The Perfect Package: How to Choose Product Packaging Designs for Your Company

Creating the perfect product is the first step in building a successful company, but designing the perfect packaging for your product is just as important. If the product packaging designs you choose don’t fit your brand or values, then you’ll leave your customers confused.

Keep your company’s brand and your customers’ needs in mind when deciding on how you want your packaging to look and feel. Remember, the first impression you give your customers is in the packaging. You want to design something that’ll stand out from your competition and wow your customers.

Don’t let your products become lost on the shelves with all the other brands, product differentiation matters. Continue reading below for the best product packaging design tips to help you create packaging that both you and you’ll customers will love!

Here’s what you need to know.

Consider Who the Design Is for

When you’re designing anything, it’s essential to keep in mind who the audience will be. Who are you making the design for? The answer is your brand and your customers.

You need to know what your brand stands for and who your target audience is. Use these two factors to create the perfect packaging. You should know what your brand stands for, but you need to do some research on your target audience.

What are their demographics? What needs do they have? Make sure to design packaging that checks off all of these points.

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Create Easy-to-Open Packaging

If your customers have a hard time getting your packaging open, then they might not come back to purchase more. For example, if your product is a toy, then parents will most likely be the ones making the purchase for their children.

When they get it home, their child will want to open it and play with the new toy. Imagine how frustrating it might be for a parent to try to open the packaging if it’s difficult. Once parents finally do open it, they might not be willing to purchase that same toy again because they want to save themselves from the aggravation.

Instead, make a packaging design that’ll make it easy for your customers to open and enjoy.

Use Functional Packaging

Aside from being easy to open, you want to choose packaging that’s functional as well. What’s the main point of having packaging surrounding your product? The packaging should protect your product from damage during transportation, and it should also let people know what’s inside it.

You want to create something that will keep your customers coming back for more. If your product is a type of food, then you’ll want the packaging to keep it safe during travels and to provide a safe place for it when storing it at home as well.

Select the Right Colors

The colors you choose for your packaging should match your company’s brand when possible and should work well with one another. Many companies have specific colors that customers can relate back to the brand.

For example, think about some of your favorite big-name brands. What colors come to mind when you think of them? When you see those specific colors on the packaging, you know what brand you’re selecting.

The same should be true for your own packaging. Different colors bring out different emotions in people, so keep this in mind as well. Choose colors that’ll evoke the type of emotion you’re looking for in your customers.

Don’t Cut Corners

You might feel tempted to focus on one main part of your packaging and let the rest come together on their own, but you can’t cut corners when it comes to designing product packaging. You need to take every little detail and aspect of the packaging into account.

Consider the aesthetic appearance of it, the colors used, the sizing, the “wow” factor, how easy it is to open, and how easily your customers can store it at their homes as well.

Keep Sustainability in Mind

Your product should fit snuggly inside its packaging, but shouldn’t be too tightly tucked inside. You can then think of ways to keep sustainability in mind. What materials can you use that are easily recycled?

If you can design packaging that’s beneficial to the environment, then you’ll build more customers by reaching those who only use sustainable products. Many people are looking for ways to help the environment, and this could be one easy way for them to do so.

Work With Your Budget

Working with a product packaging design company is a great way to brainstorm all of your ideas, bring them to life with the help of experts, and stick to your budget. If you had all of the money in the world, you could come up with an amazing package for your product with little work, however, this isn’t always the case.

Instead, you need someone who will know how to take your budget and create a stunning package for your products while remaining profitable. Take the time to determine what your budget is. You can then decide on the best materials to use and other design aspects.

What Product Packaging Designs Will You Create?

Take all of these tips into consideration to create product packaging designs you and your customers will love. Remember, your end result should also showcase your brand. Let everyone know who you are, what you stand for, and that you have your customer in mind.

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