Recording of alien talking being ridiculed in social media

An alleged recording of an alien talking has gone viral, but not because people were amazed or fascinated, but as a source of ridicule and making people laugh. Some of the phrases used by the extraterrestrial are so Hollywoodesque that one cannot help but smile.

Even avid UFO and alien enthusiasts are poking holes at the authenticity of the recording, which was published in a video on YouTube (bottom of this page) by the Sheivae Project, which insists the voices and words come from real aliens.

According to the Sheivae Project, the alien said it was from a faraway world, and that we are not alone.

alien recording saying he comes in peaceAccording to the voice recording, the Alien is lost and wants to meet us. He (it?) thinks Earth is a beautiful planet.

The alien allegedly said:

“I hope you receive mine. I hope you understand my message. I try to learn your language … yours. Your world is so beautiful.”

“Me I lost. I lost my planet. Now I am explorer, voyager, creator. You are my first contact. I would like to meet you. I am not your enemy. I come in peace.”

The video was also posted on a well-known website for alien – run by Scot C. Waring.

Mr. Waring, who said NASA does not like the public to know about what it finds, asked readers to post their comments on the recording.

Most of us believe aliens existIf you believe in aliens, you share a belief the majority of people do in Germany, the United States and the United Kingdom, according to a YouGov survey carried out in 2015. (Image: YouGov)

Mr. Waring wrote:

“It’s odd, for sure, no doubt about that, but NASA doesn’t like to tell the public about what they find. We always have to find out through the grape vine of old records, photos, eyewitnesses. So….I leave this up to the readers here. What do you think about this alien message?”

Sheivae Project’s background on the recording

NASA sent a Voyager Golden Record into space in 1977, with recordings explaining what life on Earth was like, about humans, our culture and history etc. The hope was that one day some alien civilization out there might listen to it.

In the 1990s, we lost the signal of Voyager. In 2004, Opportunity was Landing on Mars. One year later, an unknown signal was detected by the rover’s sensors. The Sheivae Project says it did not know much about this signal, except that it ended up on Mars.

What the Sheivae Project showed in this latest video was that recording – with an alien voice – it claims. It says it is the ‘first extraterrestrial contact in the history of mankind’.

After a great deal of analysis, NASA discovered that it was not a ‘natural’ signal. Unfortunately, Opportunity was too far from the signal.

The next rover, Curiosity, was sent to Mars some years later and sent to try to recover the mysterious signal. A message was found in a disc, which the Sheivae Project claims was a response to the Voyager Golden Record message.

Most comments negative

Most of the comments so far show that the vast majority of listeners and readers are not convinced by the recording.

An anonymous reader wrote:

“Fake … an alien would not use the human phrase ‘we come in peace’. This phrase is popular because of western films since the 1950s. Plus English isn’t the language of Earth.”

Even Mr. Waring, who tends to see conspiracy or aliens in most things he observes, wrote:

“This is a little suspicious.”

Another reader said the recording is a fake because the lunar landings (humans on the Moon) and Mars rover claims by NASA are all hoaxes – all events were filmed in studios on Earth. So, this recording could not have come from Mars.

Viktor, who acted as a Sheivae Project spokesperson during the discussion, wrote:

“The audio file was analyzed by media experts (he does not say who they were) and they all agree that ‘recording’ is from an unknown source (so could not have been altered with man-made technology).’

As technology advances and marvelous things can be done with photography programmes, and the number of sci-fi movies and TV series increases, so too have the incidences of alleged UFO sightings and alien encounters. Psychologists say it is because our environment has made people more interested in the subject, while alien enthusiast insist it is proof at last that they really exist.

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Video – Is this an alien talking?

The first sixty seconds of this video contains no sound, just an introductory text. Then you will hear a weird sound, followed by the alleged alien.