Netflix won’t joint Apple’s video streaming service

Reed Hastings.

Apple’s upcoming video streaming service won’t have Netflix integrated into the service.

According to Reuters, Netflix CEO Reed Hastings told reporters:

“We prefer to let out customers watch our content on our service.”

“We have chosen not to integrate with their [Apple’s] service,” he said.

Apple is expected to unveil its new streaming service later this month. The new service is slated to increase competition in the TV streaming market.

Apple has reportedly been working on deals with various different networks, including HBO and Showtime, to license content that has already been released. The company also plans on producing original content with a sizeable budget that reportedly starts at $1 billion.

There are other companies that are also planning on launching their own streaming services including Walt Disney Co and WarnerMedia.

Reed told reporters that he doesn’t want to get “too distracted” by competitors, but noted that he will be “envious” of them.

“These are amazing, large, well-funded companies with very significant efforts,” he said.

“They are going to do some great shows. I’m going to be envious. They’re going to come up with some great ideas. We’re going to want to borrow those.”

He added, “we will make this a better industry if we have great competitors.”

In regards to the platform’s potential in China, Reed told reporters that he expects Netflix, along with other US tech companies, to be blocked in China “for a long time.”