Microsoft testing K5 robot security guards by Knightscope

Microsoft is testing out the “K5” robot security guards that can move autonomously and are equipped with advanced cameras and sirens and alarms that chime off when there are signs of trouble.

The K5 robots, developed by Knightscope, are 5 feet tall and weigh 300 pounds. The machines can read license plates, share live videos it records, track and analyze human faces, and monitor the activity of other nearby K5 robots.

Although the robot won’t be able to chase criminals it can instantly report a problem to authorities and provide important data, such as a video of the incident.

Stacy Stephens, Knightscope’s co-founder and vice president of sales and marketing, told the MIT Tech Review that K5 robots have been created to work alongside human security guards and not replace them.

The robots are capable of doing mundane security detail, which allows their human counterparts to focus on strategic operations.

K5 robot

Stephens said:

“I believe robots are the perfect tools to handle the monotonous and sometimes dangerous work in order to free up humans to more judiciously address activities requiring higher-level thinking, hands-on encounters, or tactical planning.”

The K5 robot can run for a full day with a single battery charge – which only takes 20 minutes to recharge.

The company is primarily set on focusing on businesses, but could move into actually working in law enforcement.

Video – K5 Robots

In this CBS video, Joe Vazquez reports on a new kind of security guard on patrol in Silicon Valley: crime-fighting robots.