Mobile App Building: The Importance of Resource Databases

Mobile app building image 49399393So, you’re attempting to build a mobile phone app, but are struggling to get it going. Building apps from the ground up is incredibly difficult and requires a lot of knowledge in code, syntax, and knowledge of the operating system, and how it works.

Even if you finally get your app up and running, there’s one problem that you might have never taken into consideration, system upgrades. When the operating system on the phone decides to upgrade, it can often make phone apps incompatible with the newest version.

In a regular scenario, this would mean the coders of the app would have to go back to the beginning, find the issue within the coding, and rewrite the entire program. That seems to be a lot of work for just a simple upgrade.

Fortunately for app builders, there is a much easier way to go about upgrading your phone app and keeping it able to work with the OS. Resource databases are databases in which everything that the mobile app needs are stored. It is through this database that the app can call up functions, and if an update is needed, the coders can just look to the resource database to help make the update smooth.

No matter the function, having a resource database ensures that your app will run smoothly and continue to run properly.

Creating faster apps and games

The resource database is used to store all assets that are coded into the app. Therefore, the app can use this database as a way to call these functions into the game quickly and easily. What this means, is that the database preloads these assets on the launch of the game, and therefore they sit idly until needed to make an appearance.

This ensures that things are loaded in much quicker than if these assets had to be loaded in from scratch. Take a word app game like Words with Friends or Scrabble for example. These games require the user to unscramble letters.

The apps must also be able to figure out how the letters can be unscrambled beforehand. By incorporating a program for making words into your resource database, you can ensure that your apps and games work quickly and more efficiently.

Speed is vital in programs and games, don’t lose your audience because you failed to add tools into your resource database.. Don’t skimp out when it comes down to programming. Take the few extra steps needed and watch as it will make your life much easier in the future.

Make upgrades easier

The resource database also works as an archived version of your app and program. Because every piece of code is stored there, when the operating system upgrades and possibly change your codes within the app, you can refer back to the database to see how they were. This can help you troubleshoot and patch game-breaking bugs that might appear when a phone update occurs.

Do you really want to lose months and years of work because you were not prepared for a phone to update? Storing within a resource database is not a difficult task and is definitely worth it in the long run. Keep everything running when updates hit with a good resource database.

Online security

Mobile app building image 4300030030If someone steals a laptop with sensitive information on it, your company is in trouble as tracking it and finding it is next to impossible. With a resource database, however, all information is stored within the cloud and protected by various layers of security.

Should someone be able to breach the online storage, the cloud system would notify the company and people would quickly be able to change passwords and add new layers of security to quickly lock the person out. If this was a laptop, there would be no way to lock that person out from stealing all sorts of sensitive information. Don’t risk jeopardizing information, put it all on a resource database.

Reduce spending on storage

Because you are switching to an online resource database to store and hold your files, you can cut back on buying physical hard drives to store all of your information. Not only with this help you to centralize all your information into one place, but it will also keep you from having to continually buy hard drives to store data on. A resource database will not only make things easier for you and your company building the mobile app but also save you money.

From faster apps to security, to reduced costs, the benefits of having a resource database is essential for the creation of a mobile app or any mobile project for that matter. Keep yourself modernized as you work and don’t let yourself be targeted by hackers looking to steal your information. Good luck building your app and remember to utilize resource databases while building it. What will your app do?

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