How to Manage Reviews About Your Business Online?

Manage reviews about your business online 3992When the young entrepreneur for the first time encounters the need to deal with customers’ reviews about his business the best instrument he can use if Google Alerts. But the process of learning all the details about using this system for review analysis and timely response to every customer can take a lot of time. Companies like teach their clients to use such tracking instruments to keep an attentive eye on all customer reactions that are essential for business development.

Feedback Management

When searching for reviews, be sure to find negative reviews and collect URL addresses of all pages in a separate list. All negative reviews are the object of the client and reputation manager’s work.

when the customer fills in a standard formula for answers or provides individual response options the Reputation Manager has to:

  • provide an answer on behalf of the company;
  • Pretends to be another customer who says that encountered alike problems before, and knows how to fix it;
  • Pretends to be a stranger who is just curious about the details of negative feedback to obtain more information for the company;
  • Expresses disapproval when encounters regular and unjustified negative customer responses from the same person, who is likely only want to spoil the company’s good reputation.

New Feedback Generation

Young businesses rarely have a lot of positive customer reviews. Your clients can omit to leave positive feedback due to lack or absence of review sites. To avoid such review plateau, the entrepreneur should consider  the following actions:

  • Find already posted reviews;
  • Rewrite reviews for already existing sites without any creativity, your copy should be the same as real reviews but on different venues.

As a result – your clients get more recognizability in search, and clients find reviews about him on already known and popular promoted sites.

Statistics on Customer Interactions

Only about 12 percent of all Internet users never read feedback from the previous customers who have bought the product. The other 88 percent read customer reviews regularly before making an important purchase. Consequently, those businesses that neglect to spread positive customer reviews on the Internet lose about 88 percent of potential clients instantly just because they preserved their time instead of caring about their online reputation.

Moreover, entrepreneurs should seriously take care to make that customer reviews persuasive so that other customers would be willing to buy products or services ones they read messages from previous clients.

Strategy Planning

Before starting your own business, it is a good idea to learn how the reputation management system works and thanks to what. We need to understand how to control reputation processes. For this purpose, it is enough to know the ways and means of reputation management on the Internet, which essentially comes down to two strategies:

1. Black strategy

In this case, the business does not care about the views of customers on the product and quality of service. The main thing is that only positive feedback is visible. For this purpose, various tricks and manipulations are used. For example, bribery site administrators to remove negative references to the brand. Or the purchase of custom reviews.

2. White strategy

This means the establishment of communication between the company and its customers. Negative brand references are not hidden from customers but processed. The collection of feedback from clients becomes an integral part of business processes and the development of an effective strategy.

Reputation management is an effective method of business promotion that saves time on additional advertising and reduces spendings that would anyway appear when advertising business in habitual ways.


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