Search Speculation – What To Expect From SEO In 2019

Search speculation article - image2019 has started with a bang, and we already find ourselves gearing up for Autumn. If your digital planning has disappeared as quickly as the year seems to be, you may want to educate yourself on what to expect from SEO in 2019. For businesses that performed well in 2018 by making it their priority to stay on top of the trends and trials that reared their heads, 2019 will likely be another strong year for your business. If this is the year you want to handle your channels improve your visibility, here is how SEO can help you in 2019.

SEO is one of the many components of Internet marketing (online marketing, digital marketing).

Great content only

Creating and publishing great content should be the standard regardless of SEO 2019 trends. Content for content sake is never a way to breath life into your blog, website or brand. And Google will no longer be rewarding that kind of behaviour. Only quality and valuable content will rise the ranks in 2019, so review your content strategy to make sure your ideas will stand up against the inevitably high standard of your competitors. Businesses should choose to take this as a turning point, and set off course creating content that will serve existing and future customers. Address your FAQ’s and testimonials, and build content around those pillars so that you are giving Google informative and quality content to provide to searchers.

Speed and compatibility

How long do you wait for a web page to load? How often do you continue to navigate through a non-mobile optimised website on your phone? In years gone by you probably could have coasted along, forgiven by your audience. The grace period is well and truly over, and Google will now expect that your webpage be loaded and fully compatible with your chosen device in a couple of seconds. You can test your web page speed and compatibility through Google, and you will even receive recommendations based on font choice and other UX features.

Know your audiences ‘why’

Marketing 101 is all about knowing who your market is. For 2019 SEO? It’s all about the why. In previous years the agenda was planting keywords into content so that content could be found. That’s no longer enough. It is now up to agencies, businesses and marketers to know the intent behind that keyword search and best tailor the results to meet that need. This presents a great opportunity for brands who are specifically servicing that searched keyword product or function, but it also means you may need to tighten your content further to facilitate the greatest user experience. Google will continue to propel the pages that provide the best value, and will scrutinise even further than the prior years.

Amazon and Apple need your attention

Google is undoubtedly the most dominant channel in your arsenal when it comes to SEO. But in 2019, it has company. Apple and Amazon will need your attention if you are looking to have a greater holistic ranking outside of the familiar arms of Google. These entities are garnering more and more traffic, with apps and podcasts providing ample space to capture customers and rank higher. Podcast advertising and app-based ranking are very new territory, so start small and slow in this space so that you can see the traction and shuffle your activity based on those initial results.

2019 has the potential to be a huge year for your business, one that may even transform your current placement and conversions. Implement these 2019 SEO trends, as they will be adopted by your peers and competitors so don’t deny yourself the digital edge.

What is SEO?

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