Sell my old phone with problems: most common problems with iPhone 6

It was difficult for me to sell my old mobile with faults, and that persuaded me to write this post. Apple introduced the iPhone 6 in 2014 along with iPhone 6 plus. Both models have been a massive success, and the company managed to sell more than 220 million devices. The high sales of iPhone 6 made it one of the best-selling mobile phones of all times.

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Despite the huge success of the mobile phone, the company has come under a lot of criticism due to several issues reported about the device. Five years after its initial launch, we will try to find out which issues were more common that iPhone fans would have accepted as a one in a million fault.

The iPhone 6 has reached the end of its product life cycle, and now many are headed towards mobile phones recycling companies. Hence, we have decided to take a look back to evaluate how well it did when it came to performance.

iPhone shuts down on its own, or awful battery life

In 2015, people started complaining that their iPhone died unexpectedly when the battery went below 30%. Apple announced free battery replacements, which appeared to address the problem. However, many owners kept on complaining about their device’s extremely poor battery life. Many iPhone 6 users got their batteries replaced within the first or second year of usage.

The iPhone 6 has one major rival – Samsong’s Galaxy S6. Samsung smartphone, however, did not have a problem with its battery life.

Issue: iPhone slow or lagging

After the release of iPhone 7, Apple launched a newer version of iOS. iPhone 6 users complained that after the software update that their mobile phone became sluggish. That’s pretty normal with iPhones.

Apple recently launched iOS 13, which iPhone 6 does not support. Subsequently demand for the iPhone 6 has declined significantly.

Problem: iPhone screen freezes

There have been several reports in multiple forums of iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 Plus screens freezing and not functioning.

Users of iOS 9.3.1 have reported the same problem. Owners can fix this problem by installing a different iOS version and resetting it to factory settings.

Problem: Unable to update to iOS 11

iPhone 6 users knew for certain that iOS 13 would not install into their devices, and learned to manage without it. Then, when the iOS 11 upgrade became possible, similar reports began popping up everywhere from iPhone 6 users. Users found this development extremely furstrating.

Problem: Red screen

Many iPhone 6 and iPhone 6 plus users reported that the screen suddenly turned red. Even after restarting, they said that the red screen problem did not go away. In some cases, the redness issue would randomly disappear, i.e., seemingly whenever the device felt like it.

Experts say it was most likely related to a software issue which can be resolved by reinstalling iOS. If you want to sell your old iPhone 6 in 2019, and it has this red screen issue, you might find it hard to sell.

Problem: Bent iPhone 6 Plus

Apple has never acknowledged that it as a major issue. But anyone who has used an iPhone 6 plus can see that it is bent. Users see this as a major flaw. Despite many users commenting on this, Apple insisted that the iPhone 6 was made of a stronger metal, which meant that it could not bend.

Apart from not looking nice – nobody wants a bent smartphone – the fault increases the risk of damage to the motherboard. Users said their device would suddenly disconnect from WIFI or there would be a an unexpected signal loss.

Issue: Cracked screen

All smartphone screens are fragile. If they are dropped, stepped on, sat on, or something hard hits them, their screens can crack.

One of the things that makes the iPhone very desirable is that the replacement screen is much cheaper than a Samsung smartphone replacement.

When your old mobile phone reaches the end of its life, you should either sell it or hand it in for recycling.

The iPhone – an influential device

The first ever iPhone came out in 2007. Since then, Apple has sold nearly 1.5 billion of them. It is the best-selling device ever created, and probably also the most influential one.

Until 2007, most mobile phone makers tried to copy what Blackberry had. After 2007, the iPhone became the standard that every maker tried to emulate.

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