How to stop buying Instagram likes and start living a happy life?

Instagram is a socializing application that helps us connect with people all over the world. The specialty of Instagram is that it allows us to interact with celebrities like no other website.

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It also provides a platform to showcase our talents and earn recognition for it. Easier reach to celebrities also gives us a chance to exhibit our work to them and with a simple comment or story, one can see their life change. Number of likes, views on your page, gives you validation and you can also choose to earn money with it. There are many artists, businesses that work only through Instagram.

However, with the monetization of likes, views, there’s a lot stress on people to reach a certain number, which often affects people negatively. People who may not monetize their Instagram activity also face a pressure to always look their best, show nothing but the best of themselves. It becomes unhealthy when the likes, the easy validation governs their individual identity. To counter this, people choose to buy Instagram likes and so leave the worries behind.

How to care less about Instagram likes?

Instagram likes are what people perceive to be pleasing to their eyes. It is what they consider beautiful. Everything is subjective, unique from person to person and is built from various influences. What you consider pleasing may not be true for others and so likes should be treated like numbers. To not let validation from others to affect you, the only way is to stop asking for validation.

When you love yourself and understand your worth in this world, you will stop wanting external acceptance. One also searches for external acceptance because the person is not happy with what they are, physically or in terms personality and so cannot fully love themselves. Loving yourself does not mean accepting your bad habits. It means correcting your bad habits that harm you and loving your natural self and being true to yourself.

When number of likes is more, it should not affect you either, that will lead to arrogance. Being arrogant again would block personal growth. And if personal growth does not happen, your likes count will also shrink with time.

Hence, one should neither feel insecure nor pride about their Instagram presence. It should not affect you to the point of governing your personal life. And that’s why Instagram points it out to be the major reason for hiding Instagram likes as the biggest trend on the platform during 2019 and 2020.

How to love yourself and live a happy life?

Try mindfulness. It is a practice where you do one task at a time and do not think about anything else. And also try to give your best shot. This gives you sense of fulfilment. You feel positive and work on things that really matter in your life. In this way you also understand what really matters to you and what does not.

You increase your productivity, reach your targets and hence you feel happy and valued. Keeping yourself occupied in productive actions will stop you from bothering about external validation because you know what you are capable of and no number of likes can measure that.


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