make that nature film interesting, so one of the crew was sent to “get them moving”. Unfortunately, the frightened lemmings ran in the direction of the cliff, and the rest, as they say, is history.

      2. Luckylucylou says

        And, when Russia or China or some other boogie man hacks the grid & all the little driverless electronic cars stand still & none of you know how to drive a car, much less which ones will run with the grid down?

        1. JTP says

          So I guess we should go back to typewriters and telegraphs since those are hack proof. Right?

          1. Luckylucylou says

            Manual typewriter. Better yet, learn to write. Learn cursive, a lost art. Learn the joy of putting PENCIL to paper.

        2. Bearbait says

          Excellent point…LLL

      3. barney59 says

        The dark ages were the age of the tyrants and ogliarchs… what LIBERALS LOVE!

      4. Deplorapotamus Rex says

        That’s where your beloved war torn peaceful Muslim immigrants plan to send us all.

  6. Kenneth Aldrich says

    Total control by central global authority is the goal.

    1. JTP says

      Keep wearing that tin foil hat.

      1. Azazel says

        Yeah keep your head stuffed up your own A s$ jtp Most will stand by the informed tinfoil hat wearer.

      2. voted against carter says

        You just MIGHT want to pay attention more often.
        try getting out of your little world bubble.

      3. barney59 says

        You are a simpleton, idiot and or a fool if you don’t realize the danger in the loss of freedom…

        We are not luddites, just we want to protect individuality over homogeny!

        1. JJNYC says

          Death by technocracy.

        2. ubik says

          why will our individuality be threatened? Live where you want, have the robot drive while you sleep. Build a house the way you want with 3D printing technology.
          I think it may make us more free.

          1. TroyGale says

            Yes, like social security did, like income tax did….unthinking people are the easiest to subjugate.

          2. Shagnasty1 says

            You don’t work, do you. Or at least you don’t do any honest labor, the kind that gets your hands dirty. What good is living if you don’t produce? There are few things more satisfying than to see the results of your labor; to see the house you built or remodeled yourself, the car you repaired or restored yourself, the lawn you manicured yourself, etc. Only a dweeb is proud of what they pay somebody else to do or especially when it is a machine that does it for them. Even in my advancing years I still prefer to do it myself and will until I physically can’t.

          3. ubik says

            Huh? I do back breaking work 60 hours a week and love my job. F you, loser who assumes too much.

          4. Bearbait says

            Depends on who owns the car and the printer….doesn’t it?

          5. ubik says

            Buy your car and 3D printer and make yourself some homemade guns. You’ll feel better.

        3. Jay Talber says

          Ah, individual as in liberties, yes we shall never forget.

      4. Agent 99 says

        No, he’s right. Centralized control is the goal of socialists, communists, collectivists, whether it’s economic, cultural, or behavioral.

      5. Kenneth Aldrich says

        OK Silicon Valley bot. I am sure you can’t wait for your chip.

  7. Underestimated says

    My kids will. I will never buy a POS self driving car. They will learn.

    1. JTP says

      Do you also still use slide rulers and log tables instead of calculators?

      1. Azazel says

        engineers still use slide rulers to this day moron, pulls a lot of respect from colleagues.

        1. Eric says

          I haven’t seen one in thirty years and I have spent time in hundreds of engineering departments.

        2. JTP says

          Yeah lets go back to quill pens and whale oil lamps while you are at it. RESPECT!

          1. KM says

            Why is it, every prog has to use the extreme non-sequitir as a response to any challenge to their positions? If someone doesn’t agree with your absolutist position, you whip out a comment about wanting to return to the Stone Age or being afraid of technology, etc.

      2. Luckylucylou says

        Baby, I know how to use an abacus. Bet you don’t even know what it is.

        1. JTP says

          I surprised you would use something that was invented in the present day Iraq. Isnt that heresy for you cons?

          1. KM says

            JTP, you are the most worn-out record playing…. Same old prog responses. Attack the opinion by using extreme non-relevant statements -and- personal insults…. Ad nauseum and ad infinitum…… It appears to be taught to all leftists. Who is Saul Alinsky?

          2. JTP says

            Oh no. You have found out our secret playbook. I am actually sent from the future to destroy the country and Sara Connor by having us get autonomous cars. Yes. That is how ridiculous you sound.

          3. Luckylucylou says

            Awww…you looked it up. How sweet. And, nothing is heresy to me, except, well…heresy.

      3. Underestimated says

        No but I do value skills. Your comment strikes me as a co-worker that walks past my desk and asks where they can get the nice whateverwidget sitting there. To which I reply, you can’t. I made it.

        The idea that we will all forget how to do something so common as to drive is ridiculous. I will teach my kids and when the power goes out or we get hit by a storm they won’t be helpless and stranded.

        I love technology its my job actually but I also love old tech and knowledge.

      4. Bobb Topp says

        I learned to use a slide rule long before I held a calculator. Like learning to drive a stick shift before driving an automatic.

        1. JTP says

          Good for you! Maybe we should go back to horse and buggy while we are at.

          1. Bobb Topp says

            I’m not a Luddite, smarytpants.
            Just stated a fact.
            I love technology and hope the best for smart transport.
            Sorry you can’t wrap that around your feeble mind.

          2. KM says

            JTP use his prog leftist playbook to provide his retorts. The theme is: “…belittle those that disagree with you. Use non-sequitir, and ad hominem as much as possible.” (pg. 4, SectionB)

  8. san rafael blue says

    Notice they are not even talking about what to do with the displaced human workers.
    The engineers remain focused on their own competitive accomplishments.
    Society will need to invent or develop motivational systems for the displaced human workers.
    This will become a very serious issue as more in the work force become unsocialized, uncivilized and afraid of direct human contact. If you look at our colleges, it’s almost like this already, with grown folks 22 years old seeking their echo chambers and Safe Spaces vs seeking their enlightenment and enrichment.

    I predict a return to fundamental Christian ,Judaic or Hindu based religions, a growth of volunteerism, altruism and long term apprenticeships. I leave Islam out of this hypothesis, due to it’s scripted fusion with violence in today’s world. These methods (Christian, Judaic and Hindu) of seeing the world will give more people a reason to activate, to get out of bed in the morning. Most of us could never compete with computers in reference of speed and accuracy.
    What we do have is our own personality, our desire for spiritual growth and exploration, our own talent and skill set, our ability to emphasize as a peer.
    Many qualities that cannot be replicated by any computer.

    1. Luckylucylou says

      I pray you are right. It sounds like an Age of Enlightenment

  9. Bill Bonham says

    And when a GPS satellite goes down what happens then?

    1. mofo says

      Nothing, the system has redundant satellites available. If the entire GPS system goes down you can also say goodbye to air traffic control and smart missles.

  10. Subtlety Rogue says

    Lol, BS!! The majority of us don’t want anything to do with this crap. It’s done nothing but fail so far. We’ll be driving years from now exactly as we are today. Fact.

    1. JTP says

      30,000 Americans die every year in auto accidents. That is an even bigger fail!

      1. Azazel says

        Well you puppet ,parroting slaves allays say the population is to high so whats the problem. Are you saying your beloved UN and obongo is wrong. you racist.

      2. Luckylucylou says

        Solution: Ride around in them in your coastal elite cities. Leave the rest of us alone & let us drive or not drive as we see fit. This has always been the problem. The left’s inability to understand the concept of freedom of choice.

      3. Subtlety Rogue says

        Yeah, and you’re a fool if you don’t think as many or more will die in these comical POS!

  11. Bill Bonham says

    What do you think it will cost to fix a self driving car? Who insure if you are not the driver? This whole thing is BS.

  12. Hypobamocrite says

    What happens when terrorists hack the system and make millions of American cars speed up and crash at the same time?

    1. MostlyRight says

      We send a swarm of killer drones to take out them and all their loved ones.

  13. mofo says

    Ha lunacy, what happens when it runs out of gas? Plus a motorized vehicle will never be able to traverse the difficult terrain. Years from now I’ll still be riding my trusty horse.

    1. Luckylucylou says

      I frequently ask my husband, “Now which tractor is it that has no electronics?” even though I know perfectly well which one it is. I just want to be sure he is taking good care of that antique baby. You need oats. I need diesel. Oats & hay are going to be a lot easier to get. Unless I learn how to make ethanol & convert that sucker.

  14. 1reallytaxed1 says

    Predictions ….aren’t they cute? I remember one I heard last year …”Trump would never win the GOP nomination” and my 2nd favorite, “Trump won’t win the election” . Jimmy Carter predicted we’d be out of oil by now (2010) but now we’re swimming in oil world wide despite increased demands.

    I think a more appropriate statement might be kids born today “may” never drive. Automobiles are an American symbol of independence and when folks start realizing they’re at mercy of a vehicle that some coder along with the govt have created, they may have second thoughts about handing over full control. But for me, Charleston Heston said it best……. “from my cold dead hands” (is when you can have my keys)

    1. Luckylucylou says

      Me too, baby. That & my tractor.

      1. barney59 says


  15. getitoverwithalready says

    The timing of predictions is always its weakest link. I prefer to use a simple tool I term as my “100 year measuring stick.” By first realizing that technology will never slow down unless or until electricity ceases to exist on this planet, you simply travel back in time and look at the world as if you were actually alive in 1917 and try to imagine from that vantage point what today might look like. Then come back to 2017 and from this vantage point move forward 100 years to 2117 in your head and seriously decide for yourself if you think you might be able recognize the world around you in that time. Can you honestly believe you would even recognize this world as we know it today?

    Just because the author predicts that a person born today will not get to drive an automobile doesn’t necessarily mean that cars will always be with us. Saying never implies an immense lack of imagination and the older I get, the more I realize that always, never, and all time, are words that should be stricken from our vocabulary.

  16. mofo says

    I already see these cars on a daily basis on the roads in the city where I live. They seem to work really well. This will change the way people use cars where people will forgo ownership and use automated ride sharing services, it’s already happening with Uber. This will happen in cities first, not rural areas at least not for a while. I am anxiously waiting to stop paying for a car, stop paying for insurance and not having to deal with all the snowbirds, distracted soccer moms and the hoards of other checked out retards I have to share the road with now.

    1. Luckylucylou says

      That’s great. I’m happy for you & I hope you will be able to utilize this technology soon. I hope that you will be equally happy for me that I want to keep my big gas guzzling Range Rover for a few more years.

      1. Bobb Topp says

        I lub my ’96 SS Impala

      2. mofo says

        If it feels good, do it

  17. plataoplomo says

    So the driving jobs will be taken over by the robots, but somehow the manufacturing jobs will increase for humans?
    I think this guy may be a robot…

  18. Nick099 says

    The statement that “kids born today will never drive” must be trumpeted by someone who hates driving.
    The fact that he is Danish may also explain part of the idiotic comment. The government there hates cars…`150% registration tax.

    Then of course there is the whole nanny-state, hacking issue with headless cars. But in Marxist Europe do they really care?

  19. MostlyRight says

    2017 for the Waymo cars? I see at least one a day on the streets around my home in the Tempe and Chandler area of the Phoenix suburbs.

  20. прискорбный Captain Freedom says

    Boy, I can’t wait to give up control!

    – are you serious?

  21. David Mowers says

    Welcome to total state control of your life!

    When do the baseball bats come out to beat the technology fascists to death?

  22. Joe_E_in_the_IE says

    We wouldn’t need all this every driver would use JDDI®*, safe driving technology that’s already available in every properly maintained mechanically sound vehicle.

    *Just Drive, Damn It

  23. Robert Muir says


  24. maxd says

    Computers, phones, smart tvs, etc. constantly freeze, start up and shut down due to software updates. Seems like it happens at least once a week. Requires constant apologies to clients. So sorry sir or madam, this or that has crashed and is not working today. Curious to see how this will work with cars. Will they randomly pull off the road and shutdown?

    1. David Mowers says

      That is why software and hardware companies are seeking legislation that bars you from suing them for any reason before wide scale implementation.

      See, government socialist tyranny MUST be necessary for technology companies to make a profit since capitalism is so bad for them.

  25. Joe_E_in_the_IE says

    Before the monorail is whisking us from one domed climate-controlled metropolis to another in clean quiet electrically powered comfort or after our personal cold-fusion reactors are churning out a year’s worth of electricity from $2.83 worth of fuel?

  26. Zombie Nixon says

    Thats stupid. The whole article is stupid.

  27. Redden Swartz says

    I will never buy one. What happens in a black out of info, I wouldn’t want to be in a self drive car. They will never be popular outside of the very middle of the larger cities here in Texas. Would you want to be in a driverless car surrounded by Huge Off Road Pick up trucks. You will never be able to have that many driverless cars if you do not make everyone and I mean everyone get one. A big mix on the highway will not work, never work. a driverless car will not have the ability to prevent urgent reactions from Driver operated cars. I do not trust them. They are pushing them out way too early. Just becuase one car can drive a few miles does not mean our society is ready to accept them or that they will work on our highways. A couple of questions. If one is given a ticket for speeding, who pays the ticket, the rider or the car company? If it is in an accident of any kind who pays the medical bills for the rider or the people in the other car? Who pays the insurance on a car you can not control? There will be constant changes to them for years to come, so who pays for the upgrades to keep them safe? I will fight them for at least 20 years, it is not time for them yet.

    1. David Mowers says

      How about in a driverless car when minorities riot and it won’t move because they are blocking the roadway?

  28. Chainsaw McGuirk says

    Really? What will happen to NASCAR??

    1. Deplorapotamus Rex says

      Its a deplorables thing, they dont care.

  29. Javier Torres says

    And THEIR kids won’t have to wipe their own asses. What the hell technology?

  30. stopthesocialism says

    I would say that most people ride motorcycles, and drive sports cars for the enjoyment. You’re going to make that illegal ?

    1. Chainsaw McGuirk says

      Whatever progressives do not approve of should be regulated out of existence. We call this viewpoint “tolerance”.

    2. Uncle Al says

      The only real power a government has is to define and pursue criminals. Necessary crimes demand convenient criminals.

  31. Uncle Al says

    One act of failed intellectual mumblety-peg is discharge for cause. 1000 acts of failed intellectual mumblety-peg is a economics think tank. Kick a 55 gallon drum. They are loudest when empty.

  32. Deplorapotamus Rex says

    I’ll believe it when I see it.

    Remember in the movie Back To The Future Part 2, we were all supposed to be riding hoverboards too in 2015. Still waiting on that technology to be perfected.

  33. Joe_E_in_the_IE says

    Can we go on the Carousel of Progress next? Can we? Can we? Can we?

  34. stopthesocialism says

    I think you’re going to have a sentient before you get a self-driving car that actually works. There’s just too much data to deal with in the real world.

  35. Harry Mustachio says

    The elite have a fantasy that the masses never own a car or home. Have you not figured out that they view you as a crop? You are a modern day slave.

  36. JamesinNM says

    Just sit back and watch. Kids will do darn well what they wish. Heck, everyone may be in horse and buggy and glad to have it.

  37. bob says

    No we are not going to allow much of this and kids can drive if the want when they are of age.
    If these robo cars wreck we will sue you out of existence.
    We the people are going to take on a much larger role in making the rules
    on robot and other tech period.

  38. DeplorableRedneckVoter says

    Weren’t we all supposed to be using flying cars by now, like the Jetsons?

  39. Tom Frederiksen says

    Who will cover the liability? The software manufacturer or the car manufacturer? Picture a fully loaded steel hauler on remote control. A terrorists dream vehicle. Hack into vehicle controller and drive it off a cliff. I have worked in both the automotive industry and the automation industry, and predict this will have a very limited impact on public roads.

  40. bob says

    We are going to go local start not allowing anything against our rights and force it in our states.
    We will not except these rules or global government if it takes a fight we will fight and win.
    We will not except it get over it.

  41. FireMan says

    This kind of tech makes progressives orgasmic. Taking away our right to drive on the thesis that 40,000 lives will be saved a year gives them all they need to take way one our most precious freedoms. Freedom of movement without government permission. Hopefully Trump’s Supreme Court will rule on enough cases in coming years that will thwart this potential nightmare.

  42. Snookhookr says

    Whoever predicted this knows nothing about young southern men.

    1. Bobb Topp says

      Or Hillbillys.

  43. Red Byrd says

    the professor is totally NUTS!!! when I was young the geniuses (before the computer age) said by this time, we would all own a flying car and fly where we want and only drive short distances. Just like the Jetsons. I don’t personally know anyone stupid enough to ride in a driverless car, much less buy one! Also according to Disneyland and all the transportation gurus, we were going to have a nationwide raised monorail system for the whole country. must have missed it?

  44. coastalocal says

    Horse shit

  45. Dante Poe says

    they need to make the robot cars as cheap as a current used car so even the poor can afford them… or always let gas cars on the road as well.

  46. Dante Poe says

    I can say he is a moron… it will happen as long as oil isn’t big business… thank god a EXXON executive is now part of the government.

  47. picnicfun says

    Just say no. Don’t buy it.

  48. Laminectomies abound says

    Well guess they don’t believe in religion? That scientific advancement either disproves Religion or brings Armageddon. We shall se, or not as I’m in 40’s.

    1. ubik says

      Huh? Disprove Religion? Those of us with faith are unshaken, those without fail to see. Armageddon? I think we Trumped that in November.

      1. PapaUmMaoMao says

        Clever comment… I like!

  49. David Johnson says

    “Why not see if we can make San Diego ‘Robot Valley’,” he said when he took up his new appointment.

    I have a better idea – Let’s make all of California a robot Valley.”

  50. irksome51 says

    I’ve always chuckle when I read some “expert” opine a prediction of useless generalization with authority. Ya gotta luv ’em. The use of an absolute alone is absurd. The last good laugh I had was the incredible assertion of “experts” on anthropogenic climate change by virtue of the generation of a pollutant gas called carbon dioxide.

  51. ubik says

    Technology is the difference between man and the soulless animals.
    This is the next step. Pray for mankind’s wisdom. Technology, whether the Clovis arrow tip or nukes, are a challenge and an opportunity. Robotics will be no different. May we use them for the betterment of mankind and not our end or to do great evil.

  52. freddy fudd says

    I’ll take that bet professor. The only way this will be true is if you attempt to have the government mandate their use. The recent election proves the public won’t stand for that kind of interference in our lives anymore.

  53. TroyGale says

    Thank goodness, they will never think, who would want them to get behind the wheel of 1 ton plus vehicle!

  54. Wile E. Coli says

    So much for runnin’ from the cops. LA TV is going to be so boring.

  55. Tootrue4you says

    A few keystrokes and they’ll be rolling into lakes, falling from bridges and stopping on train tracks. No thanks.

    1. TexasTeaFinder says

      Yeah, industry and government have blindly fallen in love with the notion that “if they build it, people will use it” – it is not going to work that way.

  56. PapaUmMaoMao says

    Well… at least I can say I know the thrill of being behind the wheel of one of MOPAR’s late 60’s/early 70’s creations that had a 426cu in./425hp Hemi motor stuffed under the hood!

  57. Dawn Elle says

    I’ll never give up driving but the home health care robot sounds promising

  58. TexasTeaFinder says

    “Driving” isn’t just “a mode of transport” and it is certainly not going away in the next 2 decades.

  59. Steve from Ohio says

    To quote Steve McQueen…..who loved this old saying………
    “Driving a car is like watching a movie. Riding a motorcycle is like starring in that movie.”

    What we have here is a failure by those who support driver less cars is they fail to realize what they in power are up to…..total control. Loss of freedom. All in the name of safety. Just like they did with the Patriot act.

    1. Political Hostage says

      yup, all about contol.

  60. Chris says

    Driving is fun. Your telling me they plan to do away with the market for sports cars and motorcycles… wont happen. Oh and I guess were doing away with the automobile insurance industry because insurance on perfect driving should be cheap right? Taxi’s will be automated too so no jobs there. This guy can keep dreaming it wont happen while I’m alive.

  61. Happy Max says

    What do these smart cars do when bullied by an old pick-up?

    1. I am Buzzlightyear says

      Claim the Russians hacked their cars

  62. JJTX says

    Absolutely false assumption to make.

    Over my dead body will I be forced to relinquish the driver seat.

    And or my motorcycle saddle.

    These kinds of democrat hypocrites can go to heII

  63. Silverado says

    Maybe. It’s for sure nobody alive today will ever see driverless big rigs and mom and pop delivering the kiddies to school in the family automobile mixing it up in traffic flying down I-5 or any similar roadway at 70 mph like we’re hearing from some of these (I guess) futurist idiots that are on the loose. Maybe these company’s will have private roadways where their vehicles can do exactly that minus the interaction with mom & pop’s vehicle, nobody has a problem with that. However those roadways all over this country were paid for by hard working Americans through paying their taxes and if anyone of these futurists think that John Q. Public will put up with or much less allow this pirating act by big business on THEIR publicly paid for roadways, I have a bridge I want to sell you. It ain’t gonna happen and I don’t care what your crystal ball says…

  64. Fyodor Dostoevsky says

    After you idiots put people out of work with your robots, what are people supposed to do with their time, and earn an income? Please take a moment in your ivory towers to answer this question?

  65. Texmom says

    Why do we want do away with the dignity and purpose of work? Support businesses that hire humans!

  66. haode says

    mebbe drug tests will be required to drive.

  67. Chris Lucy says

    Just plse LV bikes alone. I saw this coming 25 yrs ago the human is the weak link in the chain sold the car moved to the city…in many occupations as well..EFFIENCY will skyrocket and so won’t displacement too..who supports uneeded labor..

  68. K.E.Miles says

    ‘Kids born today will never drive’ or ever work.

  69. I am surviving Obama says

    Yep. In 16 years when they will be allowed to drive, ALLLLL the cars in the world will just DISAPPEAR. Liberals are really braindead people.

  70. JBRoux says

    They throw these things out there like it’s a good thing. It may, or may not be good. But as long as an American can get his hands on an automobile or a Motorcycle, there will be Americans driving on the roads.

  71. Rod says

    Robot technology in itself is neutral, but it will always have the potential of being used for evil. Liberals are either child-like in their faith that the government would never let this happen, or they are control freaks who want to run our lives ostensibly “for our good” but in reality they want to do it because of their own lust for power.

  72. TMA1 says

    With all of their coddling they will be to damned stupid and scared.

  73. KM says

    The issue at hand is not whether technology is a bad thing in and of itself.

    The core issue here is whether the techniologies become “decided for you” by the scientists and government.

    The argument about saving 30,000 lives from traffic deaths assumes that all deaths in traffic are caused by some sort of human operator error… AND that a car without human operator input will absolutely remove risk of injuring or death to its occupants.

    Both premises are being overlooked by the leftists. Critical reasoning leads us to deduce that is because they are not interested in saving lives or bettering lives. They are interested in their own position being the only one, and also being forced if necessary (at least until they change their position to another one).

  74. bvikay says

    Another “scientist” theory that will not hold water. What a dumbass.

  75. Bearbait says

    My great-grandmother never drove. Now, according to this article, my great-granddaughter will never drive. I taught my daughter and my granddaughters on a stick because I wanted them to KNOW how to drive. Driving has been a passion of my life. For us not to know how to travel independently sounds like a left wingers dream come true…let the government bus us around….then one day, the bus doesn’t come…hummm…

  76. cosmicwxdude says

    Um, yes they will.

  77. Rod says

    This author writes about the health care robot, another little justification for the robotizing of our lives. What’s missing from the discussion? The human element. It’s well known that loving human interaction is a great boon to health. Sometimes it’s the difference between life and death. Beware the pressure to accept the intrusion of robotics so as to not appear old fashioned or standing in the way of progress.

  78. Wichita Lineman says

    Technology is great, but soon nobody will be able to afford it. Technology will replace workers, and nobody will be getting a paycheck. The only jobs available will be building robots, and it won’t be long before robots will be doing those jobs, too… We will have relegated ourselves to obscurity.

    1. Kimona says

      Don’t worry the NWO elites/rich are planning a global culling.

      1. Wichita Lineman says

        LOL.. You may be closer than you realize.

        1. Kimona says

          I know I’m right, they wil use war or some virus that they have a cure for but hold it back till they are ready

  79. miker5 says

    Self driving cars can be programmed to avoid unnecessary travel that can cause global warming. Do you really want some government employee to decide if your travel is necessary or not?

    1. KM says

      Which is EXACTLY where this leads.

    2. Kimona says

      leftist love to have big brother government tell them what to do as long as its coming from other moon bat leftists.

  80. AmericanMan2012 says

    Another liberal pipe dreamer, wake up from your delusion, in the year 2035 those self driving cars will be costing $90,000 and if they are stupid to run up student loans, they will be driving old used cars, or riding bicycles . Affordable !!!

    1. Kimona says

      Don’t say bicycles only you give the tree huggers an orgasm at the thought of it along with cars that run on unicorn farts and fairy dust.

  81. Mike says

    Ironically the liberal alliance with the ambulance chasing liability lawyers will kill self driving cars. Any accident involving one will generate a gold mine in law suits.

  82. Kimona says

    I’m still trying to figure out how these big corporations in bed with the FED that will build these cars will still make us pay for accident insurance and how the government will still make us get a drivers license to sit in them.

  83. Vox Veritas says

    ‘Kids born today will never drive.’

    No, but they’ll whine about how entitled they are.

  84. Brad~ Wesley says

    More government control

    1. Agent 99 says

      Exactly. I have a feeling all of these inroads to controlling our lives is going to backfire…big league.

      1. Brad~ Wesley says

        We can only hope

  85. Agent 99 says

    In twenty years, when we look back at this ridiculous prediction, we are going to laugh. People have too much of a desire for autonomy and liberty, and driving your own car will become a political statement if this trend continues.

  86. Ralloh says

    Ok, so as robots take more and more jobs, how will people live? Will the government step in and finally control us completely? What about the transition of driverless cars? When they eventually are the majority, will it be made illegal to drive a regular car? Will we then be forced to buy driverless cars, or, have to depend on driverless taxi services. Yep, sounds like the typical liberal utopia that will blow up in our faces.

    1. Athena Frazier says

      Google basic income and you will see the answer. Basically, the elitist are trying to figure out how much we deserve and one amount that they have come up with is about $10,000 per adult per year. Review it from both conservative and liberal sites so you can figure out the truth. I have not seen anything regarding what will happen to food stamps, social security or welfare. Basic income is nothing new. The elites have been wanting to do this for a long time. Sounds like Hunger Games to me, but some people might be okay with it.

  87. Agent 99 says

    Maybe the future inhabitants/subjects of liberal dumbfuquistan won’t be driving their own vehicles, but the freedom-loving citizens of America will.

  88. REPENTorBURN says

    I doubt they will ever live,except to serve machines,and that’s why God is going to burn it all…

    The Holy Bible

    2Petter 3:10

    But the day of the Lord will come as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall pass away with a great noise, and the elements shall melt with fervent heat, the earth also and the works that are therein shall be burned up.


  89. Metriacanthosaurus says

    It’s almost cute how far up their own rear ends the autonomous vehicle crowd is.

    It may be possible, it may even be right, but it will absolutely never happen on a massive scale. Not in this lifetime.

  90. AmericanMan2012 says

    Do you know why most of us question Liberal thinkers.

    Liberal thinkers are those who see anything is possible, but lacks the discernment to see reality and it’s overall limitations.

    Examples of liberal dreamers Delusion.
    Completely stop using fossil fuel , but haven’t found a long enough extension cord for airplanes.

    Improve education and preparing children for the work force by teaching them to measure things with spoons.
    Develop electric cars to free the world of using fossil fuel, by plugging into the grid which makes electric using fossil fuel.

  91. george jetson says

    soon we will all be flying personal “drones”

  92. hrm says

    I can hope it is in the far future that all these exclusions like driving are here. But who knows? The reason may be the disasters of the future not the technology. Einstein said he didn’t what the next war would be fought with but the next on would be with sticks and stones. We live in a dangerous time with really dangerous weapons.

  93. Agent 99 says

    I will NOT pay for or own a vehicle I cannot control. Thank God for the free market. Hope it’s still around in twenty years.

  94. jtom says

    Ok, please tell me how long it will take for driverless cars know how to handle these routine situations:
    Stopping for a stopped school bus in the opposite lane of travel
    Obeying a policeman or school traffic guard
    Cheating on the double yellow line to get around a mail truck delivering mail
    Obeying a flagman directing cars into the opposite lane of travel due to road work
    Merging when lanes are closed due to road construction
    Maneuvering to provide room for an emergency vehicle to get by

    These are very common situations in my area, ymmv. I think people are naive to think artificial intelligence is close to replacing human perception and judgement, or making appropriate decisions in unusual situations.

    1. Agent 99 says

      Would you rather have a computer flying an airplane with hundreds of people on board, or two pilots with decades of experience? I’ll take the guys with the gray hair any day.

  95. Michael says

    They can’t even keep trains from crashing. FIDIOTS!

  96. Agent 99 says

    Translation: a bunch of people want to cash in on forcing another merging of private industry + government mandate. “If you like your freedom you can keep your freedom.”

  97. Kundalini Express says

    leave the dreaming to science fiction writters, u do the biulding…

  98. Agent 99 says

    “Those who sacrifice liberty for security deserve neither.”
    –Ben Franklin

  99. J. Longstreet says

    I think this is correct. Technology is moving faster & faster and this is one area that has lagged behind. As a pilot, I see the unbelievable advances in navigation and technology on the flight deck of even the simplest aircraft. It’s been just a matter of time for years before ordinary passenger cars did most of the driving via computer. It’s a done deal. It’s not good or bad. It’s just technology. This will completely take over sooner rather than later.

    1. Agent 99 says

      No, it’s not a foregone conclusion. Sorry to disagree, but “completely autonomous” comes with a myriad of undesirable unforeseen consequences (along with the ones we can see).

    2. FedUpWIthTheFed says

      Well I think its bad when they try to force the technology down your throat. There will always be people that prefer to drive themselves. Imo there are alot of people that prefer to drive themselves and there will be a push back against this move to force the issue. I am sorry but I don’t want a stupid computer (programmed by fallible humans) making life and death decisions for me. The only way this becomes reality is if they strip us of our rights to choose for ourselves.

      1. J. Longstreet says

        I get where you’re coming from, but I think you’re overthinking it. It won’t be a situation where a switch gets flipped and everything will be automated one day. It’ll be gradual. At first the self-driving feature will be in luxury cars or in expensive niche vehicles. Sort of like A/C or automatic transmissions or cruise control. It’ll eventually work it’s way to every car. Finally, it’ll become normal for the car to just do the driving and fewer and fewer people will even remember what it was like to manually operate a car. If you could see how automated aviation is, you’d be stunned. A friend of mine is a First Officer on a Boeing 777 with a major airline. He flies a transcontinental route. In 6 years he’s only hand-flown that aircraft for 20-some seconds. Total. It’s essentially a flying computer and the flight crew is just there in case of an emergency and to do the paperwork. That technology is working its way into cars.

        I’m sure when telephone switches became automated there were people who complained that they wanted a human sitting at a switchboard patching them through to other people and didn’t want to rely on a machine for life & death situations. But human telephone switchboard operators are gone. It’s all automated. And it works fine. Very soon, there won’t be anyone left alive who remembers a time when you’d talk to a human to connect you to the fire department or your kids’ school or your doctor. Emergency or no, the machines do all that now. It’ll be the same way with cars, trucks, ships, etc. in the near future.

  100. richard says

    Make them stay to the right.

  101. Art V says

    Typical east/west coast thinking … just remember that there is a lot of open space out there between New Yawk and Loose Angeles …

  102. Dunnyveg says

    Aren’t these the same liberals that told us diversity is our greatest strength, and that Comrade Hillary would be our next president?

  103. Bro. Steve says

    Imagine the future.

    Person: Siri, take me to Walmart.

    Siri: Requesting authorization from DHS.


    Siri: That request is not approved.

    Person: Why not?

    Siri: DHS records show you have had two trips to Walmart this week already, and your transportation related carbon allocation has been exceeded for this time period. The new period begins in 12 days. If you would like to apply for a waiver, please submit a request to your DHS agent in Seattle for review. If you would like to request an expedited review, for a fee of $36.00, your request will be answered in the next 24 hours.

  104. The_Irredeemable_Toxic_Avenger says

    Hillary by 12 points and Trump has no path to 270.

    Yeah, this just hasn’t been a good year for prognostication.

  105. The Uhlan says

    “‘Kids born today will never drive,’ says Robot Valley champion”

    they will all die virgins.

  106. parum imperium says

    Has the arrogant Dane bothered to stop and ask what Americans want, and not what he thinks they should be forced to live like??

    1. FedUpWithTheFed says

      Amen to that, I know I won’t be buying anything that drives itself, even if it means I have to pay double or triple the insurance fees, and I have to drive a car that is decades old and maintain it myself. I don’t think I am alone either.

      1. parum imperium says

        Blue screen of death gets all too literal at 80mph.

  107. Rick Smith says

    I’ve been waiting since the Jetsons for my flying car. As long as these “dreamers” (like Solyndra) aren’t taxpayer funded, I have no problem with them losing THEIR money. Left-wing maggots somehow think WE should bankroll their hopes and fantasies, though. THAT stops January 21st!

  108. Joe Ryan says

    Liberals strive to appear to the commoners as though they’re working to remove all risk from our daily lives. The goal is, first and foremost, impossible. Secondly, a life without some risk isn’t much of a life at all.

  109. e6400ultra ✓ᴰᵉᵖˡᵒʳᵃᵇˡᵉ says

    No thanks! You can keep your nerdtopia.

  110. jjca says

    to drive is to be free

  111. johnfored says

    I don’t want to stop driving!

  112. MUW says

    I say we burn Robot Valley down to the ground and run amok smashing every Robot that we catch and toss them all on a Bonfire to Progress! Jebus didn’t any of these idiots watch Terminator?

    1. akabillybob says

      Listen, and understand.
      That terminator is out there, it cant be bargained with, it cant be reasoned with, it doesn’t feel pity or remorse or fear, and it absolutely will not stop…EVER, untill you are dead!

  113. Onceler's Revenge says

    i’m sure the government would love to pass a law making driving illegal and force everyone to be a in automated vehicle for ‘public safety’ reasons.

    1. MUW says

      Have you ever met a Robot? I have! We had one at the Hospital I worked at before retiring. It was a rude mean little pharmacy monster that would order you off the elevator when it wanted on! It always said please but you know it really didn’t mean it! Stand up for Humanity, smash the Robots!

      1. Onceler's Revenge says

        My next vehicle is going to be even older than my current vehicle just to make sure it cant be shut off by a government hacker!

  114. Will Dennis says

    We need to make travel a right. Time for a new amendment to protect the citizens.

    1. Onceler's Revenge says

      “As far back as the circuit court ruling in Corfield v. Coryell, 6 Fed. Cas. 546 (1823), the Supreme Court recognized freedom of movement as a fundamental Constitutional right. In Paul v. Virginia, 75 U.S. 168 (1869), the Court defined freedom of movement as “right of free ingress into other States, and egress from them.”[1] However, the Supreme Court did not invest the federal government with the authority to protect freedom of movement. Under the “privileges and immunities” clause, this authority was given to the states, …”


      1. MUW says

        And the States have always argued their Right to Generate Revenue through DMV is more Important than Our Freedom of Movement! That too needs to change…..

      2. Will Dennis says

        I’m taking about motorized vehicles.

  115. Glen3 says

    These people dream of making boys into total pussies, and weakening people in general.

  116. snuff1 says

    Probably true…..the candy a$$ generation of men raising them will see to it.

  117. swatdoc says

    This guy has smoked too much dope

  118. INFW says

    Agenda 21 anyone??? Search the Georgia Guidestones.

  119. Deplorable Joe says

    It’s all about CONTROL.

    Never give up your autonomy.

  120. Denny Crane says

    Keep dreaming, Bernie.

  121. mickey bitsko says

    They said that in 1965 when I was born.

    I was supposed to be FLYING in my personal air car.

    1. Denny Crane says

      You’ll have to await the AMAZING YEAR, 2000!!!

  122. Eatie Gourmet says

    Horrible idea. Humans need such skills. These control-freak techie-types want to turn us into automatons. They’ll all be helpless when an EMP blast from a solar flare or from where ever happens. Hone your skills, people — if only because the powers that be think you shouldn’t have them!

  123. Harlan Roberts says

    The coming Zombie Apocalypse will see to that.

  124. Wake up! says

    This guy is delusional…. they barely just got regular cars to function properly. Just think about how glitchy your phone and computer can get….

  125. Chickie Galore says

    Stop the world, I want to get off.

  126. Daniel Morgan says

    So a robot is gonna pull my fifth wheel on unpaved backcounty roads? Dont think so.

  127. copperdog1 says

    Just buy a 57 chevy or 65 mustang or something without computer… have fun

    1. JKramer says

      No need to go back to the stealer to have the POS reprogrammed every time a part is changed too.

    2. Justanaveragejoeinmd says

      I would rather have a 58 Belaire rag top than any Ferrari today.

  128. perpetual victimhoods.... says

    We should be teleporting already. Or are we….doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo, doo doo doo doo……

  129. Roger Cotton says

    I have no intention of relying on a robot to steer my vehicle.

  130. Retrometas says

    When TV came along it was supposed to replace radio. The internet would replace TV. 3d movies would replace 2d entertainment. Soon something else will emerge. Meanwhile, radio and all the other forms of entertainment continue to thrive.

    I will always drive my car regardless of what some silicon valley phruitcake wants.

  131. Deplorable Joe says

    “The best kings desire to be in a position to be wicked, if they please, without forfeiting their mastery … their first interest is that the people should be prosperous, numerous and formidable; they are well aware that this is untrue.

    Their first personal interest is that the people should be weak, wretched, and unable to resist them.” (And not in control of their own transportation).

    – Rousseau

  132. Joe Blow says

    And they won’t be able to write their names in cursive. They will expect everyone gets a trophy. They will not own a gun or be able to defend themselves beyond crying. Their water won’t be drinkable. The chips in their arms will be used for buying and selling.

    Reporter: Mr. Gandhi, what do you think of Western Civilization?
    Mr. Gandhi: I think it would be a good idea!

  133. Promptjock says

    I don’t know if I’m ready to see “JohnnyCab” (Thank you, “Total Recall” ;) ) roaming down my streets.

    And Azazel’s analysis ** IS ** 100% right….

  134. Loupdegarre says

    It is so sad that these young kids will never know the neck snapping joy I felt at 20 when I floored the pedal on my 69 Camaro Z/28, dumped the clutch and 500 hp transferred to the limited slip rear end leaving two smoking black lines in the road. YEEEEEHHHAWWWW!

    1. Justanaveragejoeinmd says

      I get ya Loupee. Been there, done that. America died when the drive-ins did.

  135. chuckles says

    People pay good money to drive the car they want. They spend $100k to drive Corvettes, BMW’s, Audi’s, ect. If you ask a normal everyday person,..”Do you trust a car to drive itself?”, they will tell you NO! Does a car ever breakdown? How about mud on the eye? How about a blown fuse? There are just too many variables to think of to make this stuff safe. I bought a Camero to drive it. A computer won’t burn rubber, pass a grandma, or race the prick next to it in a Mustang. This is going to die a horrible death and leave a big hole in many people’s wallet. Can you imagine spending $100k on a Tesla and letting it drive itself?
    This is a fad that is destined to die.

    1. Mac-101 says

      Not if the gubermint uses this as a control measure to restrict the sheeple where they can go!

  136. Mac-101 says

    All pat of the globalist plot to make people serfs again. If your not rich you will NOT be able to afford one of these cars. And even if you are rich and own one of these cars it will take you only where you are authorized to go! THEY will lock down ALL those issued a CO2 emission permit in cement jungles to serve THEM!
    kentuckychief dot org for US Senate, Kentucky, 2020, Ditch da Mitch
    No BANKSTER, PoliTick, Judge, Crony Corporate Fascist or Traitor too big to JAIL or Impeach!

  137. Justanaveragejoeinmd says

    Sad to think kids would never drive. I lived in the best time – convertibles cruising into drive-ins, hanging out on a hot summer night. Radios tuned to CKLW and listening to the best music. Loosing your virginity in the back seat of a Studebaker. Knowing how to get that carb just right.

    The decline of America is now in the minds of the cyber queers.

  138. Marie Kata Kimbe says

    Ridiculous. The freedom of driving a car means independence. I guess they may be right, since young people can’t even wipe their own ass today.

    Do people really want to live in an automated world with less human Contact? I sure know I don’t.

  139. kurt9 says

    2020 is a little optimistic for self-driving cars. 2040 is more like it, with automated freeway driving coming sooner.

    Silicon Valley as robot valley? I don’t think so. First, Silicon Valley is part of California, a state that has become notoriously hostile to manufacturing business both due to taxation and regulation. Second, there are already other hot spots for robotics, including areas such as Pittsburgh and Boston, among others, which are already known for robotics, automation, and other technology manufacturing such as nano-materials and the like. Research universities such as Pittsburgh’s CMU are well-known for these kinds of technologies.

    Robotics and other technologies are inherently a form of manufacturing. CA does not do manufacturing any more. Many other states such as Texas, which also has many good research universities as well, do manufacturing. You know, manufacturing where you actually make things, like robots and self-driving cars, Not ephemeral stuff like social media.

  140. Wooby says

    Never going to happen. Too much money will be lost…insurance companies will no longer be able to gouge “hi risk” drivers….local governments/municipalities would lose income – no more tickets for dui’s, speeding…etc. It will be interesting on a liability issue to determine who is at fault for any accidents – the manufacturers?

  141. Barry Howell says

    STFU Henrick… you libtard moron. People will ALWAYS drive cars as long as machines exist.

  142. Insidious says

    If you’re not dead, you will be driving for the next 200 years plus..

  143. vwman says

    Won’t drive? Oh, you mean like Hillary Clinton?

  144. Kim John Markel says

    Centrally controlled systems are an open invitation for government to step in, whether in the name of safety, health, welfare, or just more effective management of the herd. This is why we have to kill this idea. I would be fine with intelligent car technology so long as it is entirely and at all times in the control of the owner. But there is always tracking and a master kill switch, and that is unacceptable whether it is in the hands of the inventor or in the hands of an enlightened government high priesthood.

  145. Ajt says

    “Kids born today will never learn to drive”

    Somebody please remind me, or better yet explain to me how this is a good thing? How it is not further limiting and infantilizing our population? Remember the fat chair bound slugs that humanity had become in Wall-E? Why does Silicon Valley seem determined to bring that dream into reality? It’s almost enough to make one hope for the “Big One” to come and drop San Fran into the Pacific in order to save humanity.

  146. shandy1 says

    The legal age to get a drivers license in my state is 14. So, this industry that is killing car owners with dangerous products is going to be able to replace 100’s of millions of cars and trucks in 14 years. I would suggest there is a zero percent chance of this happening. Talk about fake news. This is 100% crap.

  147. dieter says

    Having control over your liberty and destiny is what people want…riding in a robot car is like being a dependent of the government…you’re not a free man…freedom loving people would go back to riding a horse rather than be a poos.

  148. donfitness says

    Didn’t they already try this with chess?

  149. XMagma1 says

    As quaint as this type of society sounds, in reality it will end up being a curse. I say, lets put the brakes on this type of stuff. Humans get great personal satisfaction out of their jobs and if automation takes away that, it is my belief yhat we will sooner rather than later see anarchy explode and crime along with it. Just because it CAN be done…. doesn’t mean it is the right ing to do

  150. Jake Lakota says

    Electric cars will be the death of autos we see today. There will not be auctions of 2010 vehicles in 2050 as gas will probably cost $20 a gallon!

  151. Linda Palmer says

    Well here is just a small thought on this subject…anything made by man will kill man. No matter what the electronics are. Pure and simple, one good radiation pulse from the sun solar flare on a nice summer day…what could happen? Earthquake happen or avalanche..mudslide…how will this idea react in that situation? Gone the days of man driven autos not soon to be let go. Maybe change up the way the motor runs but will still have human guidance.

  152. fourscoreandseven says

    Sure, Right! OK, now Danish-born Professor Henrik Christensen, PUZZLE ME THIS!

    Ever since cars were invented, NO ONE HAS EVER RIDDEN A HORSE, have they?

    My own pony, when I was six years old, named Frosty, was a total figment of my imagination, huh? After all, my father was driving a Studebaker, and my mother was driving a Ford, and my grandpa was driving an Austin, and my other grandpa was driving a Chevrolet, and my grandma had her own 1/2 ton pickup to move stuff around the farm. So, my riding a HORSE was impossible, wasn’t it?

    And, the horses that grandpa hitched up to a sleigh, to get the cream to the co-op in the dead of winter, in Minnesota, never existed. After all, we had cars, and trucks, and tractors, so no one would ever use a horse, would they? And the Queen and Queen Mum NEVER owned any horses did they? Or hired riders, did they? And, I NEVER went to a single horse race did I? I NEVER went to Churchill Downs, and I never saw a man ride on a horse, or bet a nickel did I?

    Danish-born Professor Henrik Christensen = pretentious tosser!

  153. Market Business News says

    How would you feel about an automated society? All opinions welcome.

  154. PhysicsBear says

    The arrogance of the self-appointed experts never ceases to amaze.

  155. Giant 8=====D says

    I have a 68 Chevy C10 with a three on the tree, and a 5 month old. He and his two older brothers will learn how to drive it before I ever help them get a car.

  156. 2CENTS says

    Why point all effort in this direction. Majority is not interested in this. How about sending that highbrow toward addiction, cancer , and the rest of man’s Foley’s. Oh yea…I forgot. Your really not as smart as you think you are. Suck a lemon.

  157. Fallbrook says

    So you’re driving along side a mountain and a child jumps out in front of the self driving car. With only a moment to react will the car run over the child or will it drive over the side of the cliff? Maybe if you were driving the car you could possibly anticipate something from happening in advance, like noticing a child alongside the road, and slowing down to avoid disaster. Will you trust your life and the lives of others with a self driving car?. I sure as hell wouldn’t. Besides I like to drive and I am bored as a passenger. Gotta love that freedom.

  158. Nanky52 says

    Three little letters that brings this all to a grinding halt…EMP.

  159. Yaka says

    Good luck for all the illegals wanting to drive taxis and trucks.

  160. Osama0bama says

    I love how one of these little “intellectuals” that lives in a city where everybody takes a subway or an Uber thinks that everybody is going to do the same some day. Not going to happen! Will cars be able to drive themselves? Sure. Probably better than most humans do (especially judging by the idiots that drive the same roads as I do). But people will still drive. Especially in the U.S.!

  161. ked5 says

    is that like children won’t know what snow is?

  162. Sumner Kagan says

    are you going to magically give everyone a new car? Because with the economy and unemployment, it will be a long long time before everyone has a driverless car. Most people can’t afford the outrageous costs of new cars now so they will have to wait until used ones hit the market, then for even those to drop so far down in price.

    Figure 40 years if they were mass sold today before even the majority could afford one.

  163. RametinDallas says

    Hey, when ya gonna build a self-driving