How Do I Make a Business Card? Mistakes for Which Your Cards Have No Success.

Do you know about all the effective and efficient types of advertising? What if I told you you forgot about little things like a business card?

A business card has as much power as any other advertisement. It’s the face of an entrepreneur. A business card helps to create a first impression and a desire to come to you again.

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Now take your wallet/visit card and see what’s in it. Find at least 3 business cards and remember who gave them to you. I bet you’ve forgotten about them, they’re wrinkled and not needed at all. That’s at best, and at worst, you just threw the cards you were given away in the garbage.

Imagine potential customers do the same with your business cards. To prevent this, I have analyzed the most common mistakes for you, because of which your business card will be thrown out, and you will not get a callback!

Quality leaves much to be desired

The first thing a person feels when taking a business card in their hands is the quality of the material from which it is made. What could be worse than a business card made of thin paper or poor quality cardboard?!

Such a business card will immediately fall into the trash or be lost between others like it. It is much nicer to hold and feel in your hands not just a piece of cheap paper, but quality design work, right?!

Excess/deficiency of information

It’s important not to go from extreme to extreme. Do not put on your business card all your biography and merits, they will look like a solid uninteresting text.

Or vice versa – not enough information: on a white background, the name and phone number:

Lack of communication

Let your customers choose the most appropriate way to contact you. One phone number will not have the desired effect.

What kind of contact information should I have on my business card?

  • Phone number (preferably several);
  • first and last name;
  • E-mail (avoid addresses like [email protected], don’t take it too seriously);
  • website address and social networking profile (Facebook, Vkontakte, Instagram);
  • address (if any).

Lack of color, individuality

Season your business cards with a little color. Color has a psychological effect on a person. For example, red is active, sometimes aggressive. It is often used by restaurateurs to awaken appetite. Reasonable use of red color makes it very visually attractive. Avoid printing white letters on a gray background. They lack contrast, the text is difficult to read. Check your samples with free business card mockups.

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But do not use many colors. This overload is also badly perceived by people. Such a move distracts from the basic information reflected on the business card.

The business cards lie idle

Why do you need business cards that just collect layers of dust? Remember the old saying: “Use it or lose it”. What could you lose in this case? Business!

Always take your business cards with you. When you need them, you should have them on hand. Don’t hesitate to give me your business card or not. Share your contact with the person, the way he decides whether to contact you or not. You may be surprised at how many opportunities you have missed before when you didn’t use a business card.

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