Shape shifting UFO capable of becoming invisible filmed in Massachusetts

A shape shifting UFO allegedly capable of becoming invisible and then appearing again has been filmed in the city of Medford in Middlesex County, Massachusetts. Footage of the T-shaped craft, which was uploaded to YouTube earlier this week, has got alien enthusiasts and UFO seekers across the world buzzing with excitement.

As always occurs when such images appear online, claims pour in that ‘at last’ we have compelling evidence that intelligent beings from elsewhere in the Universe are here and carrying out a bizarre list of experiments on us.

The anonymous person who says he shot the video, sent the film to SecureTeam10, an organization that claims to have experts who check out UFO and alien images. SecureTeam checked every aspect of the video to make sure it was not a hoax – and believes it is authentic.

T shaped shape shifting UFO filmedThe T-shaped UFO first appears on the video looking like the Olympic torch or an ice-cream cone. This image was taken on a cloudy day. (Image: SecureTeam10 video).

UFO’s been appearing for some time

On the video, the narrator says:

“This video was captured by a man in Medford, this unmistakable craft, these objects have been appearing for quite some time. Right when the UFO first appears it’s a cloudy day, after he saw this object he pulled into his driveway and he didn’t know what it was as it was coming in and out of the cloud cover.”

“It looked like a balloon at first. What he catches is nothing short of amazing. This is not a balloon, this is not a Government craft.”

Nobody has ever seen a Government craft shaped like a letter T, the narrator explains. He says he and his colleagues are in touch with top military and former military personnel and would know if such a craft belonged to any Government or military project.

According to SecureTeam, it has been corresponding with the source of the video for a few weeks. Apparently, the UFO appears and then vanishes so rapidly that he had never managed to get any decent footage of it.

Worm like UFO followed by orbsThis second UFO can be seen about 8 minutes and 45 seconds into the YouTube video below. If you look carefully at the whole footage, there appear to be some orbs following it around in the sky. (Image: SecureTeam10 video)

Craft has no lights

Regarding the person who sent the video, SecureTeam said:

“He has been seeing these objects for the past two months, of course the Air Force bases deny any involvement and finally he has been able to capture these image.”

“These T-shaped crafts are in the form of L’s and he also told me he is seeing these things at night. Another thing that leads me to believe that this isn’t a Government craft is that it doesn’t have any lights on it.”

Whenever the source sees these things up in the sky, they never have any lights on them.

The only way to get a proper look at them at night is during dusk, when one can just about make out their silhouettes. In the middle of the night they are impossible to see, he claims.

The narrator concludes:

“I agree with him that no alien craft is likely to need aviation lights.”

Unfortunately, he does not explain why aliens would not need lights.

SecureTeam added that it has received emails from several different people, all of them describing a squarish, T-shaped craft in the sky in Massachusetts.

Mark Lovelock made the following comment on a SecureTeam10 Facebook page:

“Good footage guys. This is the kinda stuff I wanna see: stuff that makes me want to believe more! Some stuff is pushing it a bit but this looks legit. The way the ufos come in and out of focus on the camera too suggests no tomfoolery too as if it’s faked it’s not usually shaky and faded the way these clips are. Keep up the good work.”

The video contains footage of other UFOs.

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Video – T-shaped UFO and more