How To Protect Your Office Space From Coronavirus When Businesses Open

A lot of us have experienced reality beyond our wildest imagination: a massive pandemic that seemingly caused the world to stop spinning as everyone had to stay at home to prevent the spread of what’s the worst virus in recent history.

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As the pandemic fire seems to be dying out, the world is preparing to go back to its usual ways. A lot of businesses and offices that were forced to close are opening up again. However, even if the threat is lower, the virus is still very much a part of our reality and will remain for quite some time.

This means that we’ll all have to adapt to some changes, especially when it comes to office spaces. These are the places where people are most likely to get infected as close contact is virtually unavoidable. With that in mind, we asked the cleaning experts at Green Apple Cleaning to share a few tips on how to actively prevent the spread of the virus in the office.

Limit The Number Of Surfaces People Touch

Points of frequent contact such as doorknobs, light switches, and faucets are where people are most likely to get in contact with the virus apart from direct contact with an infected person. Fortunately, technology has evolved to the point where the use of these can be avoided. If you are running a large office consider investing in changes such as sensor-operated doors, faucets, toilets, and light fixtures, as well as the integration of smart home technology that can help you control the devices in your office via your smartphone.

Make The Necessary Adjustments For Remote Work

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While working from home is considered less effective by many employers, the fact is that right now it is the most effective way to prevent the spread of the virus. Make use of technologies such as video conferences by adding private booths in your office where people can communicate with co-workers or clients remotely. With more people working from home, offices will be less crowded and the spread of the virus is less likely.

Give Your Employees Personal Laptops and Phones

Sharing items such as keyboards or testing smartphones is a huge risk now that we’re dealing with a virus that can remain active on surfaces for days. This is a strong reason to give your employees personal devices so they wouldn’t have to share them with anyone, minimizing the risk of the virus spreading through shared items.

Make Sure Your Furniture Is Easy To Clean

Due to the increased frequency of office cleaning you’ll require, one of the most effective ways to save both time and money is to invest in furnishing that is easy to clean and maintain. This will make your cleaning company faster and more efficient, helping prevent the spread of the virus more effectively.

Clean Your Office More Frequently

A lot of offices cut down on cleaning services when the budget is tight. However, cleaning services are absolutely necessary as they are on the frontline in the war with this virus. Therefore, make sure the cleaning company you hire is fully equipped to effectively disinfect your office and prevent a potential health disaster.

Install Hand Sanitizer Dispensers Throughout The Office

GlanHealth shares that keeping your employees’ hands clean is the most effective way to protect them from coronavirus and a myriad of other diseases and infections.Therefore, make sure your conference rooms, shared areas, reception desk, kitchen, and lounge are all equipped with hand sanitizer dispensers. This will encourage anyone in the office, be it an employee or a visitor, to keep their hands clean and their environment healthy.

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